Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Save File

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No need to delete anything, do the 3 characters and do the requirements to unlock Final Episode, then do that and get Secret Episode, then once you finish that one you'll get the trophy, just make sure to use a different save file for each episode, so you should have 5 saves at the end, your 5 from Standard and the 5 from Critical. The KH2 Patcher is an universal tool to patch any file for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Save file to your PC: Download. Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. How to download pcsx2 kingdom hearts 2 final mix bios file to my device? Click download file button or Copy pcsx2 kingdom hearts 2 final mix bios URL which shown. Download the PCSX2 development. I already try to put the file.psu that i want into my 'main' memory card (where i have kh2 normal save files) and it wont show up in game. I saw all slots and it wont appear. My game has this name: Kingdom Hearts II - Final Mix+ (English+Undub Patched) I have 2 memory cards when i launch my pcsx2: 1: Normal KH and one.osu file that you gave.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Save File

Kingdom Hearts 2 pnach file cheats? I'm using is SLUS- 2. Every pnach file I've came across has not worked or did not do as the description says. Download the free trial version below to get started. Double-click the downloaded file to install the software. Aug 29, 2012 - 12 min. Apr 25, 2017 - These cheat files are either saved in your 'Documents' or in your PCSX2 Installation folder, depending on your version of PCSX2. Creating the.

Check the following: When you click on 'System' in the PCSX2 window, ensure Enable Cheats has a tick next to it. If not, click it. Ensure that the cheats file is placed in PCSX2 /Cheats and is named F266B00B.pnach (needs to be a.pnach. Best way to edit these is Notepad++.) Add this to the top of your cheats file if you haven't already: gametitle=Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix [SLPM 66675] (J) // no depth resolves zerogs=00008000 fastmemory If a line has '//' before it, it is ignored.

Make sure this is not the case with your cheats. Example: //Infinite Health //patch=1,EE,200FE000,extended,8C820004 //patch=1,EE,200FE004,extended,0806891E //patch=1,EE,200FE008,extended,AC820000 //patch=1,EE,20166CD8,extended,0C03F800 The above code does not work, because it ignores the lines with '//' before them, i.e. The whole code. Instead a code should look like this: //MP Charge ends instantly patch=1,EE,201A1D78,extended,10000006 Notice how there is no '//' before the actual line of code, but there is before the name of the cheat. Finally, make sure that you have the codes formatted correctly, as shown above. The MP Charge code I just showed you originated from the codebreaker cheat 201A1D6.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Save File After Roxas

This format applies to all cheats, although old versions used ',word,' instead of ',extended,' so make sure you change that as appropriate. Sorry if I sounded patronising, just making sure you haven't done any of the above wrong.


Any problems, reply to this comment and I'll do my best to help. Yea i went back and had a look through and thought it was that, and it turns out i already had a pnach file that was called F266B00B and it was set up like you said, but when i went on the first link I coped and pasted the codes i wanted (to give me every weapon) and i loaded up the game it did not work i still only had my normal keyblades, what am I doing wrong? Hack netgear router admin password. Its all right i had a feeling we would live in different time zones, the fact you are replying is great, i don't mind waiting a bit for help. It should look like this, did you check? //All Sora Weapons patch=1,EE,0032F0D1,extended,00000062 patch=1,EE,1032F0D2,extended,00006262 patch=1,EE,1032F0D4,extended,00006262 patch=1,EE,0032F1AB,extended,00000062 patch=1,EE,0032F1AC,extended,00000062 patch=1,EE,0032F1AF,extended,00000062 patch=1,EE,4032F1B0,extended,00040001 patch=1,EE,62626262,extended,00000000 patch=1,EE,0032F1C8,extended,00000062 patch=1,EE,0032F1C9,extended,00000062 If that doesn't work, try changing ',extended,' to ',word,' since you're on an old version. Also, make sure you have PCSX2 closed when you edit the.pnach, and also be sure you save and close it before opening PCSX2.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix Save File Ps4

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I actually made an account for this question, and I wanted to know if there was a possibility somebody could throw down a PCSX2 save file purely for practicing the RTA on PC, it's a lot easier than spending hours upon hours for the grind for 99~ Megaelixers lol, that and outfitting Donald, and Goofy, with those, and full Ribbons is quite tedious.

I did do an insane amount of looking around elsewhere for such a save, and was quite confused it didn't exist almost anywhere, and was wondering if one of you could provide if possible.

Best wishes to those who are currently running though! I've always wanted to get into this RTA myself.

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