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Free Cad Models Download

AutoCAD Student Version. Part of the Autodesk family of modeling applications. This is a free CAD software that is primarily used for architectural purposes and projects. It is by far one of the most popular free 3D drafting software, and you can use it as a complete tool to advance in your 3D modelling career. As far as free CAD software goes, this one has everything, minus the price tag of the other competitors.

Free Cad Models Solidworks

  • Bruno Robles, Mechanical Designer VR Painéis

  • Gianantonio Polese, Quality System Manager Refrigera Industriale SRL

  • Alexis De Bosscher, Head of Visualization at Rendernote

  • Marcel Schulze, designer at Tribo Hartstoff GmbH

  • Eric Mangeard – Alema site Manager

  • Julio César Matarrita Chinchilla, project analyst (designer) at CVG ALUNASA (Costa Rica)

  • Ronaldo Correia, Design Technician Asoval

  • Stéphane Charvin, project manager in the Machinery Department

  • Viktor Keller, Design/Manufacturing / QM at Z-Medical GmbH & Co. KG

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  • MKRTCHYAN, designer at engineering firm IMECA (MICHELIN)

  • Leder Alexander, designer at KS Komponenten+Systeme