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Barnett’s Manual DX is now available to retail customers at

Barnett's Manual DX is simply the most comprehensive resource ever published for bicycle mechanics. Digital publication enables us to publish new editions that correspond to every new equipment model year, whereas the discontinued print version could only be updated about once every three to four years.

But frequency of publishing new editions is not the only advantage of digital publication over print publication. In the print format, page count directly affects price. The last printed edition was about 1,000 pages, had just a few hundred black and white line drawings, and it sold for about $120.00. The digital version contains over 14,500 pages and over 17,000 hi-res color photos! Just this page-count difference would increase the cost ten fold over the last print version, and the use of color photos instead of line drawings would increase the price by yet another substantial factor.The current edition in print would cost well over $1,000, but as we now sell it digitally, it's only $250.00!

Puncture repair kit No bike owner should be without. Punctures happen to everyone. The kit you buy should include tyre levers to make your life ten times easier. Allen key Essential for most bike tweaking. 4, 5 and 6mm being the most common. Wrench For all the bolts on your bike. Lubricant I highly recommend Finish Line which is perfect for. Bicycle Repair Guides - Video Tutorials. Click on a bike part or tag to see related DIY video tutorials. Scroll down for the complete list of videos.

Not everyone has access to a computer at his or her workbench, so DX features multiple functionality. You can use it on screen directly at your workbench, or you can generate printed worksheets from your computer elsewhere, then use the worksheets at your bench to guide you through the repair. Additionally, DX includes the last print version of Barnett's Manual (the 5th edition) as a PDF file that you can print yourself or have printed at a photocopy store so you can have the convenience and familiarity of a regular print manual (NOTE: Technologies introduced after 2003 are not included in the print-version 5th Edition).

This is the ultimate bicycle mechanic's manual..

Every little detail the novice needs, all the advanced information the experienced mechanic wants, and comprehensive coverage of all parts of the bike and all technologies are just some of the features that make this manual the bicycle tool you can't do without.

Bicycle mechanics is science, not art..

Barnett's Manual DX takes the mystery out of every procedure by putting the emphasis on detail, logic, and measurement. Decades of shop experience and the experience of teaching thousands of students at Barnett Bicycle Institute made the crucible that forged this manual into the comprehensive and easy-to-use tool that you will find indispensable to making your own bicycle mechanic skills top-notch!

Free Bicycle Repair Manual Pdf

System Requirements

Desktop or laptop computer with approximately 1GB of available space and Adobe Reader XI or DC.

Installation on tablets and smartphones may be possible but is not recommended. We do not currently provide technical support for installation and use of Barnett's Manual DX on these devices.

Why DX only works on systems with Adobe Reader

Barnett's Manual DX consists of a set of PDF files. Although there are many PDF-reader products, DX exclusively requires Adobe Reader. DX has been designed to take advantage of many of the most advanced features of Adobe Reader. Any computer device with Adobe Reader installed is compatible with Barnett's Manual DX, and Adobe Reader is free from Adobe. Other PDF readers exist, but none have all the Adobe Reader features that DX relies on to make it an interactive tool instead of just a 'book' that you read on a screen.

Most Apple products come with a PDF reader other than Adobe's Reader. If you have a Mac, you can install Adobe Reader in addition to any other PDF-reader software on the Mac. Similar issues exist with the iPad, iPhone, and other tablets and smartphones. If you are going to try to put DX on an iPad, iPhone, or other tablet or smartphone, we strongly recommend first making sure you can get Adobe Reader XI on that device. We do not support technical issues if you are using DX on a device without Adobe Reader, nor will we refund your purchase because features won't work on these devices.

They liked the earlier editions..

Free Online Bicycle Repair Manual

Dear Mr. Barnett,
'Thank you for your fine 5th Edition of the Barnett's Manual. Fine is an understatement. I consider it a masterpiece that reflects an extraordinary amount of thought, sound philosophy, attention to consistency and detail, years of persistence, and integration of broad concepts with extensive hands-on experience. It provides genuine pleasure and elicits admiration every time I use it.

'Just to mention two of the many excellent aspects of the Manual : (1) Your statement of philosophy in the Introduction, which clearly describes the broad principles that infuse all 4 volumes, including the emphasis on method and the scientific nature of mechanics. (2) Your Terminology sections in the chapters, along with their drawings, which have cleared up a host of gray areas and term misuses which I have accumulated over the years.

'I'm a retired 56-yr old former consulting engineer and long-time biker, who began working part-time last year at an excellent bicycle shop as an apprentice mechanic. The Barnett's Manual has been invaluable to me in supplementing my limited number of hours of shop experience.

'Thanks very much for creating and continually improving your manual, and for making the DX subscription available.'

'John Barnett has trained some of the country's leading technicians..A must-have for professional mechanics and do-it-yourselfers alike.'

'Speaking as a former student, John Barnett's teaching and writing convey information with impeccable accuracy and wonderful step-by-step procedural technique. His manual can only be a necessary and valuable tool to pro mechanics and bike shops.'

Free Bicycle Service Manuals

'.. An advanced mechanic will learn things by reading it, and I strongly recommend you buy a copy and use it.'

'This bible of bicycle repairs is brilliant in its simplification of the complex, and outstanding in the way it intercepts all of the possible avenues of wrongdoing. It avoids incomprehensible jargon.. Barnett has earned and well deserves his status as the unquestioned authority on bicycle repairs ..''ll love DX

See for yourself..Download some of the demo chapters below, free of charge.


Download Demo Version of DX Chapter 10: Cartridge-Bearing Bottom Brackets
(1.19MB–Adobe Acrobat)

Download Demo Version of DX Chapter 13: Cartridge-Bearing Hubs
(1.62MB–Adobe Acrobat)

Download Demo Version of DX Chapter 17: Wheel Truing and Repair
(2.92MB–Adobe Acrobat)

Download Demo Version of DX Chapter 20: Press-Fit Crank Arms
(2.16MB–Adobe Acrobat)

Download Demo Version of DX Chapter 37: Disc Brakes (partial)
(1.32MB-Adobe Acrobat)

Acrobat Reader 5.0+ required, free download available if needed.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Download a PDF list of the components that have been added to DX since the release of the 5th edition.

Lots of people charge for motorcycle service and workshop manuals online which is a bit cheeky I reckon as they are freely available all over the internet. £5 each online or download them in here for free!!

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