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  • IQ Gate Systems: IQ-500 Installation IQ-500 Capacities: Swing gates that are up to 20 feet in length and 1000 lbs.! Warning: Do not install this gate operator if you don’t have experience or proper training with gate operators Important Safety Instructions WARNING – TO REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY OR DEATH - READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS.
  • Use Gates online hose locator to find any product, product classification, or description. There are three quick and easy ways to search for and determine the correct Gates product number: 1) specify product attributes using dropdown boxes; 2) enter technical attributes and parameters; or 3) graphically search by product images.
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(See page 3 for a full site/partner listing.) The work of the Frontier Set is supported through grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates Super HC V-Belts combine modern high capacity material with the revolutionary “narrow” cross section pioneered by Gates. They can transmit up to 3 times the horsepower of conventional V-belts in the same drive space—or the same horsepower in 1/2 to 2/3 the space. Super HC belts can be used on all industrial integral horsepower drives.

Gates Design Iq 3 Softwarewesternbowl

Remodeling your house is not just about having a great theme or décor. One must not take safety for granted. Nowadays homeowners have many choices in giving their homes a new look and style. They will any problem in giving their houses an aesthetic facelift. Doors shouldn't just provide a great entry but also security. Although there are many popular glass doors they can easily be broken. Wrought iron and glass entry doors are a good option for homeowners who want to have a stylish and secure home.

When we remodel our house sometimes we forget some of the most important aspects. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by the huge selection of choices and pretty things right in front of us. While style and design is an important factor to consider a homeowner should not forget safety and privacy. Finding the right entry door is not just about aesthetics but functionality.

Entry doors are not just about making a statement or a good impression to your guest. They should also keep unwanted guests out. Nowadays even thieves have gone high tech to keep abreast with the changing times and advance security systems.

Glass is a good material to work with. Glass doors are beautiful in the house but they can compromise security. Burglars are much more inclined to break in these types of doors because they can easily be broken. They may look pretty but it wouldn't matter if it doesn't provide any security. You might as well install a plain wooden door if it does the job well.

Due to this wrought irons are now used in front panels of glass doors for added security. You will still have your glass door with reinforcements. Wrought iron can be used as a decoration in your doors. They can be incorporated in any type of glass and any type of glass door. If you have a French door, it wouldn't hurt to add wrought iron. It will protect your house and save your expensive door from broken into pieces.

When you here iron associated with security you might thing of metal bars that are placed in your doors and windows to keep uninvited guests out. Fortunately manufacturers have taken into consideration of the aesthetics of glass. It would surely look bad to out iron bars on an expensive glass door.

Wrought iron can be placed on your door as a design. It will give you security without taking aesthetics for granted. Your front door doesn't have to look like a prison cell. They are necessary for those who have glass doors who are susceptible to burglars.

They are available in different designs and can also be incorporated in wooden doors. Other manufacturers cater custom designs to consider customers preferences. You may want to spare some money for added protection.

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Having a home is not just about the right theme or style. It's also about being making practical choices for the benefit of its inhabitants. It's good to have a great entrance but it's practically useless when anyone could just get in.
It's great to invest in a great door but be sure to choose the right one. Wrought iron and glass entry doors are a great combination for homeowners who want a new look without compromising their home's security. Sometimes a little goes a long way.

One of the most important elements to a fence is its gate. A gate is often the focal point of the entrance to your home, so it's important to choose a gate that adds a fresh and disinctive look to your home. Wrought iron gates have given homes that exact look for centuries and remain a popular choice today.

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Important features of fencing and gates for your yard include security and durability, while still adding a touch of class to the outdoor landscape. Wrought iron fences and gates can provide you with all of these characteristics.

Security is a concern to many home owners. Wrought iron gates provide security to your home, keeping unwanted visitors out of your yard. A wrought iron gate is especially a good choice for your property if you have a long driveway. Wrought iron gates installed at driveways have the option of being electronically controlled, meaning it can only be opened by someone who has the gate opener control.

Wrought iron gates are also a good choice if you are looking for something that is very durable and low maintenance. Wrought iron stands up well to harsh weather conditions including rain or snow, making up keep and repairs very minimal.

Gates Design Iq

Replacing an old gate with a wrought iron gate can significantly change the look of your yard and enhance your existing landscaping. Wrought iron is a beautful and proven material that will add to the appearance of your home. When guests come to visit, their first impression of your home is coming in the entrance. If they must open a beautiful wrought iron gate to enter your yard, it will leave unforgettable impressions in their minds.

If you already have fencing and are just looking to install a wrought iron gate, choose one that compliments the existing fence and outdoor decor. Custom made wrought iron gates are also available so that you can have one designed that perfectly matches your existing fence and decoration.

We here in the Product Application Department (the Marketing Department as well - share the love) are finishing up a major revision of a product drive design manual that should hopefully be released shortly. Going through revisions of a print catalog prompted the thought - 'Do users of this catalog know they can download software to do these calculations instead of doing them manually?'.
Gates has 2 main industrial drive design software packages - Design Flex Pro and Design IQ.
Design Flex Pro is intended for users to design simple 2 shaft drives, and automate the process that is contained in the drive design manuals. Instead of taking an hour or more to design a single drive out of a drive design manual, a user can design literally dozens of drives in less than a minute. Design Flex Pro also allows users to optimize their selection based on specific application needs (center distance, driveN RPM, belt pull, etc.).
Design IQ is intended for users to design more complex multiple shaft drives. Users will most likely need to be a bit more experienced in belt drive design to initially use Design IQ, but the program is not difficult to use. In comparing the two software tools, Design FlexPro is a hammer, and Design IQ is a scalpel.
You don't build a house with a scalpel, and you don't want your surgeon using a 20 ounce framing hammer when he's performing a quadruple bypass. Pick the right tool for the right job.
Both software programs are available for download at: