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Age of Empires 3 - Custom Map - End-Of-The-Road

This is a custom scenario for Age of Empires 3, which puts you up against rebels that are worse than any NPC enemy you have ever engaged in combat before. Find them before they find you!

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Age of Empires III, known for a lot of detail allows us to adjust the maps, resources, speed of play and other features to suit the player. All with the aim of improving the collection of wood and ore, and obtaining food and the acquisition of wealth, because you have to keep armies and nations develop in all aspects. This is an official bonus map for Age of Empires III: The War Chiefs. Plymouth is a festive new custom map from Ensemble Studios. It is a veritable cornucopia of Pilgrims, pumpkins, and envoys.

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This map involves a massive end-of-the-road conflict between the British and British Rebels that have been attacking civilian settlements for the past five months. After five month's of rigorous searching the British have narrowed down their location and have set up camp readying their invasion. This map has a lot of very tricky terrain, it's rather dark and it's snowing. It will be extremely difficult to keep your troops alive, and command them in battle. You are fighting in the thick end of the woods here, closest to hell you will ever get folks. The rebel encampment is set somewhere in the mountains. There are a lot of surprises in this map, all of which do not involve triggers - this is pure NPC. Hang on to your seat, because you're in for a ride!

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