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Badger Garbage Disposallasopatriple Recycling

(Available In: Dane, Dodge, Green, Jefferson, Rock, Walworth and Waukesha County)

Badgerland Disposal is your local Wisconsin waste management company offering affordable prices and unmatched customer service. Our success is a result of getting to know our customers and becoming their personalized waste consultants. InSinkErator Badger 1/3 hp Garbage D. Average rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on 3050 reviews 3050 ratings. $95.00 per each $ 95.

65 Gallon trash weekly & 65 Gallon bi-weekly recycle
65 Gallon trash weekly & 96 Gallon bi-weekly recycle
96 Gallon trash weekly & 65 Gallon bi-weekly recycle
96 Gallon trash weekly & 96 Gallon bi-weekly recycle

Flat Rate Pricing (No Fuel, No Environmental, No Container Use, No Admin, Etc.)

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Trash Removal

Badgerland Disposal offers residential waste removal services for residents in our local neighborhoods. Waste is collected in state of the art trash collection vehicles and disposed of in municipal owned post collection facilities who comply with local, state, and federal EPA regulations. You can trust that the waste you produce will be managed responsibly and ethically!

Recycling Collection

Badgerland Disposal offers residential recycling recovery services for residents in our local communities. Recyclable items include: plastics, paper, newspaper, cardboard, tin, aluminum, glass and metal. Items that can’t be collected for recycling include: Styrofoam, wood, plastic grocery bags, food contaminated recyclables, needles, automotive parts, paints, stains, pesticides, diesel fuel, gasoline, car batteries, other combustibles, ceramics, pottery, aerosol cans and diapers. We offer 95 and 65 gallon recycle containers. Rest assured that when we collect your recyclable materials we will send them to industry leading material recovery facilities. These facilities sort and market materials to buyers around the world for reuse.

Our Badgerland name reflects our unique local Wisconsin appeal and defines our commitment to not only employing local residents that serve your communities, but partnering with local economic development. When you become a customer you’re supporting Wisconsin’s economic success through city/county owned municipal facilities for disposal and recycling.

Municipal Services

Badgerland Disposal manages municipal solid waste disposal and single stream recycling services creating comprehensive environmental solutions for long-term strategies. As part of our services, we are committed to providing new ideas to help communities achieve their sustainable goals, including zero waste. Teamviewer reboot remote computer.

Our Badgerland name reflects our Wisconsin appeal and defines our commitment to employing neighboring residents and partnering with local communities. Not only are we providing local jobs but also supporting Wisconsin’s economic success through municipal vendor agreements for disposal and recycling.

Municipal Services for curbside collection include:

  • Solid Waste, Trash & Garbage
  • Single Stream Recycling
  • Bulk Items
  • Electronic Waste
  • Tires
  • Waste Oil
  • Batteries

Please call today to learn more about our services and how we are supporting the local economy.

The gray tag near the bottom of your garbage disposal, or attached to your instant hot water dispenser tubes, provides the product Serial Number.

The first 2 digits of the Serial Number indicate the year of manufacture (i.e. 15 indicates 2015), while the second 2 digits indicate month of manufacture (i.e. 03 indicates March), in this example the product was manufactured in March of 2015.

Badger Garbage Disposallasopatriple Garbage Disposal

Reference your Installation, Care and Use manual to see the length of the warranty term for your model. The warranty period commences from the later of: (a) the date your InSinkErator product is originally installed, (b) the date of purchase, or (c) the date of manufacture as identified by your InSinkErator Serial Number. Using this information will help you determine if your product is still covered by warranty.


For example, if your model has 10 year warranty term and the serial number indicates it was manufactured in March 2015, then the product is covered under warranty until March 2025. If you have a receipt stating it was purchased December 2015, then the warranty will be covered until December 2025.

If you are unable to provide documentation supporting either (a) or (b), the Warranty Period commencement date will be determined by Manufacturer, in its sole and absolute discretion, based upon your InSinkErator product Serial Number.