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Destiny 2 Faction Gear

Faction Rallies offered special loot based on Destiny 2's three in-game factions, Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy. The loot will be available from other in-game activities, according. Factions are in-universe groups with which various characters, including Guardians, can align themselves. Most faction representatives are located in the Tower, selling unique weapons and armor for their factions.12 In addition to the main factions, there are several other sub-factions associated with certain activities and vendors. 1 Overview 2 Destiny Factions 3 Destiny 2 Factions 4. Hello YouTube, in this video, I'm showing you guys how to join a faction in Destiny. Hope this video helps you guys out. If you guys are wondering which fact. To join a Destiny 2 faction just go to the tower. When you arrive at the tower, go to the leader of the faction and join. The question now is which faction should you join. A lot of players, especially new destiny players, are asking the question: which faction should I choose?

The Faction Wars were a series of conflicts within the City. The various disparate factions struggled for power and nearly brought the City to its knees, until the Guardians finally took a stand and ended the fighting. The City's government was divided into the Consensus, the Speaker, and the Vanguard, and the factions now use civil channels to gain power and influence rather than fighting one another.[1]

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