Advenger 2800st Service Manual

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The Advenger® family of rider scrubbers combines cleaning versatility, productivity and sustainability in one efficient machine — making it ideal for jobs both big and small in hospitals, schools, grocery stores, warehouses, hotels and more. Benefits of Advenger Rider Floor Scrubbers. 56042438 Advenger™ / BR 600S, 650S, 700S, 800S 03-1 Item Ref. Qty Description 1 56002733 1 Scr, Pan Phil 10-24 x.88 2 56002768 1 Nut, Hex Nyl Loc 10-24 (Advance only). Advenger 2800ST, 3400ST. This manual will help you get the most from your Advance Rider Scrubber. Read it thoroughly before operating the machine. Note: Bold numbers in parentheses indicate an item illustrated on pages A-5 – A-8. This product is intended for commercial use only. PARTS AND SERVICE. CHASSIS SYSTEM-STD AND ECOFLEX Item Ref. Qty Description 1 56001879 2 Wsh, Flt SAE 1/2 2 56002129 1 Scr, Soc Hd 5/16-18 X 1.00 3 56003721 1 Scr-Carriage 1/4-20 X.88. Navi x for windows 10 64. Service Manual – Advenger, 2800ST, 3800ST, BR 755, BR 855 Programming Functions Changing Control Board Program Settings Although the Advenger / BR 755, 855 and ST are delivered with a standard factory preset configuration, there will be times, such as when a control board is replaced, when battery type is changed, or a different size scrub.

Available for purchase is the Nilfisk Advance Advenger 2800ST battery-powered riding floor scrubber.
Similar to the Advance Advenger 2805D - This ST (short for standard style) scrubber delivers high performance results on a back-to-basics rider-scrubber platform. Manual control of the scrub deck and squeegee replace intricate electronics to keep operation simple without sacrificing performance.Advenger 2800st Service Manual
When your job calls for scrubbing large spaces at a lower total cost to clean, Advance’s ST scrubbers are a smart choice.

Advenger 2810d Parts List

Advenger The Advenger 2800ST / 3400ST is proof that you don’t need a complex machine to get clean floors. The calibrated low-solution-flow setting provides 85 minutes of run time on a single tank, for consistently clean results on moderately soiled floors. For high traffic areas, operators can increase the solution flow rate at the touch of a button and apply more down pressure, for more aggressive cleaning. The patented Safe ‘N Dry™ squeegee system uses a perforated squeegee to remove the collected water under the squeegee and allows for 100% water pick-up for safe, dry floors.
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Advance Advenger 2800 ST
28' Disc scrubbing path
+ (4) 310 AH wet battery pack
List: $17,740.00
MAP Price: $15,996.00 -10%
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Advance Advenger 3400D-ST
34' Disc scrubbing path
+ (4) 310 AH wet battery pack
List: $18,575.00
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Advance Advenger 2800D-ST - 28' Disc Style Rider Scrubber
x3 available - mfg 2010-2012 - 2 months warranty.
Price: $7,495.00 ea
Compare At: $13,900 New
Ships with: Choice of pad drivers or brushes, new batteries, and our full refurbishment.

Avenger 2800 St Service Manual Transmission

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• 28 inch disk deck / 34 inch disk deck.
• 1.5 hp drive motor with gear transmission.
• Steel corner protection plates.
• 28 gallon solution tank / 29 gallon recovery tank.
• Three position brush pressure settings < 250 lb.
• .75 hp vacuum motor.
• ELT approved for USA and Canada.
• 66.7 dBa sound level.
Warranty: Nilfisk-Advance will cover parts for 2 years and labor for 1 year.

Advance Avenger Service Manual

Product Manual
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Advance Advenger 2810d Parts Manual