C Windows Forms Media Player

Windows Media Player, Windows 2003 Streaming Media Services and Player Versions I am going to try and make a media center for my website using Visual Studio.NET, ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL 2000, Windows 2003 Standard and its Windows Streaming Media Server. I am having a difficult time finding 'Good' info on embedding the windows media player. Keyboard controls of windows media player in windows form application private void axWindowsMediaPlayer1KeyDownEvent(object sender, System.Windows.Forms. I'll cover the following topics in the code samples below: KeyEventArgsSendKeys, Collapse, KeyDown, Check, and Show.

C Windows Forms Media Player

You can use this snippet to stop the windows music, yes, if you use the following code you'll be able to stop (or jump to next and previous track) the music of windows. That means that any active music player we'll respond to the action. This is possible thanks to the simulation of a keypress of the system using the user32.dll and the keybd_event function.


To start, we need to include the following namespace in the main class of our project.

Then we are going to import into our project the user32.dll , this api will allow us to get acces to the keybd_event function which we will use to simulate a couple of key press in the system. Immediately, create the method too using :

Now we'll be able to simulate the key events that we need to play-pause-JumpToNextTrack or JumpToPreviousTrack, but we need to declarate too the in variables the codes of the keys that we want to simulate. Just add the following variables in the class (note that they need to be accesible for all the methods):

To simulate events, use the following lines of code (everyline does something different, captain obvious) :

The keybd_event function expects as first parameter the code of the key that will be simulated. Now you just need to add a couple of buttons to your form and attach those functions to click events of the buttons.

A final implementation should work like a charm, the following gif shows the app working with Spotify music. A you may know this app doesn't have any spotify code or anything else, it will only simulate a keyboard event on the system. Therefore this function will work for any music player for windows. Usmle world step 3 questions free download.

C Windows Forms Media Player Download

Complete class

C windows forms media player

Free Media Players For Windows 7

Your class should look like the following when you add the buttons :

Have fun !