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Enjoy listening mp3 audio bibles free in english. This King James Version Bible app was created to give everyone a new experience of studying the Holy Bible KJV. King James Bible was created to give everyone a new experience of studying Saint Bible. Enjoy this Audio Bible app offline in android, which contains the Old Testament and New Testament audio version.

Read the Bible anywhere with Bible Offline.

King James Bible - KJV Offline Free Holy Bible Android latest 238 APK Download and Install. Free KJV Bible or free King James Bible offline, dictionary, audio and notebook. NIV Study Bible Offline Free Download - NIV free download with 2 systems: online and offline version. In the NIV application will help you to know about the love of God. Because God knows everything in the world. This app will help you close and access to learn more convenient in God. Open the Bible reader Select the version code at the top of the screen (i.e., KJV) Scroll through the list to find the version you want to download Select Download to begin the download process. This is the best free Bible app if you're searching for a Bible offline, to download the Bible, a free Bible download or audio Bible. The New European Version of the Bible is a remediation of the King James Version into modern English, correcting some glaring issues in translation here and there.

Search for our favorite verse, or look for verses that give you encouragement to get through the day with this app. You will always have the Bible with you so that you can minister to others or simply read what the Lord has to say in the book. Use various colors to highlight favorite verses or those with special meaning.

There are daily devotions that you can read. Bookmark chapters that you want to read during the week. View plans so that you can read the entire Bible Offline app in a year or in a set period of time that is convenient for you. Maps show where some of the places that are mentioned in the Bible are located, giving you an idea as to where events took place in the Bible times. There are a few different versions available if you don't want to read the King James Version. Tips for reading and understanding the Bible are offered to help you understand what is written. An easy mode to read is one with night reading. It gives you a few verses that are easy to understand right before you go to sleep.


  • Highlight special verses
  • Over 70 translations
  • View maps of places in the Bible


Free bible download for laptops offline
  • Doesn't offer as much audio

After you have downloaded a Bible to your device, that Bible version will be available to read offline, i.e. when you have no network connection.

In preparation to download a Bible, you need to:

  • have a YouVersion account (for account info select link here), and
  • be signed in to the Bible App on your mobile device, and
  • have a strong mobile data or WiFi connection
Not all Bibles are available for download. As you are looking at the list of Bible versions, those available for download will say Download to the right of the version name in the list. After you download a Bible, a check mark will replace the word download to indicate that it is available for offline use.
To download a Bible
  1. Open the Bible reader
  2. Select the version code at the top of the screen (i.e., KJV)
  3. Scroll through the list to find the version you want to download
  4. Select Download to begin the download process
  5. You can use your device for other things while the download completes

Now, anytime you open that downloaded version, you will be seeing the text of the downloaded file, whether you are online or offline. Audio is not downloaded for offline use.

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Use plans Offline

Bible Offline Download Free New Nevada Drivers License

For more information on how to use plans offline, select link here


It is a good idea to download at least one Bible version so that you have Bible access when there is no connection.

Free Bible Download For Laptops Offline

Each downloaded Bible takes less than 0.2 GB of storage on your device.

Download Free Mp3

If the download “times out” or says “needs connection,” even though you can access the Internet with other apps, you will need to reset the app either by powering your device off/on. For more info use Troubleshooting directions. After resetting the app, relaunch the Bible app and you should be able to complete your download.

Bible Offline Download Free New Nevada Real Estate

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Offline Holy Bible Free Download

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