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In 2000, developer Terminal Reality and publisher Gathering of Developers joined forces to release the arcade off-road racing title, 4X4 Evolution. Now the two companies are combining their efforts to put out a sequel, 4X4 EVO 2. Here you get to compete in sports utility vehicles and light trucks in zany off-road racing out in the wild open. Because we currently do not have a hosting solution to provide direct downloads, you will need a Bit Torrent client to download these files. 4x4 Evolution 1 4x4 Evolution 2.

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You just bought a brand new SUV, and your whole world just got brighter. That red paint is so shining it makes people squint. Local gas stations have already started ordering extra shipments of high-octane. Other drivers smile in warm appreciation, knowing you are the harbinger of safety and a well-proportioned steering axis. Even your friends think you're cool. Life is good. Time to break this little bronco and get dirty!

At least, if you're playing 4x4 Evo 2, that is. Behringer bcd2000 drivers review.

That's right - equipped with the knowledge that everyone loves the idea of spending $50,000 on a Toyota 4-Runner just to crash the thing through heavily wooded landscapes, God Games has created a sequel to its addictive racer for people who like fast action, rock and roll soundtracks, and burning a little rubber through God's country. New graphics and racing modes help put you in the seat of 70 real-life vehicles, but the real fun in this somewhat average racing sim is the new, entertaining mission structure.

Nowadays, a racing game has to have all the best graphics, the most accurate depiction of real-world locations, and perfectly re-created vehicles. Unfortunately, 4X4 Evo 2 has none of these things. In fact, in comparison to the reigning king of all racing games (Gran Turismo 3 on Playstation 2 most would argue), this one comes up a little short. Driving feels more like riding on a sheet of plywood - one that doesn't steer very well, which was also true in the original. Acceleration is just the brief moment between fully stopped and full speed. There's a lot of bumping, a lot of grinding, and not much of anything else.

Test Drive: Off-Road Wide Open from Infogrames does a much better job of depicting the off-road sensation. There are times when you really feel like your monster vehicle is a monster, and acceleration has a hurling, dynamic nature. Evo 2 vehicles just lack power. There's no sense of speed or vehicle control. And, all the trucks drive about the same, although the Jeep Wrangler does seem sportier. For those looking for a real-world racer, hungry for that adrenaline rush of racing, speed right past this one because you won't find much accuracy or adrenaline.

What you will find is some loud music and lots of stuff to do and see. The new graphics are actually fairly mediocre. Not bad, not amazing. Interesting that the game requires a high-end system, with fairly flat graphics. The reasons the game runs slow are also what makes this one worth looking into. During just about any race, there's a wide assortment of structures and objects all over the place -- way more than the original. You might find yourself racing through a junkyard with old tires and gates scattered everywhere, through a military base with chain link fences blocking your path, or across a busy highway with semi-trucks coming right at you. In this way, the game has a lot in common with Microsoft's Motocross Madnessseries. Both games offer a huge number of objects and structures throughout the game environment. This is what makes Evo 2 fun to play, but also incredibly distracting if you're a serious racing fan.

The other great feature is a completely unexpected mission structure. There's the requisite career mode where you can buy a vehicle, race at the amateur level and slowly accumulate enough money to buy a better truck (or upgrade the one you own) and compete at higher levels. Races get difficult quick, but even if you place last, you still get some chump change.

It's compelling in some ways, although just about every new simulator has a career mode; Evo 2, however, provides a completely different way to raise funds that sets it apart from other racing games. Tucked away in the career mode, these missions range from some tricky obstacle courses to the even more varied objective-based missions. You can hunt for an ancient city, provide search and rescue in Alaska, discover a downed plane in the Grand Canyon, bring documents to a radio station on a secret island, and generally forget all about racing.

These are some truly massive maps -- 32 in all. Road getting a little bumpy for you? Invest in the perfect set of shock absorbers and then tackle the mission again. Evo 2 offers 90 different manufacturer-authorized parts to choose from. Most maps have secret areas to explore, and rewards that are quite helpful for finally being able to buy that Nissan you've always wanted. You can even give her a good tune up and a carwash.

