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Dead Trigger 2, an award-winning first-person shooter, sets forth a bigger and bloodier battleground than ever before. The sequel of the original, the game features better graphics even on the iOS. You start the game in the world of a post-apocalyptic setting where the zombies have edged humanity to the brink of extinction. Luckily, you still have a couple courageous souls willing to battle it out for salvation, and naturally, you're one of those souls. Depending on how the other players have done with the missions, you can check to see how the story has progressed in real time. When you participate in the story exclusive to the missions, you will influence the progress even more.

Some of the newest missions open access to some wild weapons like rocket chickens and grenade chickens. Continual progress in the game means you will encounter some dangerous zombies and colossal final bosses. In between the missions, you can visit the doctor, the scientist, the armorer and the contraband trafficker. Using each of these shops, you can improve your abilities and your weapons.

Dead Trigger 2 excels because of its compelling story that takes you through the game over the course of numerous hours. While playing the game from a smartphone, the quality makes you forget you're playing on a mobile device. It sports the appearance of Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 graphics easily. As you progress through the story, you will travel to 10 different regions, and you will explore 33 unique environments.

Dead Trigger 2 Download For Windows 10


Download DEAD TRIGGER 2 MOD. After knowing that what DEAD TRIGGER 2 MOD is you should download Mod APK in your Android device and also you can download it with the below steps. Your task is to destroy the enemy by any means and obtain secret information that they have carried.

Name: DEAD TRIGGER 2 Publisher Company: Madfinger Games Current Version: 1.6.10 Category: Action Size: 501 MB Requires Android: 4.1. Download Dead Trigger 2 for FREE and enter a dark world where humanity is engaged in the ultimate battle for survival in the face of a global Zombie apocalypse. MAssIVE, CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED. Dead Trigger 2 for Android is a highly developed and intricate game environment. It reminds me a little of Godzilla, only this one stars a freakishly huge and foreboding super zombie, big enough to eat that stinkin’ lizard.

  • 37 different weapons
  • 10 regions of the world
  • Astounding graphics for a mobile game
  • An interesting and diverse set of zombies


  • Could use some more realism
  • You have to open your Wi-Fi to continue playing—less accessible

FPS games are better on the PC. And that’s why we devised a solution to put Dead Trigger 2 on the PC – without any use of an emulator too! Dead Trigger 2 is back and gorier than ever. With hundreds of weapons to choose from, dozens of locations to cause mayhem in and a unique research system, DT2 continues to raise the bar for zombie action shooters! It’s a zombie game that no undead-killer fan should ever miss. Best of all, the game is free to play! Who said the zombie apocalypse was all about dread and hopelessness? Go and have some anarchic fun!

New Story, Same Zombie-Killing Fun

If the first game was all about defending the city, this time, the second game puts you in the offense. It’s time to take the fight to the undead horde. You join an organization called the Global Resistance – an elite force comprised of multiple nationalities with one goal in mind: destroy the zombie menace once and for all. But to do that, you will need to travel around the world in search of resources to create an antidote and weapons as well as recruiting survivors to join the cause.

This isn’t just a run-and-gun shooter. It’s a strategic run-and-gun shooter.

More Ways to Splatter the Undead

The first Undead Trigger had lots of guns, yes. But for the second one, they doubled the numbers! Choose from a wide array of weapons including both ranged and melee. Each weapon feels unique and adds different play styles that suit your needs. Do you like going up-close and personal, you’ll need a sawed-off shotgun and a power ax! Prefer the distance? A pleasantly violent .50-cal and a laser gun will come in handy. Like to go Rambo and commando? There’s always a mix of SMGs and assault rifles to play with!

Environmental Kills are Always Best

But, it’s not just the weapons that can kill enemies. You can use dozens of environmental hazards to concoct creative kills! Douse the horde with water and lure them to an electric fence. Spill the floor with oil crude and light it up to see them blazing while you’re all guns blazing. Is that a red barrel? Oh, of course, it explodes! A charger coming in to punch you to death? Shoot the ceiling to cause debris onto that big lump of guts!


It may sound like mindless killing fun but if your cause is to erase the zombie plague, then you have every right to enjoy it.


Play Dead Trigger 2 Offline or Online

If you prefer playing solo, you can always play the game offline – great for when you’re traveling and you have a laptop with you. However, online is where most of the fun is. You can choose to participate in real-time challenges or simply challenge any player on the leaderboards to see who can rack up the most points.

Research, Rinse and Repeat

At the center of all the slaying lies a more calming feature: the research. You see, if you want to help out the remaining survivors in the world, you will need to find a solution – an antidote that will cure the bitten and to expel the haunted undead. To do so, you will need to travel to find rare resources.

Some objectives will put you in situations where you must protect a scientist, wipe out waves of zombies and reach a destination in time. Who knows? Maybe the Global Resistance will finally bring back the world we once knew.

Fight Different Kinds of Zombies

Of course, you have your cliché walker that’s moderately slow and easily killable. But, there comes the other zombies. Some are massive and some are smaller than an average short person. But in the end, they bleed and they can die – but at a different pace. Each unique zombie includes strengths and weaknesses. Giant zombies are strong but are very slow. Dwarf zombies are super quick but can easily die in a few hits. Because of the variations, research is important.

Dead Trigger 2 Download Free

Oh, and some have elemental weaknesses too. Radom pistol serial numbersclevervia. Fire, electricity, ice, you name it.

Slay in Multiple Places Around the World

This time, Dead Trigger 2 on PC goes global. Rather than exploring a city, you get to fight different kinds of zombies in special locations. Kill the undead royal guards outside UK’s Parliament, outrun the zombies in China’s Bird’s Nest Arena, sneak through the subways of New York, run on the rooftops of Morocco and escape the labs in Switzerland. Wherever you go, danger lurks. Always bring some weapons and ammo with you alongside health kits and other utility items.

Play the Game with a Mouse and Keyboard

Dead Trigger 2 Windows 10

The game is already amazing on mobile but with PC controls, it becomes astonishing. Experience it now for free. Download here.

Dead Trigger 2

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Game Features

  • Go around the world in multiple maps with varying weathers
  • Over more than dozens of weapons to kill zombies with
  • Multiple missions and game modes to keep the game from getting repetitive
  • High-rendered graphics thanks to the latest Unity engine
  • Compete online and score the most points to join the world leaderboard

Dead Trigger 2 Download Free

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