Clash Of Kings Troop Treefreeband

We're redoing all the troops trees and stats. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Westeros Dorne Dragonstone The Night's Watch The Free Folk House Targaryen The Iron Islands The North The Reach The Riverlands The Stormlands The Three Sisters The Vale The Westerlands Sellsword Essos Braavos The Khizra Khalasar Lorath Lys Myr Norvos Pentos Qohor Tyrosh Volantis. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Gather Event Tip:
In this event only gold, iron and wood that countpoints. One day before the event used to gather curistart with gold mining.Example: Event begins 16 hours, we started mining gold which time more than 16hours, so when the event gather has started, troop we are being gather iron hadgone home with gold that many (if using 3 legion 1 day before its normallystraight dapet stage 2 or stage 3.
Morning entered the event gather while troop home goldmining, continue to use bonus items gather. This item serves accelerate time togather resources. Remember when this time only gather wood and food.
Clash Of Kings Troop Treefreeband

Event Tips Monster:
For preparations to follow this event, we must nyetokenergy in items. It can be purchased using gold or of alliance store. Mysuggestion to use an honorarium of alliance donations for the purchase ofenergy in the alliance stores. Do not use gold. The more we donate it alsohelps improve the strength of our alliance.
Monster when the event begins. Hunting high levelmonsters alone, according to the maximum strength of our troop. This can speedup the points at this event. The greater the level the greater monsterpointnya.
Use full direct your entire legion, so quickly whencollecting point.
Event Tips Increase Power
Usually this event after event monsters. While huntingmonsters, many of our troops entered hospital. Do disebuhkan first, because thetime to heal is a power increase of this event.
The fastest points of the increase of power is thetrain troops. do not lose train troops. Tips upgrade all military tent adjustthe level of the castle to multiply once train troops.
Train Event Tips
Wake up all military tent, and do not drop out fortrains.
The night before the event, all the train began to maketrain troops. But remember, take the train troops who completed only at thestart of the event trains. This one curistar in this event.
Can also use the speedup 1 hour so fast trainnya time.
Tips others caught up in the event that the other posts, in addition you canread how to speed up the game speed troop choke. Tips Clash of Kings Hopefullythis can help you and also all Indonesian player so that we can prevail in allkingdoms.
Hopefully helpful, happy to play.

kind of Troops that used in fight are very important cause you may send wrong troops and find out that they all die

Troops with high range high attack are perfect in attack, cause they use hit and run tactic
Such as sieges and archers

Troops with low range, fight in the first line so they sacrifice themselves for other troops such as infantry

generally, troops which you send depend on what enemy have. if he have many infantry so you have to send the troops that allows you to kill them which are archers but in other hand if you sent caverly they will die

This image shows different attitudes of troops

Clash Of Kings Free

Author of dr zhivago. Lvl 7 troops are very good in attack and to get it, you must have castle lvl 19

Clash Of Kings Troop Trees

Lvl8 troops are good in defence and bad in attack generally troops 7 can win t8 to get it you need castle 22

Lvl9 troops are very good in attack and better than lvl7 to get it you need caslte lvl26

Lvl10 troops can’t be defeated as they have very high states. if there is someone attack with say 100k lvl10 troops it equals if that enemy attack with 300k lvl7 troops
To get it you need castle lvl30

as you can what troops you can send depend on what the enemy have but if you can’t remember what kind kill another.i suggest you to send sieges, archers and no more than 5k infantry 5k caverly as you may loss them

In attack do not send
*Swordsmen lvl4 infantry
*demolisher lvl6 sieges
*knight Templar lvl6 caverly
*Battering rams lvl 4 siege
whatever marked as blue in the picture don’t send them in attack cause they always die