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Duet Firewire only goes up to 96k, where as Duet 2 goes up to 192k. Plus latency and more. Duet (FireWire) vs. Duet 2 (USB) - Apogee KnowledgeBase Maybe you're on about Duet 2 vs Duet 2 for iOS and Mac? They're the same sound but different connectors. Apogee Knowledge Base - Duet Products.

The Apogee support team is constantly updating the knowledgebase. There you will find answers to many frequently asked questions, troubleshooting articles, tips on recording & instructional videos. Full in-depth look at the Apogee Duet - Part-6 - Summing up the Duet with a few other bits and thoughts.

Welcome to Apogee

At Apogee, we know home delivery is the final point of contact between your customer and your brand. As such, it is a relationship that must be managed carefully, professionally, and consistently. From delivery to warehousing to overall logistic management, Apogee acts as a true partner and extension of your business. We combine decades of industry experience with state of the art technology and proven processes to custom tailor the delivery experience to your customer’s needs.


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We provide complete door-to-door service, starting at the operations level with routing and professional dispatch. Certified delivery experts transport, deliver and set up or install the product.


Basic service is best suited for deliveries of products requiring little or no set-up. Our team will deliver the product in its packaging, to the home, threshold of the home or garage.


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With White Glove Service, we go beyond delivery, adding:

  • • Basic assembly of furniture and electronics
  • • Installation of appliances
  • • Basic orientation of products delivered
  • • Access to customer service support


Premium White Glove is designed to meet any and all needs, with a highly skilled team offering:

  • • Custom delivery times
  • • Assembly of more complex furniture and electronics
  • • Installation of more complex appliances
  • • Detailed orientation, testing and programming of products
  • • Access to customer service support

Our Team

Apogee is led by a dynamic, committed team of executives with over 60 years of combined experience in all aspects of home delivery and installation. They are highly dedicated to setting a new standard in the industry – getting your products from manufacturer, vendor or retailer into your customers’ homes, with unparalleled professionalism.

Our value proposition: The executive team has built a business model based on three core values, driving superior customer service:

  • Leadership
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Operational execution

Technology: Our continued investment in the most advanced logistics technologies ensures we provide unprecedented reliability.

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Employee-centric business model: Our investment in, and empowerment of our employees and contractors fosters greater job satisfaction – which translates to greater customer satisfaction.

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Customized service: By analyzing the needs of our customers and building a custom engagement model, we create a stronger, more effective partnership.

Apogee Duet Drivers

Why Choose Apogee

We invest in continued product orientation and certification for the products we deliver
From executive management to our administrative and delivery teams, we are focused on and committed to our customers
We offer competitive pricing with the bandwidth to negotiate with customers and partners to meet their needs
Our management team is recognized in the industry for their high standards of customer service
We are able to pick up from manufacturer, distributor, vendor or retailer
We perform customized installation and pre-inspection, providing flexibility for the needs of today’s customer