Map Of Active Serial Killers

This is a list of 142 Serial Killers that were active between 2003 and 2020. Killer.Cloud the Serial Killer Database, an ongoing research project which aims to sort and classify serial killers based on documented references from books written about serial killers as well as other online resources listed at the bottom of each killers profile page. Oct 03, 2016 That’s right, 25 to 50 serial killers are roaming the streets right now, according to the former chief of the FBI’s Elite Serial Killer Crime Unit, John Douglas. Here’s a list of a few of the terrifying active serial killers out there, many go unnoticed.

The world has long had a fascination with true crime, especially when it comes to serial killers. Everyone has heard of Bundy, Gacey or Dohmer. But here is a scary fact, at any given moment there are at least 25 to 50 active serial killers in the U.S. That’s right, 25 to 50 serial killers are roaming the streets right now, according to the former chief of the FBI’s Elite Serial Killer Crime Unit, John Douglas. Here’s a list of a few of the terrifying active serial killers out there, many go unnoticed.

The Edgecombe County Serial Killer/ Seven Bridges Killer
North Carolina’s Eddgecomb/Seven Bidges killer became active in 2005. The body count stands at, but is believed to be 10. The victims of the killer were all women of color who had arrests for prostitution and drug possession. Antwan Pitman was convicted of one murder, but police are not positive if he is the right man.
The Long Island Killer
The Long Island Killer, also known as The Craigslist Ripper, has been operating since 1996. He sought and killed 10 people in only 2 years, in 2010 and 2011. He dumped his victims in the waters off Gilgo Beach. Police have been unable to identify the bodies. Police have little evidence and assume the killer is between 20-40.
Map Of Active Serial Killers
The Texas Killing Fields
They say everything is bigger in Texas, it seems that is true when it comes to the serial killer body count. One of the scariest places i the state is Interstate 45, near the Calder Oil field. Thanks to hundreds of fetal accidents the road is referred to as the “Highway to Hell”. There’s also another reason the area is so frightening. In the past 40 years over thirty dead bodies of women and girls. Each were located near a body of water and are believed to have been killed by the same person or a killer with an apprentice.
The Smiley-Face Killer
Bodies of over 50 young men in their late teens have been found drowned in 11 states, a smiley face spray painted somewhere near the body. Each victim was last scene at a bar or party previous to their murder. Law enforcement officials believes one or more killers may be working together. 2012’s film ‘Smiley’ was inspired by this true story.

The Daytona Beach Killer

Between 2005 and 2008 four women were found murdered in Daytona Beach, Florida. Each were killed execution-style with a gun shot to the head. The weapon matched the type of firearm used by law enforcement, leading to several active and retired officers being questioned. DNA was found at three of the scenes and cleared all suspects.
Another theory is that a trucker is the killer. In January of 2006 a woman named Nelita Ramos was kidnapped and held at gun point by a trucker. She begged for her life and was let go. Police believe she was meant to be the next victim of the Daytona Beach Killer. Since the murders the FBI has connected the killer to 24 other killings on the highways of Florida.
The New Bedford Killer
In the town of New Bedford, Massachusetts lurks a serial killer who took the lives of 11 victims during the late 1980’s. The New Bedford Killer hunted prostitutes and drug dealers. He raped then stabbed his victims to death. Three suspects were questioned but never arrested. The killer remains free today.
Be careful out there. There are many serial killers at work out there in the dark across the nation. I would hate to end up writing about your killer one day.

Over the years serial killers have become popular subject matter in the news media as well as being regularly depicted in a variety of pop culture and entertainment forums. Fictional murderers such as Hannnibal Lecter take center stage in best-selling novels as well mainstream movies. On a weekly basis, small screen dramas such as Criminal Minds focus on the gruesome acts committed by an array of murderous psychopaths. True stories about serial killers like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and Robert Pickton have also proved to be popular subject matter in the mass media and entertainment industry. Many people seem to find themselves both terrified as well as intrigued by serial killers and their capacity for committing acts of sadistic violence. As a society, we have become both fascinated and repelled by the lives of serial killers and their brutality, cunning, and lack of remorse.

The Most Serial Killings Per State

According to a 2015 article in The Huffington Post, the US leads the world in serial killing cases with approximately 2,625 documented serial murderers. Despite all the press attention garnered by serial killers the FBI reports that less than one percent of murders in the country are committed by so-called serial killers who’ve committed at least two killings on multiple occasions. Data suggests that the majority of the victims targeted by serial killers are members of vulnerable populations such as prostitutes and hitchhikers.


The Serial Killer Database which chronicles crimes committed between 1900 and 2014 reveals that Alaska leads the US in the most serial killings. The northern state also holds the unfortunate distinction of having the nation’s highest rate of violent crime. One of Alaska’s most notorious serial killers was Robert Hansen who confessed to the murders of 17 women.


Florida has been the location for several high-profile serial killings perpetrated by criminals such as Ted Bundy and Aileen Wuornos. Although Bundy was found guilty of kidnapping, raping, and murdering over thirty victims in several states including Colorado, California, Utah, and Washington, it was his 1978 homicides of several women in Florida that resulted in Bundy receiving the death penalty in 1989. Aileen Wuornos gained notoriety after being found guilty of killing seven men in Florida between 1989 and 1990. Wuornos received the death penalty and died by lethal injection in 2002.


Throughout the years the state of California has also been the location for many of the most publicized serial killings in the recent history. Among the most well-known serial murderers who terrorized California's citizens include cult leader Charles Manson, the so-called “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez, “Freeway Killer” William Bonin, Charles Ng, and the still unidentified “Zodiac Killer”.


Washington state also rates high in serial killings. One of the most prolific murderers in US history was Gary Ridgway who became known as the Green River Killer. His killing spree began in 1982 and although Ridgway confessed to the murders of 48 victims ranging in age from about 12 to 38, officials suspect that the ruthless killer is responsible for a total of 90 deaths. Ridgway is currently incarcerated and serving a life sentence.

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Punishment For These Notorious Criminals

How Many Active Serial Killers In Us

Perhaps one of the key elements in dealing with the public fascination surrounding serial killers is to place more emphasis on their victims rather than focusing on the gruesome details of the crimes. Whether due to childhood abuse, mental health issues, or a need for power and control it’s important to remember that serial murderers aren’t anti-heroes. They enjoy causing pain, lack remorse, and empathy and are compelled to repeat their murderous acts again and again. Whether the appropriate punishment is deemed to be life imprisonment or the death sentence, these violent offenders pose an ongoing threat to the public and must never be released back into general society.