Arduino Serial Read Number

  1. Fig.1 – Arduino Example for Serial read bytes function. Arduino Serial Read Bytes Until Function – readBytesUntil. Arduino Serial readBytesUntil Function reads the received buffer until it receive a terminating character. If the specified number of character is received in the buffer than the function return or complete.
  2. Get the number of bytes (characters) available for reading from a software serial port. This is data that’s which arrived and stored in the serial receive buffer. Syntax: mySerial.available; Example. This is an example for use of SoftwareSerial Library in Arduino and other compatible boards.
  3. Sending numeric values from Arduinos' Serial Monitor to the Arduino board can be tricky. In this video I explain the problem, and demonstrate some basic ways.
  1. Arduino To Arduino Serial Communication
  2. Arduino Serial Read Float Number
  3. Arduino Read Integer From Serial
  4. Arduino Serial Read Number

Arduino To Arduino Serial Communication


Arduino Serial Read Float Number


Serial.readBytes() reads characters from the serial port into a buffer. The function terminates if the determined length has been read, or it times out (see Serial.setTimeout()).

Serial.readBytes() returns the number of characters placed in the buffer. A 0 means no valid data was found.

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Serial.readBytes() inherits from the Stream utility class.

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Arduino Read Integer From Serial


Serial: serial port object. See the list of available serial ports for each board on the Serial main page.
buffer: the buffer to store the bytes in. Allowed data types: array of char or byte.
length: the number of bytes to read. Allowed data types: int.


Arduino Serial Read Number

The number of bytes placed in the buffer. Data type: size_t.