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As we all know that mods are allowed on GTA 5. So we are going to tell you how you can install LSPDFR Police mods on Grand Theft Auto 5.

What is LSPDFR GTA 5?

LSPDFR is an abbreviation of Los Santos Police Department First Response. It is used as a mod for Grand Theft Auto 5, which allows you to become a police officer beside criminals and do good things for the community. For that, you must need police mod for GTA 5 to do good things and become a good police officer in the game.

Features Of LSPDFR:

  • Control Panel: It has its own control panel in which players can create their own profile and manage the things by themselves.
  • Hunger System: Eat Stations are mentioned and located on the map where you can eat and stay alive for the community.
  • Vehicle Gas Tank System: There are petrol stations on the map where you can fill up your police car fuel tank.
  • Rank System: If you completed your tasks, in return you received experience points from which your rank will be increased.
  • Shift Work System: In this system, you have a shift hours of 8 (16min realtime), if you arrested more criminals in your shift then you will earn more experience points. Location is set on the map where you can start your shift that is the Police station.
  • Money System: You have your money at the end of the shift from which you can buy things but things are coming soon on the website.


  • The latest version of LSPDFR.
  • Rage Plugin Hook Latest Version.

How to install LSPDFR GTA 5 PC?

Lcpdfr Free Download

The process of installation of LSPDFR mod on GTA 5 is very simple. If you follow the points then you have you don’t have any complaint about that GTA 5 LSPDFR Mods are not working. So follow the steps and get it done the installation of LSPDFR mods.

Step 1: Downloading of files:

  • Download LSPDFR Click Here.
  • Download the latest Rage Hook Plugin Click Here

Step 2: Extraction Of Files:

  • Extract the LSPDFR files into your Grand Theft Auto 5 Folder.
  • Extract the Rage Hook Plugin files into the same GTA 5 folder where you extracted LSPDFR files. This process will update the Rage Hook Plugin.

Note: Computer will ask you to overwrite the files in above both points, just click “yes”.

Step 3: How to start LSPDFR?

  • Go to Grand Theft Auto 5 folder where you have completed Step 2, now double click on RagePluginHook.exe, this will start the game GTA 5.
  • Once the game is started you must see a police station on the map.

Iso 22000 2018 free download. Step 4: Try to be a Cop

  • Go to a police station to start playing as a police officer and have fun.
  • I recommend you to have a look at the best mods & scripts to choose for GTA 5.


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Play, streaming, watch and download HOW TO INSTALL LCPDFR ON XBOX 360 video (06:45) , you can convert to mp4, 3gp, m4a for free. New and updated tutorial and mod Hey guys this TUT will let you mod GTA IV Xbox 360 with LCPDFR! You probably have some questions: Q: How do I start this? A: Press S on your Chatpad or and subscribe to one of thousands of Question Controller binds for actions in LSPDFR? (self This page is meant to ensure that anyone could download and install mods for GTA 5. All GTA 5 cheats for Xbox One; GTA 5 mods: download and install the Tutorial How to install LCPDFR. If you want a vid tutorial ill make one just comment or inbox and Tutorial How to install the Tsunami mod on xbox 360. ITz Mee How To Install The Lspdfr Mod Into Your Xbox one . Can I do mods on ps4 or Xbox one for gta specially LSPDFR or LCPDFR. Aug 6, 2016 Lspfr Website httpwwwlcpdfrcomlspdfr How To Install The Lspdfr Mod Into Your Xbox one How to be a coppolice officer in GTA 5Hey guys so im new to xbox one HOW TO INSTALL LCPDFR ON XBOX 360; Hey guys so im new to xbox one and using mods like lspdfr but i only have GTA V for xbox one and i was 2018 How To Install The Lspdfr Mod Into Your Xbox one 2017. How To Install The Lspdfr Mod Into how to install lspdfr gta 5 As mentioned on the official website for the LCPDFR into the mod because it requires a bit of patience and time to install it. Coming To Xbox One, PS4; 2018 How To Install The Lspdfr Mod Into Your Xbox one 2017. Aug 6, 2016 How To Install The Lspdfr Mod Into Your Xbox one . 2018 How To Install The Lspdfr Mod Into Your Xbox one 2017. Aug 6, 2016 How To Install The Lspdfr Mod Into Your Xbox one . As of now, modding GTA V for Xbox One is impossible. I have looked up countless ways and they all seem to be scams. Many involve filling out countless surveys or How to install lcpdfr on xbox 360 stream video download. FUN. How To Install LCPDFR Mod on Xbox 360! How To Install The Lspdfr Mod Into Your Xbox one. GTA: IV LCPDFR For 360? I have some questions about the Grand Theft Auto IV: Does any one know if I can get lcpdfr on GTA IV Xbox 360?

Gta Lcpdfr Download Free

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