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Nowadays cooking is not so difficult as most people think it’s difficult to do. People are practicing the different recipes so easily. They can use Cooking Fever Mod APK for cooking purpose; It is a MOD version of the official application which contains unlimited gems and coins and all are completely free.

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  3. Cooking Fever Apk Download

Download Cooking Fever (MOD, unlimited coins/gems) - Very fun and a good chef simulator in which you will prepare a variety of dishes to order, start a business out of the ordinary diner, to the most pristezhnymi restaurants and institutions such as five star. Cooking Fever will help you satisfy your passion for cooking in no time. Choosing the right ingredients to cook so the dishes are strange and beautiful. Cooking Fever opens up a culinary arsenal of which you are the main character. In addition, you should also decorate a luxury restaurant to attract more customers. Cooking Fever Mod APK is a simulation game that is centered on cooking. The game contains 3 modes that the players can enjoy especially those players that have big dreams of being a chef. The three modes are City, Paradise Island, and Alphine Mountains. Method 1: cooking fever Mod APK in Android. First, download cooking fever Mod APK from the below download link provided; Now you will be redirected to our telegram channel, download the apk from there; Now install the cooking fever Mod APK by allowing unknown source in your android device; Now open the cooking fever Mod ask to enjoy the hack.

Cooking Fever is developed by Nordcurrent, a Lithuanian game developer company. This game is one of the most appealing cooking-based mobile games in which players can improve their skills of cooking. We assume that you are interested to know all about the game, right? Let’s check what we share for you. Stay tuned with our website for Cooking Fever special guides, tips and updates.

The game was released in 2014. In this game, players can manage their restaurants by serving delicious foods, drinks and others to earn money. They have to be little bit expert at this game to get the higher levels properly.

Nowadays we have enough resources and guidelines to make ourselves pretty good at cooking. There’s a lot more Youtube videos and mobile applications for cooking many food items we prefer to cook. Most of the applications provide the options with a lot of skills and management experience. People have the freedom to make their path from a beginner to a professional level of cooking by playing Cooking Fever so passionately.

The official game is not fully free of charge. But Cooking Fever Mod APK is free game which you can play online or offline with unlimited gems and coins. The app provides the opportunity to organize your own restaurant at any place of the world. You can manage restaurants with experiencing the simulation of the game.

Amazing Gameplay

Cooking Fever has currently three different modes to play. City is the first mode in which you have to establish eleven restaurants. The Second mode requires nine restaurants and the third mode’s requirement is to organize ten restaurants. Each restaurant has maximum 40 levels and each player need the minimum score to enter into the next level.

Enjoy The Real Chef Simulation

Many people have dream of establishing their own restaurant at their favorite places. Cooking Fever gives the simulation to experience their dream to accomplish. The app allows users to enhance their management skills and cooking skills. You can learn a lot about hotel management which is a particular career-oriented subject. Cooking Fever is designed to take the ultimate test of the cooking skills of the game players.

This game challenges to cook some different dishes for customers. If you want to enjoy the game properly, you must know the use of all cooking tools and machines like Coffee Makers, Popcorn machines, Toasters etc. There are different levels in this game which upgrade your skills very well.

Manage Own Place

Suppose, you are an owner of a restaurant. At which point do you have in mind at first? Yes, The management process of your restaurant is your first and foremost concern. Cooking Fever is like a blueprint of your managerial effectiveness.

It’s easy to cook something normal or very special. But on the other hand, to run your own restaurant is not that easy. You must work passionately and think how to make perfect environment as much as you can. You must check the factors which make your restaurant highly appreciable to the customers.


Challenges for the Cook

Cooking Fever offers some challenges for you to tackle in time and patience. In the game, there is a photo album of some best foods and it spread into pieces around you. A rumor spread that some restaurants hide their pieces in kitchens. You, as a player, have to accept the challenge to find the pieces.

There is only way to find the pieces is that you need to cook the foods in that specific restaurants. You have to cook everything in their kitchens and find themselves in some epic situations. You can add proper ingredients and make the foods so delicious.

Cooking Fever is an ideal game for all who want to enjoy the skills of cooking. Gamers try their level best to inspire the customers as well as to find the album pieces.

Organization is the Key To Success

This is the main fact that the organization is the key of proper management. The most important part of the job of chefs is to organize the kitchens, to make sure that everything will be put back in their right places.

Remain Calm

You have to stay clam in every situation. In the kitchen, you must cook great food and be tolerant every time. You need to mix the essential ingredients and wait for the food to be ready. This preparation gives the food a better and prominent look. Then customers will appreciate your presentation with good remarks.

Variety of Food

In the game, you can choose the restaurants in your favorite places. You can cook various types of delicious food and drink for customers. Cooking Fever allows players to get the opportunity to have more than 1300 dishes with 350 ingredients.

Unlimited Rewards

As a user, you can get unlimited rewards from this MOD APK version. But in the official game, there are very little rewards for you and you have to purchase most things. But Cooking Fever Mod APK provides different free rewards like diamonds or gems, coins etc.

When you serve a great meal to the customers, you will get the rewards. There are many difficult and challenging levels in this game which are quite interesting for the game players. They can get unlimited rewards by upgrading levels.

Various Levels

In official game, players have to purchase gems and coins to boost their level up. But in MOD APK version of this game, they can have unlimited coins to boost.

These levels make the gamers so efficient that they can enhance their cooking skill as fast as possible. Various levels can improve the confidence of the participants and they get the courage to become better player day by day.

