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Formats are supported

Convert Adobe PageMaker 6.5 document to Adobe Portable document format. We have found 4 software records in our database eligible for.p65 to.pdf file format conversion. The most obvious choice for p65 to pdf conversion would be to use old Adobe PageMaker to get your PDFs. How To PageMaker File To Pdf Easy Way In Hindi Video Tutorial,In this video tutorial i have shown how to create pdf file online in Adobe Pagemaker easy.

pdfPortable Document FormatwordMicrosoft Word Document
docMicrosoft Word DocumentdocxMicrosoft Office Open XML
xlsMicrosoft Excel Worksheet Sheet (97-2003)xlsxOffice Open XML Worksheet Sheet
pptMicrosoft PowerPoint 97/2000/XPpptxMicrosoft PowerPoint
jpgJoint Photographic Experts GrouptxtPlaintext Text File
pngPortable Network GraphichtmlHyperText Markup Language
rtfRich Text FormatodfODF Text Document
odpOpenDocument PresentationodsOpenDocument Spreadsheet
xpsXML Paper SpecificationcsvComma-Separated Values
xmlExtensible Markup LanguageepubElectronic Publication
azwKindle Format 8fb2FictionBook
mobiMobipocketswfSmall Web Format
bmpMicrosoft Windows bitmapgifGraphics Interchange Format
psAdobe PostScriptpsdAdobe Photoshop bitmap
tiffTagged Image File FormatoxpsOpen XML Paper Specification
wpsWPS OfficevcfElectronic business cards
msgOutlook email message formatemlEmail message format
pubMicrosoft PublisherpagesApple Pages
vsdMicrosoft Visio FormatmhtMIME Encapsulation of Aggregate HTML Documents
mppMicrosoft ProjectjsonJavaScript Object Notation
pmdAdobe PageMakerodgOpenDocument Graphics
keyApple Keynote FilenumbersApple Numbers file
wpdWordPerfect DocumentdjvuDJVU Ebook Format
cbzComic Book ArchivechmMicrosoft Compiled HTML Help
artPFS: 1st PublisherrawCamera raw image
ddsMicrosoft Direct Draw SurfacedibMicrosoft Windows Device Independent Bitmap
dpxSMPTE Digital Moving Picture Exchange 2.0 (SMPTE 268M-2003)emfMicrosoft Enhanced Metafile (32-bit)
epsAdobe Encapsulated PostScriptjxrJPEG extended range
svgScalable Vector GraphicstgaTruevision Targa image
tifTrueType font filewebpWeppy image format
xwdX Windows system window dumpdwgCAD Drawing
cdrCorelDraw File FormataiAdobe Illustrator Artwork
dxfDrawing Interchange FormatheifHigh Efficiency Image File Format
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Adobe InDesign CS PageMaker Edition can open PageMaker 6.5x-7.x publications and templates. Adobe InDesign CS2 to CS6 can open Adobe PageMaker 6.0-7.x publications and templates.

How To Convert Pagemaker File To Pdf Format

Indesign CC does not support PageMaker documents (Indesign CC can't open PageMaker Documents)

The tables below describe what happens to various PageMaker features, settings, and elements when you open PageMaker publications in InDesign.

