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WordSearch, the search engine for our Dake Reference Library software, is offering over 200 free. software downloads. After purchase of our Software you can go online and download these books for FREE and that is in addition to all the books that come with the Dake Reference Library. (This list does change – some books are added and some books may be removed – however the list that follows is a partial list of all currently available books.)

  • A Complete System of Christian Theology
  • A Plain Account of Christian Perfection
  • A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life
  • A Treasury of Great Preaching
  • Absolute Surrender and Other Addresses- How To Live in Perfect Peace
  • An Enchiridion On Faith, Hope and Love
  • Anecdotes and Illustrations- Related By Him in His Revival Work
  • Bible – American Standard Version Bible (ASV)
  • Bible – Bible in Basic English (BBE)
  • Bible – Centenary Translation of the NT- Montgomery New Testament
  • Bible – Darby’s Translation
  • Bible – GOD’S WORD Translation (GWT)
  • Bible – Greek New Testament – Scrivener 1894
  • Bible – Greek New Testament – Stephanus 1550
  • Bible – Greek New Testament – Tischendorf
  • Bible – Greek New Testament – Westcott-Hort
  • Bible – King James Version (KJV)
  • Bible – King James Version Apocrypha
  • Bible – Latin Vulgate
  • Bible – Mace New Testament
  • Bible – Reina-Valera 1909
  • Bible – Sagradas Escrituras Version Antigua
  • Bible – SVV or Dutch Statenvertaling Bible
  • Bible – Wesley’s New Testament
  • Bible – Weymouth New Testament (WEY)
  • Bible – Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)
  • Bible Characters- From the Writings of Moody, Talmage, Parker, Beecher, Guthrie & Spurgeon
  • Bible History: Old Testament
  • Bible Lands Map Set
  • Canons of Dordt or Synod of Dort
  • Christ in Isaiah
  • Commentary – Acts of the Apostles
  • Commentary – An Exposition of the Epistle of James
  • Commentary – Barnes’ Notes on the New Testament
  • Commentary – Bullinger’s Commentary on Revelation
  • Commentary – Commentary on Matthew and Mark
  • Commentary – Commentary on Thessalonians, Corinthians, Galatians and Romans
  • Commentary – Ephesian Studies
  • Commentary – Hodge’s Commentary on 1 Corinthians
  • Commentary – Hodge’s Commentary on 2 Corinthians
  • Commentary – Hodge’s Commentary on Ephesians
  • Commentary – Hodge’s Commentary on Romans
  • Commentary – Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary- On the Whole Bible
  • Commentary – Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary
  • Commentary – Romans Verse-by-Verse
  • Commentary – The Apocalypse- Lectures on the Book of Revelation
  • Commentary – The Holiest of All- An Exposition of the Epistle to the Hebrews
  • Commentary – The People’s NT Commentary
  • Complete Works of E. M. Bounds on Prayer
  • Complete Works of James Arminius
  • Complete Works of Josephus
  • Confessions of St. Augustine
  • Creeds of Christendom
  • Daily Light on the Daily Path
  • Dark Night of the Soul
  • Dictionary – Dictionary of Christian Biography and Literature- to the End of the Sixth Century A.D.
  • Dictionary – Easton’s Illustrated Bible Dictionary
  • Dictionary – Hitchcock’s Dictionary of Bible Names
  • Dictionary – King James Version Dictionary
  • Dictionary – Smith’s Bible Dictionary
  • Dictionary – Strong’s Concordance/ Greek and Hebrew Dictionary
  • Divine Healing- A Series of Addresses and a Personal Testimony
  • Dore’s Woodcuts
  • Experiencing Pleasure and Profit from Bible Study
  • Explore Biblical Genealogies
  • Explore Topics Bundle (Prophecies; Life; Laws)
  • Facts of the Matter
  • Finney’s Systematic Theology
  • Five Points of Calvinism
  • Four – Fold Gospel
  • Foxe’s Book of Martyrs
  • Grace Abounding
  • Grace – An Exposition of God’s Marvelous Gift
  • Grace and Godliness – Studies in the Epistle to the Ephesians
  • Handbook of Personal Evangelism- A Must Reading For Christians
  • Heaven – Where It Is; Its Inhabitants, And How To Get There
