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Windows 95 is one of the most legendary creations of Microsoft. It was in the year 1995 that after launching Windows 3.1 NT in 1992, Microsoft came up with this masterpiece. It’s been 24 years and even to date people love the vibe of Windows 95. No wonder, why even we are here looking for properly functioning Windows 95 ISO files.

Guessed it right, right? Well, it’s easy. That’s the magic of the charm that windows 95 has. And why would that not be? After all, it’s one of the most stable and aesthetic operating systems of its time. Coming with a bunch of super-exciting and 100% nascent (for that time) features, it won’t be wrong to quote that Windows 95 deserved all the fame and love that it earned. And as we realize the same, we bring to you these Windows 95 ISO files.


So, buckle up and find it all below.

Want to Download Windows 95 ISO Files?

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Don’t worry. You’ll get the files, the procedure to download, unzip and install along with all the other useful information like top windows 95 features, and a demo video in the end so you have an idea about how the OS looks, feels and performs.

So, are you ready? Awesome! Let’s get it done with.

Windows 95 Features

As mentioned in the section above, it’s important to find out about the software that you are going to download and install. Keeping the same in mind we have listed the most useful Windows 95 features that took the tech-world by storm in the year 1995.

  • A complete operating system rather than a graphical user interface running on top of MS-DOS.
  • Improved windows control and appearance of windows.
  • New introduced Desktop.
  • Right button menu.
  • New help system.
  • Task bar and start menu.
  • Build-in network support with dial-up for different protocols.

Moving further, let’s dig a little deep into the windows 95 OS to find out more important stuff about it.

Windows 95 ISO System Requirements

Prior to downloading windows 95, it’d be better if you also learn about the Windows 95 OS’ system requirements. This will help you find out whether your system (if it’s an old one) can run the OS comfortably or not.

So, here you go.

  • 16 MB of RAM
  • 500 MB of Hard Disk Space

Seems easy to fulfill? Well, it better be easy. Anyway, let’s learn a little more about the technical details of Windows 95 ISO files and we’ll b good to move ahead for downloading and installing them.

Windows 95 ISO Files Technical Details

Free Windows 95 Operating System

Fangsong font download. Another important thing you must know before downloading windows 95 — specific technical details. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get going.

Software Name: Windows 98.ISO Image Files

Windows 95 is a complete package for anyone who wants to have a throwback into the late 90s coupled with a smooth running operating system that clicks and opens super quickly.

And that’s that about the technical details. Let’s get to the downloads section now.

Download Windows 95 ISO Files Free

I know how you can’t wait to have your hands on the legendary windows 95 and how you just want us to show you the download links. Worry no more my friends. We are here, just for that.

After everything that you found out, read, enjoyed or despised by now, here are the links to Windows 95 ISO files. With these links you can simply download the file and install it on your PC for all the magic that you’ve been looking for.

  • Windows 95 ISO – [Click here to Download]
  • Windows 95 ISO for Virtualbox – [Click here to Download]
  • Microsoft Windows 95 – [Click here to Download]
  • Also check out: Windows 98 ISO
  • Windows 95 ISO for VMWare – [Click here to Download]

Note: Don’t forget to have a .7zip extractor for installing Windows 98 files. Life will be easier for you.

Windows 95 Download ISO – Guide/Demo for OS

Now I understand how not everyone can install the Windows 95 OS on their PCs right away. Yes, it’s true that not all of us have the right software (VMWare or Virtualbox) available right away. And then having a PC that’s straight out of 1995, Wohoo! That’ll be something.

We understand this. And we understand how many of our readers would still want to experience the rare beauty of windows 95. For that reason, we decide to present to you a comprehensive demo/guide for Windows 95 OS.

It’s a video that’ll give you a good idea about the OS, its interface and how it used to function. So, are you ready? Perfect! Here you go.

Watched it? Don’t you think it’s beautiful how they presented the whole thing? With such beauty? Honestly I totally loved it. Hope you liked it too.

Anyway, moving further you may now be looking for an installation process that you can refer to. I guessed it right, right? So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get straight to the point where you can learn how to install windows 95 iso on your PC.

Windows 95 ISO File Installation: Step-by-step

I know you can’t wait. So, let’s get going already.

Windows Operating System Support Timeline

  • Download the 7-Zip Extractor
  • Downloading the Windows ISO files.
  • Unzip and extract these ISO files correctly
  • Burn the extracted files onto a bootable device (generally a DVD) which you can use for installation

Sounding simple? Cool. I hope this helps you. Also, now that you are still here, we can learn a little more about some more useful features of Windows 95.

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Some of the Most Exciting Key Features of Windows 95

Although we have already mentioned the most popular windows 95 features above, here are a few more which you can have a look at.

  • Minimalist OS
  • Unmatched capabilities encouraging people to continue using the same OS on a variety of machines
  • A classic enhancement of the Windows 3.1 NT
  • Also, it signified the old MS-DOS version, making it way better

Final words

Microsoft took a great initiative by introducing Windows 95 to the crowds in 1995. In fact it worked so great for them that people still continue to love the OS and for that reason most of you too came here.

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Hopefully, this post was helpful to you. Stay in touch for more such content relating to Windows and Macintosh OS ISO files.