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Here we will show you how you can download the cover image or thumbnail image of your favourite Youtube videos instantly. I have seen that many people use third party websites and softwares to download Youtube videos online. Best morse code decoder software. Not only that they even use those websites to download the cover images of Youtube videos as well.

  1. Steps on how to add or change a thumbnail on a YouTube video. Adding a thumbnail to a video allows other users to get a quick understanding about the video. To add a thumbnail to your YouTube video, choose one of the options below, and then follow the instructions.
  2. YouTube Analytics can help you determine whether your thumbnails and titles match expectations by looking at what your viewers do once they start watching the video they've selected. YouTube will recommend a video to viewers if the video is relevant and if viewers find the video interesting, as reflected by the video's average view duration.

In order to download YouTube thumbnail images, you need a video ID first. To find the video ID, open any video on YouTube and copy the texts after “ v= ”. Follow the below example to clear your doubts. Custom YouTube Thumbnail Tutorial. Download the free checklist with “19 Tips for Getting More Views and Subscribers on YouTube” at: http://videoinfluence.

I don’t understand the reason behind people downloading the cover images of Youtube videos. Why do they need cover images if they already have the whole video already downloaded? I have seen many instances of people downloading the cover image of Youtube videos, but never did I get a clue for the same.

Nevertheless here I have shown a useful technique to download the cover images of Youtube videos instantly. Follow the steps given below to save the cover or thumbnail image of your favourite Youtube videos:

1. Open the youtube video link in a browser

2. Right click (on the white space) => View the page source. Or for example in Google Chrome, Tools => View Source

3. Find (Ctrl+F) => “og:image”

4. Copy the og:image content url. For Example, “”

5. Open the copied og:image content url in the same browser window

6. Right click on the image and save it to your desktop

That’s it! The image width and height may vary according to the video uploaded by the user. If the video is in HD, then the image might be more then 1000px width.

A few days ago, I have seen one of my friend’s downloading the cover image of a Youtube video using a third party website. I asked him why he was using the lengthy procedure for the simple task. He replied that it is the only way known to him to download cover images of Youtube videos and all his friends were using the same process.

I showed him the above technique of downloading the cover or thumbnail image of Youtube videos. He was delighted and thanked me for showing him such a simple technique, instead of going through the lengthy alternative process. So I thought of showing this simple technique to you as you might also be the one using the lengthy process. I hope this guide helps you to save cover or thumbnail images of Youtube videos instantly!

Last Updated on July 19, 2019

YouTube thumbnails are the book covers of the online youtube video world. Our decision whether to click on a video often comes down to its thumbnail: an eye-catching image draws us in, while a boring or blurry one puts us off.

When you hover over the YouTube, you see may featured videos in there. You may type and search for the particular video to view on YouTube. Either way, you look for an interesting or worthy video to spend your time on.

While searching for a video in both the ways, you rely on many factors to pick the best video from YouTube. You may look for Titles, Pro Channel, number of views, number of subscribers etc. YouTube may show you numerous video result on the topic you search for. However, you will click only on the video who’s thumbnail is attractive or make sense to you.

Why Download YouTube Thumbnails?

Basically, its uses are limited. Not everyone has the necessity to download YouTube thumbnail. But some of the bloggers use their article’s featured image’s to look article more attractive!

In case if you’re a YouTube content creator, you can make use of a Thumbnail Maker to create stunning thumbnails on Android devices itself.

Older Method to Download YouTube Thumbnails Online

This is the older method which probably works in some cases. I am giving some steps to download with the old method.

You can view and download the thumbnail used in a Youtube video by checking the page source and then looking for the “OG Image” Open Graph meta tag.

The “OG Image” meta tag is one of several Open Graph meta tags that youtube uses to tell social networks like Facebook which image to use in-case someone shares-embeds a video on their social network page. In 99% of cases, the “OG Image” tag that youtube uses is the thumbnail of the video.

So here are the steps on how to locate the “OG Image” tag and thereby retrieve the URL of the video thumbnail:

Step 1: Open the youtube video in your browser. For this example, I am using the following video:

Note: I am using Chrome as my browser, so the instructions here are specific to Chrome, but this works in Firefox and Internet Explorer as well.

Step 2: Point your cursor on a blank area of the video page.

Step 3: ‘Right click’ on the blank area and select View Source or View page Source as shown in the image below:

Note: You can also view the source of a page by clicking CTRL + U on your keyboard.

Step 4: On the view source page, do a search (CTRl+F) for the phrase ‘og:image’.

Now you should be able to see the thumbnail URL as shown in the image below:

From this tag, the URL of the thumbnail image would be Necessary

You can now copy and paste this URL into your browser to view it and then download it if you want.

Step 5: To download the image just right click on the image and click ‘Save Image As’ and then ‘Save’ to save it to your computer.

But In Latest Update! There Is No Options Available In Source Code To Download!!

[Newer] Method to Download YouTube Thumbnails Online

Step 1: Go to the Youtube Thumbnail Download. In there, you will see a search box.

How To Download Youtube Thumbnail Images

Step 2: Now copy the URL link to the YouTube video you wish to download and then paste it into the search box!

Step 3: And Now Click the “Submit” key and the tool will show you the thumbnail image at various resolutions.

How To Download Youtube Thumbnails

Step 4: Now, right-click on the image and then click on “Save image as…”

Step 5: Save the image with default name or rename it as you wish.

How To Get Youtube Thumbnail

The image will be downloaded in its original definition. Whether the thumbnail is in standard definition or high definition it will save the image accordingly.

How To Download Thumbnail

That’s It. You Can Download Youtube Thumbnail Easily!

Download Youtube Video Thumbnails

If you are looking for an easy way to download YouTube videos, you may try this tool Online YouTube Downloader.