Missions will probably keep you coming back for more, but other areas in the game are not as impressive. Gamespy-enabled multiplayer is just more of the same on the single-player races, only choppier unless you have a broadband connection. A free roam mode is sort of a throwaway considering the missions are much more interesting.

Some of the technical aspects have been improved from the previous version. A collision detection system means you will get frequently trapped next to large boulders, which makes sense because you shouldn't be driving that close to them anyway. Is it the collision detection of a game like Midtown Madness that gave you some extra (and more enjoyable) freedom? No. It also doesn't compare to something like Mechwarrior 4 which actually slowed your mech down at varying speeds depending on the size of the object you're running into (or over). In Evo, you can hit a tree or a wall and feel the same SLAM effect. Each car either drives sporty, medium, or large and lumbering without much variation.

Evo 2 has all the arcade tricks you would ever want, but sacrifices realism and the rush of racing for a smattering of things to do and see. If you're trying to decide between Test Drive: Off-Road and this game, choose the former for a better racing experience but choose Evo for its wildly inventive courses and creative object-based missions. There's no better place to beat up a brand new SUV.

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Arvin19892020-12-170 point

Play it on Android!! https://youtu.be/UmS586JvqXA

EmulationNation2020-11-041 point

Tested on Windows 10 with both Intel and Nvidia GPU ok. Note that the initially loading and configuration screens are very slow, but once in-game its all fine. Also its best to change to OpenGL

GITPLFH2020-10-230 point

I played the original 4x4 evo 20 years ago. Now its time to play part 2!

Sanjaya2020-04-070 point

This download file does not woking.

turbo wheelz2020-03-310 point

very fun game
play //

cash2019-03-070 point

i finished the download, and i was unable to install. am using windows Vista

Shanker2018-12-170 point

Shankardasan was the first to tamil

DAVE2018-12-101 point


-FuzzyFish-2018-10-176 points

For those having issues with game saves on Windows Vista and up. This game can not be installed to it's default directory (C:Program Files (x86)..) you must install it in another file, and make sure that the metal.ini file is not set to read-only. Otherwise save games will be deleted on exit.
For the Jeep 4x4 Evo 2 Demo, there is a copy of that on 4x4evolution.com
If you are trying to use the original ISO you will need to use a 16-bit compatible Windows OS to install it. Then copy the files over.

FMC2018-08-150 point

Depois do download, como posso correr o jogo? Em principio não existe nada para isso… peço ajuda..

Ronaldo2018-05-041 point

Funciona no Windows 10 (testei apenas o primeiro nível, usando openGL).
It works on Windows 10 (I tested only the first level, using openGL).

blaster2018-03-221 point

I also have the problem that my save progress gets deleted when i close and restart the game

tuttu2018-02-120 point

its adream game in my child life

loljefff2018-01-070 point

When I restart the game my career gets deleted :(. Don't suppose anyone has a fix for this?

You_Dont_Need_My_Real_Name2017-12-28-4 points

how do I open it once it's been downloaded? I have windows 7


JFK2017-06-05-1 point

Any chance the Jeep 4x4 Evo 2 will appear?

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4x4 EVO offers players the chance to race customizable off-road vehicles through sixteen different tracks. Each track has its own music score and is designed to offer racers new and unique challenges. Successful racers use their prize money to purchase improvements for their vehicles, such as a higher performance exhaust system, an improved suspension, or special off-road racing tires.

4x4 Evolution 3

In addition to the PC release, versions of 4x4 Evolution are available for Macintosh systems and for the Dreamcast. In an innovative development, the game is designed so that players with any version of the game can compete against one another online, regardless of which platform they use.

Offroad racing games vary hugely in their stance and influences. Games like Monster Truck Madness look to the American monster truck passion for their inspiration, whilst 4x4 Evolution is more focused on how much damage you can do on uneven terrain with a Land Cruiser, yet both fall under the same generic umbrella. In deference to MTM, it has its fans, but on the whole, the best way to impress your clientele is to give them jaw-dropping graphics from every angle, and that means throwing them off cliffs, into the ocean and over precipices until their knuckles ache from wrenching the vehicle back and forth. And that's just what Terminal Reality have done with 4x4 Evolution. It's offroad action at its slickest, giving you one objective, to get through checkpoints, and telling you and your computer controlled opponents to do this in any way you see fit. Thanks to the vivacity that TRI have injected into the locations and the differing characteristics of the cars, finding the most efficient way to get to your objective can be quite difficult, but the rewards are great thanks to the World Rankings system, which allows you to put yourself up against the world's finest by uploading your lap times and high scores.

