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The license is usually easy to find with these things - so you might want to add he could try and find the license for any samples he is using. If they are royalty-free they usually have a big banner or something; because it's a marketing point. $ endgroup $ – Jonathan Dickinson Mar 16 '12 at 10:42. GarageBand User Guide English Media Lab - English/Philosophy 362 [email protected] Commonly Used Tools Quick Help Button Once selected, this tool allows you to see tips when you hover over any tool or display in the. Yeah, I forgot to add a picture of the webpage for the claim that Apple allows usage of the loops for commercial purposes in the video. Here's the link for t.

GarageBand has a lot of royalty-free loops and additional content that’s not installed by default. If you are a Mac admin and need to deploy GarageBand and/or Logic, you don’t want every client to have to download the additional content when it is first opened. It is much better to deploy the content during imaging.

Garageband Loops Download

Downloading And Deploying Additional GarageBand Content

The script below will download all of the additional content in deployable-friendly .pkg format. According to some folks on JAMF Nation, these packages need to be installed in a certain order.

Indexing The Loops

Sometimes GarageBand just stops seeing the loops, or they never get recognized in the first place. Apple won’t tell you why this happens, just that it does. Whatever the reason, I needed a much easier method than manually stepping through 15+ steps provided by Apple on hundreds of computers. So I wrote a script that does this for you for any version prior to 10.

Get The Indexer

You first need to install, which is on the iLife install CD in GarageBand_Loop.pkg/Scripts/Tools/ . It needs to be version 1.6.0 (219.11). There was a slightly earlier version that I could never get to work properly. Since this is Apple’s software, I can’t really make it available to download, but you know where to find it. Once that is installed, you can use this script to index the loops:

Why Doesn’t The Indexing Work In Version 10?

Loops for garageband free

In version 10, Apple has changed how the loops are indexed by using an in-app button. I’m still trying to determine if there is a command line utility like ALPIndex, but I haven’t found one yet.

The loops are now stored in a database instead of text files, so that could be part of the reason for the change. The database is found in ~Library/Containers/ Support/Logic/LoopsDatabaseV09.db .

Another issue I ran into was that some computers did not get all of the loops in the first place. If you know how many loops should be installed, you can run this script, which will tell you.

Since it’s launch back in 2004, one of GarageBand’s coolest features has been the huge number of Loops available to users.

With over 2000 loops to get to grips with in genres ranging from Dubstep to Country and everything inbetween there’s guaranteed to be some sounds for you.

In fact,these loops are so good that professional recording artists like Rhianna (Vintage Funk Kit 03), Lupe Fiasco (Orchestra Strings 08) and Usher (Euro Hero Synth 1&2) have all used GarageBand Loops in their songs.


In this tutorial I give you a crash course in how to use GarageBand’s loop browser to find your loops, the three different loop types available to you and how to use and edit them in your GarageBand projects.

Check it out below:

That’s how to hit the ground running when using loops in your next GarageBand project.

Free Drum Loops For Garageband

Knowing how to get started is important and finding out exactly what you need to do to get set up is half the battle!

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