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For this purpose, three SFRC beams with 250 × 350 × 2000 mm dimensions are produced using a concrete class of C20 with 30 kg/m 3 dosage of steel fibers and steel class S420 with shear stirrups. Dear Sir, I Am a student of Mechanical Engineering and doing Analysis of Concrete beam having Steel fibers randomly distributed Instead of steel bars. Plz help me how to do this type of Analysis in Ansys. A Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software package ANSYS 10.0 is used to analyze the shear capacities and introduce a good concrete model for steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) as well as plain concrete made of brick and stone aggregate. Element analysis is carried out to study the behaviour of steel fiber reinforced concrete beams. The strength of reinforced concrete beam is studied by varying the percentage of steel fibers in concrete. The analysis is done using ANSYS workbench 16.1. The ultimate load carrying capacity and deformation of the steel.

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Composite columns, steel tube, finite element, steel fibers, slenderness ratio


The present study investigates the behavior of steel fiber reinforced concrete filled steel box columns (SFRCFSBC) targeting to enhance their strength. A nonlinear finite element model using ANSYS program has been developed to investigate the structural behavior of the inspected columns. The results obtained from that model has been compared with those calculated using Euro code (EC4), AISC/LRFD (2005) and the Egyptian Code of Practice for Steel Construction (ECPSC/LRFD 2007). The comparison indicated that the results of the model have been evaluated to an acceptable limit of accuracy. A parametric study was carried out to investigate the effect of wall thickness, column slenderness and percentage of steel fiber in concrete on the ultimate strength of composite columns. Confinement of the concrete core provided by the steel case was also investigated. It can be concluded from the results that a considerable increase in compressive and flexural strength may be gained by increasing the steel fiber percentage up to 4%. The highest rate of increase in strength for long columns was about 20% by using steel fiber percentage between 0.5% and 1.0%, while for short and medium columns was about 10% by using steel fiber percentage between 1% and 2%.


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Ansys Steel Fiber Concrete Decking


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