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New downloads all the time. No risk, money back guarantee. Ben's Tongue Drum: Free Ableton Live Pack #192. Graham Cochrane. Jan 13, 2016 Today I explain one of Ableton Live's key features: The Drum Rack sampler! If you want to see more videos like this, Please let me know in the comments below. How To Use Drum Rack - Ableton. There are a lot of free Live Packs available from Ableton alone, but a lot of people don't even realise it and thus, miss out on some quality presets and loops. Not all of these Live Packs listed below will be available for everyone. This depends on the type of license you have for Ableton. Ableton Live, one of the most popular and powerful programs you will find in the ongoing “DAW Wars” that producers have been waging since we started recording on computers.But we’re not here to debate what DAW is the best, because at the end of the day the only thing that matters is the producer behind the DAW. And the samples they have at their disposal.If you’re an ableton live. Drum Racks for Ableton Download Drum Racks for Ableton Live and PUSH. Shop our sound packs below to find Drum Racks included in each library you see here. Drum Racks contain One-shots of Drums, Basses, Synths, FX’s, Risers, Vocals and more. Purchase and download you favorite sounds.

18.6 Drum Racks. We’ve already talked a bit about Drum Racks, and most of their features are the same as those found in Instrument and Effect Racks. But Drum Racks have a slightly different layout, some unique controls and special behavior that is optimized for creating drum kits. The Chain List in a Drum Rack.

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For a long time now you can play and edit video clips in Live’s Arrangement View. Which is a great feature for Post-Production and Sound Design.

Playing video clips in the session view has been a long time requested feature. Finally, It’s possible thanks to Max for Live and developer Robert Jarvis.

Robert aka Zeal has developed a package of Max for Live devices called Vizzable. And now in version 2 it really feels like a solid, complete video tool package for Ableton Live.

Vizzable gives us a collections of devices to create a modular video environment in Ableton Live. Meaning that we can mix and match and Input Output or FX device together for crazy video performance.

Remember that this entire package is a collection of Max for Live devices so you can map the parameters to your MIDI controller, automate them and even use racks to jump between different effects.


– Download VIZZable 2 from here

– Copy the entire folder to somewhere on your computer (exp: Username/Documents)

– Add the folder to Live’s Browser using the Add Folder button

Setting Up Video Clips in Session View

– Create one MIDI track and place the Viewr device on it

– Create one Audio Track and load some Video Clips

– Load the clipPlayr(Audio) Device located under the Input Folder

– Go back to the Viewr device and set up the stream from the clipPlayr

Setting Up Video Drum Rack

– Load the rackPlayr Device on an empth MIDI track

– Load video clips into the rack

– Load the Viewr device right after the rackPlayr

– Arm the track and play with your MIDI controller or Computer Keyboard

Free Video Clips

– Beeple Packs

Ableton Drum Rack Safe Download

– VJ Loops on Vimeo

– Free Loops

– VJ Loop SD

Other M4L Video Devices to Check Out

– Rokvid – Another great device to play video clips in the Session view. Come with built-in custom effect

– Gantz Graf – Very popular video device that listens to your Master Output. (Modded version)

GLITCH DRUMS is a collection of 232 drum samples and 21 Ableton Live Drum Racks. Each sound was crafted on the Moog Slim Phatty analog synthesizer and then processed in Ableton Live. While there are a couple of more traditional drum sounds in here, most of these sounds are strange and unusual! They are perfect for when your music calls for drums and percussion that stand out from the crowd.

Learn more about GLITCH DRUMS here.

Ableton Drum Rack Kits

A New Drum Rack for Everyone!

I’ve created a brand new Ableton Live Drum Rack using my GLITCH DRUM samples and want to give it to you for free! The Drum Rack contains 16 GLITCH DRUM samples and is a nice representation of what the full pack has to offer.


Ableton Live Pack / Sample Pack

A collection of unusual and quirky drum sounds for all musical genres. Created with the Moog Slim Phatty Analog Synthesizer and Ableton Live. Each sound has been carefully synthesized and processed to jump out of the speakers!

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Ableton Drum Rack Download

21 Ableton Live Drum Racks
232 Drum Samples

Ableton Drum Rack Safe Download Pc

*Samples can be used in any DAW.
Ableton Live Racks require Live 10.1 Standard or Above