  • Heidelberg Catechism
  • Heretics
  • History of the Jewish Nation- After the Destruction of Jerusalem Under Titus
  • Holiness- Its Nature, Hindrances, Difficulties, and Roots
  • How to Pray
  • How To Prepare Sermons and Gospel Addresses
  • Humility- The Beauty of Holiness
  • Imago Christi – The Example of Christ
  • In His Steps
  • Institutes of the Christian Religion
  • Jesus of Nazareth- His Character, Teachings and Supernatural Works
  • Lectionary or Lecternal Calendar
  • Lectures to Professing Christians – The Higher Christian Life
  • Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah
  • Life of Elijah
  • Life of Jesus Christ
  • Luke the Physician- and Other Studies in the History of Religion
  • Luther’s 95 Theses
  • Luther’s Commentary on Galatians
  • Luther’s Larger and Smaller Catechism
  • Ministry of Intercession
  • Morning and Evening
  • Nave’s Topics
  • New Testament History – A Study of the Beginnings of Christianity
  • New Topical Textbook – A Scripture Textbook for the use of Ministers, Teachers, and all Christian Workers
  • On the Incarnation
  • Orthodoxy
  • Paradise Lost
  • Paradise Regained
  • Paul of Tarsus
  • Photographs of Israel, the Holy Land
  • Pilgrim’s Progress
  • Popular Christianity – Its Cowardly Service versus the Real Warfare
  • Post-Biblical Hebrew Literature
  • Practical Christianity
  • Prayer Availeth Much
  • Prevailing Prayer – What Hinders It?
  • Prophecy and History in Relation to the Messiah
  • Quiet Talks about the Healing Christ
  • Quiet Talks on Power
  • Quiet Talks on Service
  • Quiet Talks on Prayer
  • Revival Addresses
  • Revival Lectures
  • Revival Sermons
  • Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth- Ten Outlines Studies of the more Important Divisions of Scripture
  • Scenes and Incidents in the Life of the Apostle Paul
  • Scofield’s Study Notes
  • Scripture Alphabet of Animals
  • Second Helvetic Confession
  • Secret of Communion with God
  • Secret Power – The Secret of Success in Christian Life and Christian Work
  • Sermons on Gospel Themes
  • Sketches of Jewish Social Life
  • Soul Help
  • Sovereign Grace – Its Source, Its Nature, Its Effects
  • Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola
  • St. Paul the Traveler and Roman Citizen
  • Systematic Theology
  • Tabernacle of Israel – It’s Structure and Symbolism
  • Table Talk
  • The Antichrist
  • The Augsburg Confession (1530)
  • The Belgic Confession of Faith
  • The Bondage of the Will
  • The Children For Christ
  • The Christian View of God and the World
  • The Christian’s Secret Of A Happy Life
  • The Communicant’s Companion – Instructions for the Right Receiving of the Lord’s Supper
  • The Deeper Christian Life
  • The Didache – The Teaching of the Lord to the Gentiles through the Twelve Apostles.
  • The Early Creeds
  • The Fundamentals
  • The God of All Comfort
  • The Godhood of God
  • The Gospel in Leviticus
  • The Great Doctrines of the Bible
  • The History of the Christian Church
  • The Holy War
  • The Imitation of Christ
  • The Journal of John Wesley
  • The Letters to the Seven Churches in Asia
  • The Life of Christ
  • The Life of Saint Paul
  • The Lord’s Table – A Help to the Right Observance of the Holy Supper
  • The New Life in Christ Jesus
  • The New Life – Words of God For Young Disciples Of Christ
  • The Practice of the Presence of God- The Best Rule of a Holy Life
  • The Prayer Life
  • The School of Obedience
  • The Sovereignty of God
  • The Tabernacle the Priesthood and the Offerings
  • The Temple: Its Ministry and Services – as They Were at the Time of Jesus Christ.
  • The True Vine
  • The Two Covenants and the Second Blessing
  • The Way of Life – A Guide To Christian Belief And Experience
  • Training of the Twelve
  • Treasury of David
  • Types in Hebrews
  • Union and Communion – Thoughts On The Song Of Solomon
  • Waiting On God
  • Was Christ Born in Bethlehem? – A Study in the Credibility of St. Luke
  • Westminster Confession of Faith (1646)
  • Why Four Gospels?
  • With Christ in the School of Prayer

