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Autodesk Inventor LT 2014 software introduces 3D mechanical CAD into your 2D workflows. Participate in Digital Prototyping workflows and compete more effectively. Get powerful part-level parametric modeling, multi-CAD translation capabilities, automated DWG drawing views, and other CAD capabilities found in Autodesk Inventor software to expand your 2D engineering process.


In January 2020, Excitech was acquired by Addnode Group, the owner of Symetri, Europe’s leading provider of software and services for design and engineering activities.

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Excitech has now become Symetri, operating as one company since the beginning of January 2021. Please rest assured it is business as usual for us and your service experience will not be impacted.

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  1. Autodesk Inventor LT part creation based upon an imported assembly. Video created by Ryan Small; Technical Manager, Manufacturing Software & Services at Soli.
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Autodesk AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite delivers AutoCAD LT and Inventor LT software, providing a cost-effective way to introduce 3D mechanical design into 2D workflows.

Autodesk AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite includes both Inventor LT and AutoCAD LT software at a remarkable value, helping mechanical design professionals add the productivity benefits of 3D, participate in digital prototyping workflows and compete more effectively. Inventor LT offers powerful part-level 3D parametric modelling, multi-CAD translation capabilities, automated DWG drawing views and other capabilities found in Autodesk Inventor software.

Inventor LT is interoperable with the included version of AutoCAD LT, one of the world's top 2D drafting and detailing software, so manufacturers can continue to work confidently with real DWG data and help boost their 2D productivity.

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