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However, using this as needed for my work would require me to no longer sync my personal Google Drive account to my PC. I started to move all my personal files from Google Drive to Microsoft's OneDrive, but I am still stuck because some of my Google Drive folders are for personal projects that are shared with other people who aren't on OneDrive. MultiDrive is a Google Drive native app that combines multiple accounts support, advanced syncing and sharing features with elegance and simplicity. Built for the power user, MultiDrive extends Drive's web functionality to your desktop by integrating tightly with Mac so you can get work done.

The Advantages of Merge Multiple Cloud Services

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Usually, if you want to move a file from one cloud drive to another, you have to shift from one to another by first of all download target file from source cloud to local device and then upload it from local storage to destination cloud. This will cost much time, energy and sources. You have to sit in front of the computer to handle the operations, keep power and Internet supplies and make sure there is enough local space to save target items as transit.

However, if there is a way to merge cloud storages in one place and directly migrate files from one cloud to another, it will be much convenient.

How to Merge Google Drive Accounts?

In default, cloud drive accounts is separated from each other even the accounts of the same cloud brand like Google Drive accounts. To merge GDrive accounts, you need to rely on third party software like MultCloud, which can not only integrate multiple cloud accounts of the same brand, but also combine all cloud storages of different brands.

To make use of this useful and reliable program, you should firstly create an account of it from its official website provided above which is completely free of charge. Since it is an online App, you do not have to download and install it on your computer occupying your hard disk space. When you successfully created a MultCloud account, sign in with it and get access to its UI of web page form. Now, you can start merging cloud storages with it.

Tips: You can directly log in with your Google Plus or Facebook account without signing up.

Step 1. Move to Cloud Explorer tab on the top menu, choose “Add Cloud Drives” in the left menu and select “Google Drive” in the right cloud drive list.

Step 2. Click on “Add Google Drive Account” and go on. You can specify the name of Google Drive displayed in MultCloud.

Step 3. If you have more than one Google Drive accounts signed in on your explorer, it will ask you which one to choose to be added into MultCloud.

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Step 4. Then, it will ask for your permission to let MultCloud get access to your Google Drive storage. Just click “Allow” and your Google Drive will be added into MultCloud platform.


  • MultCloud can only add one account in one time. To add more cloud accounts, jus repeat the operations above.
  • Finally, you can view merged multiple cloud services in the left menu of Cloud Explorer tab.


Once multiple cloud drive accounts been merged into one, it will also be easy to sync files among them as well as manage multiple cloud storage accounts.

Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Accounts in One Place

As you can see above, all cloud drives are gathered together in one platform. Therefore, it is very convenient to do any operation to any account on the platform.

Transfer files from one Google Drive to another

In Cloud Transfer tab, specify the source and destination cloud drive and click “Transfer Now”. Learn more about cloud to cloud transfer.

Sync files between two Google Drive accounts

In Cloud Sync tab, choose one Google Drive account as source and the other Google Drive account as destination. You can specify the sync type, one-way sync or two way sync. Finally, click “Sync Now”.


In Cloud Explorer tab, select a cloud drive and the accessible files in the cloud storage will be listed on the right area. Right-click on one of the files and all the operations you can do will be listed. You can create a new folder in this cloud account; upload files from local to this cloud; download this file from cloud to local devices; delete this file; rename this file; cut or copy this file, move to another cloud account in MultCloud and paste the file to it; preview the file in this platform; share this file to others; copy to (move) this file to another cloud storage; view properties of this file; go to official site of this cloud drive as well as go to the trash bin of this cloud drive account.

Merge cloud drive storage space

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1998 honda civic manual pdf. What’s more, combine all cloud storages will also gather the cloud space of each accounts together for better allocation and management. This enables to make the best use of cloud storages. Also, combination of all free quota of each cloud account will satisfy many users’ need for cloud storage and they do not have to pay for extra storage space. This is wonderful!

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Final Tips

If you find MultCloud useful and want to have it assist your multiple cloud drives’ management in your Chrome explorer, you can get its Chrome extension App, add the App into your explorer and setup it for usage.