Decorate Your Restaurants

You have to decorate your restaurants to attract people. Make sure that you make your own dishes and recipes, then upgrade all kitchens to get more XP in Cooking Fever game. These things make the restaurants more beautiful and appealing.

Use all cooking appliances and utensils. Try cooking all tasty foods, pizzas, deserts, coffees etc. This game allows you to customize dishes and recipes. Use different ingredients to give different taste to your dishes.

Completely Free

It is completely free MOD version. Although it has many premium features to offer and it’s quite a heavy game, but it’s still free of charge.

User Interface

This MOD version has user-friendly interface which is quite easy-to-use for the players. The Interface of this version is very suitable and highly accessible for all to understand.

Safe and Secure

People can easily download MOD APK version without any tension. The MOD version is completely safe and secure. It’s free from all virus.

Unique Locations

You can have different unique locations for your restaurants and can make different items including Fast food, Bakery items, Chinese food, Continental food, Asian food, Sports Bar, Sunset Waffles, Italian Buffet, Salad’s Bar etc.

Ads Free

Cooking Fever Mod Download

The MOD version is completely ads free with enhanced features. This is the most important feature of the game because ads annoy users very much during a game.

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New Recipes

You will get the chance to have more than 500 recipes and dishes in Cooking Fever.

Extraordinary Graphics

The detailed 2D graphics and high quality effects make this game more beautiful and attractive. The game has powerful graphics with great visual effects.

Downloading and Installing Cooking Fever on Android And PC

In order to download and install Cooking Fever Mod APK on your device, you need to install the official game of Cooking Fever from online. Just download it from Google Play Store.

Application NameCooking Fever
APK Version11.0.0
Version Updated12-23-2020
Android Version4.3 and up
File Size107 MB

APK Version 11.0.0

APK NameCooking Fever Mod APK
Android Version4.0.3 and up
APK Version11.0.0
Size of App107 MB
Let’s Download and Install Cooking Fever MOD on Android Device
  • First of all, the gamers have to give permission to all unknown sources by enabling the settings and to look for the security system on the device.
  • After downloading the APK file on smartphone, search the file and simply double tap on it.
  • New Tab will be open. Now, you have to give permission for the APK file to be installed and then click on installation button.
  • After the installation, open the file and enjoy the game on your smartphone.
Download and Install Cooking Fever PC Version With Emulator

This MOD version is mainly for android users, but it can be downloaded and installed on Computer.

  • First of all, download the Android Emulator via this link:
  • Bluestacks Emulator has been very popular and most trusted emulator in the market for several years. You can have the APK file on your PC by using Bluestacks.
  • The Emulator is just like an android device inside a PC.
  • After downloading the emulator, do right click with mouse and open this MOD file through Bluestacks emulator.
  • Then click on install button.
  • After the installation process, click on the MOD APK file and launch it.
  • Now you can enjoy Cooking Fever game on your computer and get unlimited coins, gems for free.
Yes, it is completely safe and secure to use the MOD version on PC.
No, the users do not need to pay any charges.
Yes, the MOD Version is completely safe and secure. It is safe from any viruses and unwanted threats.
Can I download the MOD APK version on iOS devices?

Cooking Fever Mod Apk Download

No, the MOD APK is mainly for smartphone devices and not for iOS.
Yes, it can be downloaded and installed on PC by the android emulator like Bluestacks or Nox App Player.


Cooking Fever Mod APK is a very attractive mobile game. It’s one of the best free cooking games ever. It is very enjoyable game for all people of all ages. This game is little bit addictive as well.
It has some exclusive techniques and impressive gameplay. You can make beautiful dishes with the help of cooking tools and appliances. Get limitless gems and coins for free. What are you waiting for! Just download the game and enjoy the cooking simulation.

Cooking Fever Apk Download

Cooking Fever Mod Apk (unlimited coin, diamond) unlocked

Cooking Fever Mod Apk is an arcade game made by game studio Nordcurrent that has released the game for free. Cooking Fever is a very attractive, entertaining game in the field of culinary art that has been released for Android smartphones. In this game, you will start cooking by setting up a modern center. In Cooking Fever, you will not have any restrictions on the use of raw materials and you can easily prepare and deliver all the food available around the world and even Chinese food to the customer. get the mod version from ApkDip.


Game info

Features of Cooking Fever Mod Apk:

  • Having over 400 different utensils for cooking
  • Having over 150 raw materials for cooking
  • There are more than 19 unique places to build your kitchen and restaurant
  • Great features created and the ability to upgrade over time
  • Superb graphics with very high resolution
  • Exemplary and addictive gameplay
  • Compatible with a variety of phones and tablets

In Cooking Fever, you will see a very entertaining and extremely attractive game in which you can prove and test your culinary talent. In this game, which has many facilities, you can cook with more than 400 different dishes that are intended for cooking. The game also has more than 150 different raw materials for cooking. It is worth mentioning that there are more than 19 unique and excellent places where you can build your kitchen and restaurant. You can get a lot of points with your daily game and get more possibilities with these points. This game also has excellent graphics.

In Cooking Fever, you have to cook a variety of meals and desserts that belong to different countries of the world and have hours of fun on your Android phones and tablets in a very addictive and attractive game. . More than 12 different locations for culinary activities are available in the game, ranging from fast food to oriental restaurants. With this game, you will be able to challenge your cooking skills using special cooking techniques and techniques, and cook many delicious meals using the game’s extremely diverse customizations.