Publication SettingsSupported?Notes
Double-Sided, Facing PagesYes (Limited)InDesign converts double-sided documents that do not contain facing pages into single-page spreads. When both Double-Sided and Facing Pages are selected, files are converted into facing-page spreads.
Snap to ConstraintsNo--
Save Option (Smaller, Faster)No--
Horizontal and Vertical NudgeNo--
Greek Text BelowNo--
PostScript Printing-Memory Freed for GraphicsNo--
Display PPD NameNo--
Turn Pages When AutoflowingNo--
TrueType Display (Preserve Line Spacing/ Character Shape)No--
Trapping PreferencesYesWhen Auto-overprint black strokes or fills (or both) are selected in the Trapping Preferences dialog box in PageMaker, the setting carries over to InDesign. However, Overprint Stroke or Overprint Fill is deselected in the Attributes palette.
Page Layout FeaturesSupported?Notes
Booklists and Booked PublicationsNoInDesign ignores Booklists when opening PageMaker publications. If you want to open all the publications on a Booklist together, run the Build Booklet plug-in in PageMaker with a layout of None selected. The booked publications are combined into one. Text blocks and frames are no longer threaded, however.
IndexYes (Limited)Index entries from a PageMaker publication appear in the InDesign Index palette. Text with cross-references that use the See Herein or See Also Herein option are mapped as See or See Also.
Items on the PasteboardYes (Limited)All items on the PageMaker pasteboard appear on the pasteboard of the first spread in the InDesign document. InDesign uses a different pasteboard for each spread.
LayersYesTo maintain the order of overlapping items, InDesign creates two layers when converting a PageMaker publication: Default and Master Default. Master Default contains the Master page items.
Master Page ItemsYesMaster pages in PageMaker convert to master pages in InDesign and retain all objects including page numbering and guides. Some layers could be added to the document. To retain the stacking order established in the original PageMaker publication. (See the Layers listing in this section.)
Non-Printing ObjectsYesAll objects designated in PageMaker as Non-Printing are converted with Non-Printing selected in the InDesign Attribute palette.
Ruler GuidesYes--
Table of ContentsYesTable of Contents text converts as a Table of Contents, with PageMaker TOC Style available in the style pop-up menu in the InDesign TOC dialog box.
Text AttributesSupported?Notes
Text CompositionYes (Limited)InDesign assigns its Paragraph composer to all paragraphs. However, you can assign the single-line composer to one or more paragraphs. In InDesign, the single-line text composition engine chooses line breaks more similarly to the PageMaker composition engine, but text could still reflow.
Top of Caps and Proportional LeadingYes (Limited)InDesign uses only Baseline leading. Proportional and Top of Caps leading in PageMaker convert to Baseline leading in InDesign, resulting in text shifting.
Vertical Alignment in Text FramesYesVertical Alignment settings are maintained when you open PageMaker publications.
First BaselineYes (Limited)The First Baseline of converted text can appear different than text created in InDesign. The First Baseline of converted text is set to Leading, but the First Baseline of text created in InDesign is set to Ascent by default.
HyphenationYes (Limited)InDesign uses a different hyphenation method than PageMaker, so line breaks can be different.
FontsYes (Limited)All fonts in a PageMaker publication should be active when the publication is opened in InDesign. InDesign can continue to list fonts as missing if they are activated after the PageMaker publication is opened.
Applied Bold or Italic Font AttributesYes (Limited)InDesign preserves bold or italic formatting if the correct typeface is installed (for example, Tekton Bold). If the typeface is not installed, then the font is identified as missing in InDesign and is substituted. InDesign retains information about what text had bold or italic formatting applied to it so you can reformat it after substitution.
Shadow Text Attribute (Mac OS only)NoShadow text converts to plain text.
Outline Text Attribute (Mac OS only)Yes (Limited)Outline text converts as text with a stroke of .25 inches and a fill of paper.
Expert Tracking ValuesNoExpert tracking values revert to a zero kerning value.
Paragraph RulesYes (Limited)All paragraph rules convert as solid lines. Differences in the InDesign leading method affect the position of paragraph rules. Tints applied to paragraph rules are preserved.
[No style] Paragraph StyleYes (Limited)The [No style] in PageMaker is the equivalent of [Basic Paragraph] in InDesign CS2 or [No Paragraph Style] in InDesign CS. However, [Basic Paragraph] and [No Paragraph Style] picks up the attributes of a named style if that style was selected before any typing occurred in the PageMaker publication.
Text LinksNoLinked text documents are embedded upon conversion.
Bullets and NumberingYesInDesign applies bullets and numbering as normal, editable, characters.
Data MergeYes (CS2, CS PageMaker Edition)No (CS)InDesign treats text fields as regular text until you establish a link to the data source file.
TintsYes (Limited)Tints are converted as percentages of the parent color. If the parent color isn't in the Swatches palette, it's added during conversion. When an object with a tint is selected, the parent color is selected in the Swatches palette, and the tint value appears in the pop-up menu.
HLS ColorsNoInDesign converts color swatches based on the HLS color model to RGB values.
Hexachrome ColorsNoAll Hexachrome colors are converted to RGB values.
Pantone librariesYes--
CMSYes (Limited)Profiles that are not ICC-compliant are replaced using the default CMS settings and profiles you specified for InDesign.
Graphics and ObjectsSupported?Notes
Missing Graphic LinksYesLink information for missing graphics is preserved when converting PageMaker publications. After conversion, the missing links can be updated.
OLE ObjectsNoInDesign doesn't support OLE. OLE objects drop out when you open PageMaker publications in InDesign, and any text wrap is lost. However, the bounding boxes of OLE objects convert.
Embedded GraphicsYes--
Adobe Table 3.0 ObjectsYes (Limited)PageMaker tables appear as graphics and are not editable in InDesign.
Fill PatternsNoFill patterns applied from PageMaker's Fill menu become solid.
Screen Patterns/AnglesNoInDesign doesn't support screen patterns or angles applied to TIFF images in Image Control; it drops them from imported TIFF files.
Colorized TIFF FilesYes--
Photoshop EffectsYes--
StrokesYes (Limited)InDesign supports only solid or dashed strokes. Other stroke variations (such as Reverse or strokes created with the Custom option) either unreverse or become solid strokes in InDesign. Hairlines become .25-point strokes.
KeylinesYes (Limited)Keylines become grouped to the object to which they are applied.
Text WrapYes--
MaskingYes (Limited)PageMaker items arranged between an item and its mask will be positioned behind the item and mask after you open the publication in InDesign.
Inline GraphicsYes--
Imported PDF DocumentsYes (Limited)InDesign displays the first page of a multi-page PDF file, regardless which page you placed in the PageMaker publication. To display the correct page, in InDesign delete the image (that is, the PDF file), and place the PDF page again.
Imported QuickTime MoviesYes (Limited in CS and CS PageMaker Edition)InDesign CS and CS PageMaker Edition import QuickTime movie frames unless they have been scaled. If a movie frame has been scaled, the movie is reimported to InDesign, scaled to 100% (horizontally and vertically. And, it's positioned in the upper-left corner of the frame.
Scaled ImagesYes (Limited)Scaled images in documents with broken links are imported at a different size than expected.

Convert Pagemaker File To Pdf online, free


Software To Convert Pagemaker File To Pdf

For more information, see the Convert PageMaker documents secion of the InDesign CS4 online help. Sygic windows ce 5 0 download speed most wanted.