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Affiliate Groups is a new 3rd-party add-on by Click Studio for AffiliateWP that allows you to create groups for your affiliates. This add-on makes it easy to manually or automatically add affiliates to specific groups, and set various options and capabilities on a per-group basis.

Do you want to create a VIP affiliate group with higher referral rates, or group affiliates who belong to the same company or NPO? Or perhaps you’d like to separate customer affiliates from affiliate-only users on your site. This 3rd-party add-on will help you organize your affiliates into segments that make sense for your business.

Affiliate Groups is built on top of the WordPress user Role & Capabilities API, and is also compatible with Click Studio’s Pay as Points add-on for AffiliateWP.

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Pricing for the Affiliate Groups add-on starts at only $19.95 for a single site license, $29.95 for a 3 site license, and $99.00 for unlimited sites.

To celebrate the launch of Affiliate Groups, Click Studio are offering a 20% discount on any pricing level. This discount is valid until Thursday 31st March, 2016. Use this code at checkout to receive your discount: AFFGL20P

Check out the features of the Affiliate Groups 3rd-party add-on:

  • Enable up to 5 groups
  • Affiliates can be part of multiple groups*
  • Set a referral type (flat or percentage) and rate for each group*
  • Name each group to suit your requirements
  • Automatically add new affiliates to a specific group/s
  • Select the affiliate’s group/s on the Add New Affiliate & Edit User pages.

*When an affiliate is a member of multiple groups, the highest referral rate will apply by default.

Compatible 3rd-party add-ons (by Click Studio)

  • Pay as Points (integration)

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Affiliatessims 3 Lovers Korean Drama

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Affiliate Program

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Affiliatessims 3 Lovers Cast

Affiliatessims 3 lovers korean drama

Being a dating affiliate – a heartfelt business

Affiliatessims 3 Lovers Anime

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Affiliatessims 3 Lovers Movie

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