Offline offroad

The 3D engine Terminal Reality have developed was originally intended for the Dreamcast, but with the PC now being given equal status we're getting a vastly souped up interpretation, with highly detailed, rolling polygonal landscapes and about 5,000 polygons per vehicle. Everything is modelled realistically, right down to the driver's heads turning left and right to follow the roadside action. The lighting is very impressive also, and utterly dynamic, following everything you do. If you knock over a barrel sitting on the roadside, the shadows screw up and contort to reflect its changing position, and even so the framerate remains constant. The overall quality of presentation, and of graphical execution is consistent. Real care has been afforded to every little detail, and if you've ever seen one of the plethora of racers in real life, you would be hard-pressed to spot any imperfections in the replication. The multitude of camera angles explored by the post-race flyby creates a spectacular visual event, one well worth watching through once per track. It may even help you usurp paths through the ruckus that you hadn't considered previously. As if the graphical excellence wasn't enough, aurally things are suitably noisy also. The engines roar and the grit that flies up from under your tyres scrabbles with onomatopoeic authenticity. The audio/visual experience is second only to real-life.

In the cockpit

So we know that 4x4 looks great and sound fabulous, but just how does it play? The answer is wonderfully. After a quick and eventless installation process, I immediately jumped into the fray by way of the Quick Race mode and drove around an oilfield-style track offering with huge pilons all over the place and oil drums to circumnavigate. Unlike other racers the checkpoints take the form of converted scenery, so in this case I was trying to steer between painted rocks, and although these can be a little difficult to order numerically in your mind at times, there's a little green arrow in the centre of the screen shows you the way to your next 'point, so you don't lose out as a result. Also on offer are Training, One-off Racing, Time Challenge and Career Modes, which allow you to race for money in order to upgrade your vehicle in between racers (or just buy a new vehicle entirely). Between the various modes you will explore all 16 tracks, but hidden away on the CD is also a track editor, which enables you to create your own and extend the life of the game further than its sell-by date. I forsee these tracks becoming quite popular on the Internet, and that can't help but increase the popularity and longevity of the game even further.


4x4 Evolution Torrent Downloads Kickass

One of the things Terminal Reality were really striving for when they were developing 4x4 was realism, and although the steering on the vehicles is a touch heavy, it is an otherwise idyllic elucidation of the offroad sport, with a perfectly fitting physics engine and more than 50 licensed brands and makes for the various cars, including those from Nissan, Toyota and others. Unfortunately this comes at a price, since the car manufacturers don't like having their vehicles destroyed, so most of the contracts will read that TRI have full rights to use the cars, but they may not crash them, because the cars don't crash. Regardless of how realistic an impression of the medium that is, it does mean that if you throw your Land Cruiser into a wall the side-panelling won't just shear off as you would expect. However, this is probably a good thing considering the hoops you are expected to throw the cars through on a track to track basis. It was either this or limping home in a roll cage on stilts I should think. Another thing to hold against TRI is the computer AI. For a game which focuses on cutthroat offroad racing, your opposition is somewhat lacking. You can literally fall a few checkpoints behind due to a dodgy shortcut and recover yourself. I had hoped to be cursing with frustration over the insurmountable opposition, but apparently it was not to be. In one instance, I fell into the water, ran into a tree and missed two checkpoints and was forced to backtrack, yet still managed to come second.


As I've hinted at all along, 4x4 Evolution takes hold of the offroad genre and gives it a frontrunner, something to aspire to. Some people are bound to still have issues with it, but at the end of the day it has jaw-dropping graphics, gripping gameplay and if it weren't for the stodgy AI and lack of damage skins on vehicles, the game would be untouchable. As it is it's the best of what's available.

4x4 Evolution 2

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