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Only one 28 gauge was made, serial No. 100, and the.410 bore was introduced in 1926, with a scant 2,665 of these smallbore shotguns known to exist. Smith became the first U.S.-made. Smith Gun Company factory records, 1946-1950 (FWS prefix) Marlin Firearms Company factory records, 1969-71 (FWM prefix) Please Note Research letters cannot be written for the following pre-1913 serial numbers because they are missing from the records: 46000 to 1 to 0 to 0 to 99999.

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LC Smith Shotgun Repairs

Most Gunsmiths won’twork on LC Smith shotguns! Once apart, they can’t get them backtogether! We often get an LC Smith in the shop in pieces in a grocerysack. Someone, usually the owner, had taken his shotgun part to cleanit and couldn’t get it back together. Ifyou own a LC Smith, don’t take it apart.Roy is one of the few in the whole country that has the skill – andthe antique parts – to re assemble an LC Smith shotgun. Sometimeshe will have to manufacture an antique part not available for nearlya century!

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LC Smith Stocks– We repair and replace stocks and fore ends for LC Smith shotguns.Many of the stocks and fore ends we receive can be repaired. We areexperts in repairing hundred-year-old stocks and fore ends. Often theowner can’t find evidence of the repair. We can even re-cut theexisting checkering for the out-of-the-box new look. NEW STOCKS. Westart with virgin Missouri walnut simi-inletted stocks for the many“flavors” of LC Smith receivers. Owners may request from standardgrain all the way up to AA Extra Fancy walnut. We fit these stocks toyour shotgun just like they did at the factory except we don’t usegas lights. A proper, tight fit is important to insure years ofshooting these fine shotguns. Fitting double barrel stocks is a realtalent that only a few craftsmen like Roy has.

LC Smith BarrelRepairs. We can repair doublebarrels – remove bulges, remove dents, straighten and refinish rusty barrels, replace bead sight,Solder separated barrels back together and install Vented Ribs toyour shotgun.

LC Smith Receiversare extremely difficult to assemble! Roy has developed a techniqueonly known by a few. From an inventory of thousands of LC Smith partshe can put your hammer/hammerless receiver back in factory freshworking order. Even if he has to manufacture the part!

Don’t get in ahurry. We have to get it right so weare very careful in making sure all parts and wood fit to factorystandards. This craftsmanship takes time. Besides, your LC Smith willbe put in line with dozens of others waiting their turn to go on thebench. Wait time is usually several months.

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We are not limited toonly LC Smith shotguns. We work on all double barrel shotguns.

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  • A 12 gauge LC Smith Field grade boxlock shotgun Serial
    no. 4127, 12 gauge. 30 inch blued barrels marked at right breech LC Smith Field Grade. Matte rib with single brass bead. Casehardened boxlock action. Extractor. Automatic .. [more like this]
    Cal. 410. SN FWE154168. Hunter Arms dainty little shotgun with 28” Armor Steel bbls choked FULL/MOD with raised flat, tapered, matted rib, sgl bead, crossbolt rib extension, .. [more like this]
  • * L.C. Smith Field Grade Double-Barrel Shotgun
    20 ga. 26' double barrels choked F/IM. Blue/case color finish walnut stocks DT extractors. Condition: Excellent condition with excellent bores. This high condition double .. [more like this]
  • LC Smith Field Grade Double Barrel Shotgun.**
    Description 12 GA. Barrel length 28'. Clean bore. Double trigger. Thumb safety. Made by Hunter Arms Company. Wood has a few dings. Condition (Excellent). .. [more like this]
  • Hunter Arms Co. L. C. Smith Field Grade double
    barrel shotgun Serial # 357808; 12 gauge; blued and case-hardened finish; checkered walnut stock and forearm; 44 in. L. Estimate $ 300-500 Barrels show areas of corrosion .. [more like this]
  • **LC Smith Field Grade SxS Shotgun.Serial
    # 109621 20 gauge with 26-1/4' barrels, single bead sights, solid matted rib, armor steel smokeless barrels. Barrel flats stamped 'NP F w'. All matching numbers. Manufactured .. [more like this]
    Cal. 12 ga. SN RE61955. Beautiful high grade Smith with 30” Nitro Steel bbls choked FULL/MOD with tapered, concave, fine matted rib, sgl bead, crossbolt bbl extension, ejectors .. [more like this]
    GAUGE DOUBLE-BARREL SHOTGUN, HUNTER ARMS, NEW YORK. The walnut stock with checkered grip and forend, fitted with polished steel plates engraved 'L.C. SMITH.' The .. [more like this]
    SHOTGUN: L.C. Smith Field Grade, Hunter Arms manufactured with partial checkered stock. Some original case color on frame. Hard rubber butt plate. Serial number 88xxx range. .. [more like this]
  • L.C. Smith .16 ga. Double-Barrel Shotgun
    28 in. barrels marked 'L.C. Smith Field Grade', serial number 400210R, punter arms, mirror bore; permit, FFL or NICS background required, .. [more like this]
  • L.C. Smith 12 ga. Double-Barrel Shotgun 30
    in. barrels marked 'L.C. Smith Field Grade', lockplat .. [more like this]
  • L.C. Smith .20 ga. Double-Barrel Shotgun
    28 in. barrels marked 'L.C. Smith Field Grade', serial number 10741; permit, FFL or NICS background required, .. [more like this]
    Smith Field Grade. .. [more like this]
    SHOTGUN, 16 gauge, 28' 'Armor's steel' barrels, double triggers, extractor, case colored receiver, blued barrels, checkered walnut pistol grip stock and forend, tang safety, .. [more like this]
  • A 16 gauge LC Smith Hunter Arms Field Grade
    boxlock shotgun Serial no. 68553, 16 gauge. 30 inch barrels with single brass bead and concave matte rib. Extractor. Double triggers. Casehardened boxlock action. Checkered .. [more like this]
  • *L.C. Smith Field Grade Featherweight Double-Barrel
    Shotgun 12 ga. 28' barrels choked IM/F S/N 50095. Blue barrels case colored receiver walnut stocks LOP 14.75' over added Pachmayr White Line pad. Condition: Very good condition .. [more like this]
  • *HUNTER ARMS SHOTGUN. American, early 20th
    century. L.C. Smith marked Field Grade double barrel 20 gauge shot gun with 28' barrel and checkered walnut grip. .. [more like this]
  • LC Smith Field Grade 12 gauge SxS shotgun
    SN 134729, Hunter Arms manufacture, walnut stock, double triggers, ejectors, modified & full choke, FWE, barrel L30' overall L48' LOP 14 1/8'; accompanied with matching set .. [more like this]
  • L.C. Smith No. 3 Grade 12 Gauge Double-barrel
    Shotgun, c. 1896, serial number 2244, walnut stock with checkered forend and grip, case hardened frame, plates engraved with foliate design, the left with a pair of quail .. [more like this]
  • L.C. Smith/Hunter Arms Double Barrel Shotgun.**
    Description 12 GA Double Barrel Field Grade. This L.C. Smith is a nice example of a use but not abused shotgun. There are traces of case colors on the receiver. The wood was .. [more like this]