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The new version of Veeam Backup 9.5.0 is now available for download. What is Veeam Backup Free Edition? Veeam Backup Free Edition is a free backup tool for virtual machine backup. It also has capability to restore and management in vSphere (VMWare virtualization). You can also use this backup tool for Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization platform. If you are a system administrator that manage multiple Virtual Machines (VMs) in VMWare vSphere and Hyper-V platform, this Veeam Backup is for you.

Veeam free download - Veeam Backup Free Edition, Veeam Endpoint Backup Free, Veeam One Free Edition, and many more programs. Veeam Backup Free Edition, free and safe download. Veeam Backup Free Edition latest version: Backup Software for Home Use. Now you can get the same great backup software from a leader in the industry free with Veeam Back.

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Why Veeam Backup Free Edition?

There are several reasons to choose Veeam Backup. First of all, this great tool is available for free. You won’t be charged at any cost for unlimited VMs backup and restore. I am sure you may find many other free backup tools for Virtual Machine out there but Veeam has more than others to offer.

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Even for little infrastructures, virtualization with either VMware ESXi or Hyper-V brings benefits when it comes to savings and simple administration. Perhaps you have ever wanted to back again up a VM prior to making adjustments to it, clone a VM for testing reasons or make a compressed data archive just before a VM decommission – in the event? Veeam’s FREE backup tool covers all your needs!

Veeam Backup Free Edition works flawlessly with both standalone ESXi and Hyper-V hosts, and also with huge virtual deployments. Whether you operate a check lab or a creation environment, it’ll be considered a perfect match.
Are you on a spending budget or still tinkering with VM backup? These three features you need are found on Veeam Backup:

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  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Free

Technology inside Veeam Backup Free Edition


Veeam Backup And Replication Free

Veeam Backup comes new technology that provide a fast, reliable and small in size backup. VeeamZIP enable the possibility to backup your VMs on the fly. Now downtime will occur during backup process. We can then store the backup in remote NAS, USB flash drive. We can easily restore a VM from the backup with no hassle.

Veeam FastSCP

Veam FastSCP is now integrated to the Veeam Backup. With this tool we can easily select file or folder directly from the backup. We don’t need to restore the whole VM backup/

Veeam Backup And Replication 8 Free Edition Download

Download Veeam Backup Free Edition

Veeam Backup And Replication Download

Use the link we provided to download the latest Veeam Backup Free Edition version 9.5.0.