Commentaries Bible Gateway is proud to bring you this free collection of Biblical commentaries, written by some of the brightest theologians in the church. Songs in the Night - January 18 If Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. (Romans 8:10) FROM the divine standpoint the body is treated as dead, but. Database of the best Bible commentaries. The best bible commentary is ranked by reviews from scholars, journals, and site users. (John 7:17) Some Bible commentary software includes an educated opinion along with Christian writings, searchable database, history, reference works, and maps. Using all these resources along with a Bible commentary online will be advantageous when teaching and preaching on the word of God.

Finis Dake Bible

Search our site:

Being in ministry, creative free Christian resources are something we are always keeping our eyes open for. And being from Louisiana, we have decided to call these findings - 'lagniappe.'

Webster's dictionary defines 'lagniappe' as: a small gift presented by a store owner to a customer with the customer's purchase or an extra or unexpected gift or benefit. Doesn't that just sound like a bit of GRACE?!

Working on this website has been so much fun! Along the way I am finding little bonuses and wanted to create a page to share these free Christian resources with you.

Newest Free Christian Resources:

Free E-books

Bible Online Sites

One of our favorite free online Bible resources is the BLUE LETTER BIBLE. Here are four benefits to their design given on their site:

  • BIBLE-CENTERED: We view the Bible as central to our study resources. We intentionally designed the website to include study tools that are linked directly to Bible passages.

Bible commentariesfree christian resources & downloads free
  • POWERFUL STUDY TOOLS: Dig deep into the Word using commentaries, encyclopedias, maps/images and much more. One of our most used tools is the Lexicon search, which gives users immediate access to the original Hebrew and Greek words.

  • QUICK AND EASY SEARCH FUNCTION: In one spot, you can search Scripture by word, verse or multiple verses.

  • PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE: Use some features more than others? Create a customized homepage and sidebar to include exactly what study tools you want.

Free Christian software & apps:

Wordsearch Bible Study Software

Try this FREE downloadable Bible study library! There have been times that I needed to work on a Bible study, but was unable to connect to the Internet. This program will allow you to have several Bible versions, commentaries & dictionaries, as well as, several free classic Christian books such as Foxe's Book of Martyrs, Complete Works of Josephus, and Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah. All these Christian resources can be right at your fingertips anytime, anywhere!

YouVersion Bible APP

Probably one of my most used Apps on my phone, as well as my favorite, is YouVersion. I love having multiple Bible versions at my fingertips, daily Bible verses, and a multitude of Bible devotion plans..all Free and 'almost' always with me!

Ipad Bible Story App for Kids

Zondervan offers their first story pack of The Beginner's Bible App for Ipad free ! This includes 6 stories, coloring pages, puzzles, and game, is included in your app download, completely FREE!

Today's Christian Music free app allows you to have free Christian music streaming on your devices wherever you go! We don't have a Christian radio station where I live; so I was really excited to add this app to my phone! I also open up their online player on my computer - the link for it is below under 'Free Christian Music.'

