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  • 3PIN Tracer
  • 4Python
  • 6Extensions
    • 6.4Hex-Rays
  • 7Debugging
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IDA Pro combines an interactive, programmable, multi-processor disassembler coupled to a local and remote debugger and augmented by a complete plugin programming environment.

  • Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
  • x86-32, x86-64, ARM and many others
  • ELF, Java bytecode, Dalvik, ARM,..
  • disassembler, some debugger

Jan 27, 2020 IDA Pro 6.6.140625 can be downloaded from our website for free. This PC program is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 environment, 32-bit version. This program is an intellectual property of Hex-Rays SA. The program is sometimes distributed under different names, such as 'IDA DisAssembler'.


Adapted from


In IDA select 'PIN Tracer' and configure it.

  • Path to PIN: pin-2.13-61206-gcc.4.4.7-linux/pin
  • Path to tool: pin-2.13-61206-gcc.4.4.7-linux/source/tools/@idapin66/

See PIN tutorial Activate office 2007 on windows 10.

Based on idapython (shipped with IDA Pro)

Install for ida 6.5

Some require PySide as well
To install it on Linux for IDA Pro, see Hexblog, but let's install it locally in idapython instead of /
Download PySide 2011/12/30 for IDAPython 1.5+, Python 2.7 (2.6) and Qt 4.8.4 (IDA 6.5), Linux version

Install for ida 6.6

PySide is now also part of IDA Pro, nothing to do anymore :)

Ida pro 5

IDA Pro can natively patch code/data in its DB but not the original file, but you can do:

  • patch in the DB:
    • Edit / Patch program / ..
  • produce a diff file:
    • File / Produce file / Create DIF
  • patch the file:
    • Edit / Patch program / Apply patches to input file
  • patch the file from a DIF file:
    • see e.g.

See also plugins Fentanyl and idapatcher here below


  • Adding full Qt support to Ida Pro (pdf)


Make available in ida-6.6/plugins/

  • View->Open subviews->Patches


Easy patching!
See also here


The most expensivepowerful IDA Pro plugin is the Hex-Rays decompiler

  • x86 and ARM
  • decompiler

Limitations specific to ARM:

  • floating point instructions are not supported
  • VFP/SIMD/Neon/.. instructions are not supported
  • functions having an argument that is passed partially on registers and partially on the stack are not supported (e.g. int64 passed in R3 and on the stack)


  • Python bindings and plugins


Decompile small functions in IDA

Ida Pro 6.5 free download. software


Mainly for Thumb right now

IDA Pro ARM debugger

Support ARM code debugging via JTAG or software emulators

Garts: Get all referenced text strings

aka A Better String Viewer

Ida Pro 6.5 Free Download Ownload For Windows

IDA toolbag

  • Under Linux put toolbag content under ~/.idapro


Some bridges between IDA and Miasm:


A program diffing plugin, working with IDA 6.7 and 6.8
Doc here (pdf)
When running scritp I got this issue about importing md5.
To solve it I had to install manually libssl0.9.8:i386 from old Debian repo
As bonus, it exports IDA DBs in Sqlite format


What Would Capstone Decode - IDA plugin that implements a Capstone powered IDA view

Ida Pro 7.5 Download

To sort

  • patchdiff2 or here, couldn't get even the git version working on linux and IDA 6.8 (compiled after some patches but fail parsing IDA DB)
  • DarunGrim, another binary diff tool, opensource but discontinued?
  • x86emu, x86 Emulator plugin. Windows, Linux, OS X
  • idapatchwork, emulator based on PyEmu (slides)
  • epanos, a MIPS decompiler, for IDA > 6.5
  • IDAStealth, anti-anti-debugging, for Windows
  • IDA-sploiter, helps developing ROP exploits
  • Plugin contests 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009
  • dr.rer.oec.gadget, Develop and analyze ROP exploits for all processor architectures supported by IDA itself
  • IDA IPython, An IDA Pro Plugin for embedding an IPython Kernel
  • TurboDiff, a program diffing plugin
  • IDAtropy meant to generate charts of entropy and histograms
  • GraphGrabber to grab full-resolution images of IDA graphs

Ida Pro 6.5 free. download full

IDA Pro has some debugging capabilities too.
Local debugging: win32, windbgRemote debugging:

Then on IDA: select Remote GDB debugger, paths should be paths on the gdbserver host.

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  • Debugger / options / Stop on process entry point
  • Compatible with lib preloading, cf below
  • from 6.4, can make use of Intel PIN tools for diff debugging, see tutorial (pdf)

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