Msi Afterburner 2 2 0 Beta 1482

Nuova release beta per l'ottimo Afterburner

Msi Afterburner 4.6.0

Changes list v.2.2.0 Beta 12 includes:

Kepler is not far away now, it’s time for some utilities to get ready, lately GPU-Z has done the so, today MSI released the version 2.2.0 Beta 15 of their overclocking Afterburner utility. Browning gun values by serial number. MSI Gaming App MSI Afterburner 4.6.3 Beta 4 MSI Afterburner is a handy overclocking utility for MSI graphics cards. Main features include GPU/Shader/Memory clock adjustment, advanced.

  • Memory clock limit has been extended to 180% on AMD RADEON 79x0 graphics cards in unofficial overclocking mode
  • Added low-level clock frequencies monitoring for AMD RADEON 79x0 graphics cards
  • Added PowerTune adjustment slider for AMD HD 6xxx and 7xxx series graphics cards
  • Improved overclocking profiles format provides compatibility with future graphics cards. Please take a note that existing overclocking profiles (startup overclocking profile and profile slots) will be ignored and must be recreated in new version
  • MSI On-Screen Display server has been upgraded to v4.3.2. New version gives the following improvements:

Msi Afterburner 2 2 0 Beta 1482 Omega

  • Added gamma corrected video capture support
  • Framerate limit ratio for video capture in no longer controlled via the server's profiles. Now it can be adjusted directly into MSI Afterburner's video capture properties
  • Added Direct3D9Ex support (DOTA 2 and Darkness 2 demo)
  • Improved desktop windows notification mechanism eliminates unwanted beeps occurring on some systems during the server startup / shutdown
  • Output video dimensions are now cropped to be multiple of 16 to improve compatibility with some third party MJPG decoders
  • Improved OpenGL On-Screen Display coordinates calculation for framebuffer coordinate space mode
  • Now 'Enable compatibility with modified Direct3D runtime libraries' option is compatible with Direct3D9 game engines using double FPU precision (MassEffect series)

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Msi Afterburner 2 2 0 Beta 1482 Beta