Christian Growth Resources:

Free video/audio Bible studies

Search the largest library of audio sermons with over 156,000 FREE MP3 sermons which can be streamed online for immediate listening or optionally downloaded to your computer or portable MP3 player for listening at a later time.

Free christian music

It's easy to stream free music on our computers now through Pandora, YouTube and other sites, but what if you don't know of any Christian artists or songs to even begin a search?

Today's Christian Music offers live streaming Christian music 24/7 and also checkout their free downloads to take with you!

Free Christian resources for Pastors & teachers

Free sermons & outlines:

For pastors some of the best free Christian resources include -

Sermon Central which offers over 150,000 free sermons from which to draw inspiration. These include both sermons and sermon outlines with many in Spanish.

Lifeway Publishers also offers an index to free sermon outlines from various pastors which are arranged according to the Books of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

Free movie clips with discussion guides:

Are you needing sermon illustrations or Bible study illustrations? How about using movie clips? Here is a site that provides free movie clips that inspire and illustrate. They are organized so that you can search by movie title or Bible theme.

WingClips gives the following reasons for using their movie clips to 'spice up' your Bible study lessons:

'Simply, to better communicate with your audience. For better or worse, movies form a lasting impression on our hearts and minds. Studies suggest that three days after an event, people retain only 10% of what they heard from an oral presentation, 35% from a visual presentation, and an overwhelming 65% from combination of a visual and oral presentation. Incorporating inspirational WingClips™ in your service will dramatically connect the themes of your message to the hearts and minds of your audience.'

Free inspirational stories:

These inspiring Christian stories are ideal for short devotional talks, and as Bible lesson or sermon illustrations.


More free Christian stories.

Bible Commentaries online, free Pdf

Free Christian Videos:

Most of us know of YouTube - especially if you have teenagers around the house! Well, now there is Godtube - a Christian version which offers multiple ways for creative use whether it be to emphasize a Bible lesson using visual technology or to include a visual illustration in a sermon powerpoint. They also have Christian drama videos, Christian music videos for worship, and more. Check it out!

Children's ministry/church resources

Free Children's Sermons

Whether you are a pastor needing a quick sermon for kids or you are in need of a short devotion for children, we have found several great free Christian resources for children's sermons including hands-on object lessons!

Free Children's Bible Lessons

Bible Commentariesfree Christian Resources & Downloads Download

Angels with scaly wings mods. Children's Ministry Deals has made 100 of their most popular free children's ministry resources available in one quick location! These free Christian resources include Bible lessons, coloring pages, printable games, books of the Bible flash cards & more!

As Christians, giving 'lagniappe' grace should be an action seen in our everyday lives as we strive to go over and beyond for the cause of Christ. Let's never stop short of being overly kind or giving or loving - always going the 'little extra' for Christ.

Jesus certainly gave us more than a 'little extra.' He gave us what we didn't deserve - 'GRACE - God's Riches At Christ's Expense.'

We'd like to bring you a new little 'lagniappe' every now and then. It may be an outstanding Christian website or free Christian software we've found, a Christian book recommendation, a special testimony or story, or just some good clean fun with Bible trivia, clean jokes, & Christian cartoons. All will be free Christian resources which can add to the variety in your world of Bible study and ministry.

We want to equip you as much as we can in finding joy and excitement in your Bible study time and as you share God's Word.

Also, if you know of any valuable Christian resources you use and believe they would be useful to others, please let us know!

Christian Commentaries Online

Special note: We do preview the websites to which we link, but are unable to peruse them completely. We try to check others' faith statements and make sure they do profess Jesus Christ as God's Son and salvation is found only in Him. It must, however, be your responsibility to personally dig into God's Word and allow the Holy Spirit to be your first and final teacher on all subjects.

'Our website may contain affiliate marketing links, which means we may get paid commission on sales of those products or services we write about. Our editorial content is not influenced by advertisers or affiliate partnerships. This disclosure is provided in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR § 255.5: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”

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