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PageProof is a powerful online proofing tool that makes reviewing and approving work
— no matter what the file type — feel effortless, turning what was once a headache
into a welcome part of every day.

Plantsplants vs zombies minecraft mod. PageProof is a powerful online proofing tool that makes reviewing and approving work feel effortless 💚 An ingeniously simple, yet powerful online proofing tool that turns what was once a.

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Less headaches, more high fives.

No more complicated email trails. No more chasing feedback.
PageProof streamlines it all*.

*Send video, html web banners, email templates, websites, audio, imagery, documents, 3D and more.

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learn how to work smarter
Senior Graphic Designer
“We spend half the time we used to, and have twice the output as our team did one year ago!”

Globally loved

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Smart features

No installs needed

All you need is a modern browser*. No software installs, plugins or tricky set ups. Tablet and mobile friendly too.


Use your red pen to add comments. You can reply to comments, add attachments and mention other proofers if you like. Perfect for annotation and markup on anything – pins, lines, boxes, freehand drawing. Clever tools too: ruler, fonts & color analysis, and more.


Route your proof from marketing, to sales, to legal, then for final sign-off by the marketing director. Workflows gives you control and flexibility to reflect the way your team really review work.


PageProof’s use of 2048 bit RSA encryption keys in online proofing and approval is a world-first. Data is encrypted on device before it travels, not simply just ‘at rest’.Read our whitepaper

Static file & Html proofing

Proof Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Photoshop, jpeg, png and more.
Real Html website, banner ad and email template online proofing. WordPress, SilverStripe & website URL proofing.

Video and audio support

Review video and audio content quickly and easily; mp3, mp4, avi and mov are all supported. Use your red pen to add comments to video frames and waveforms.

Adobe Creative Cloud

The PageProof® add-on lets you create proofs directly from Adobe CC, and bring in to-dos layered over your creative files.
Adobe InDesign, InCopy, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After Effects are all supported.


Your IT department will be assured that PageProof sits on top of a highly secure and rigorously tested platform. Single sign-on and data sovereignty is available for organizations too.Read our certifications

Smart dashboard

Who likes admin and proof clutter? Proofs are clearly ordered for you and your proofers, and when finished are auto-archived.

Smart compare

Not only can you compare proof versions side-by-side, but our smart compare will highlight the differences for you.


Use PageProof to send briefs through to your agency or internal design team.


Because that’s what review and approval should be. Simple and smart online proofing.

Seamless integrations

We make things easy for your team and your designers with integrations like these:

And also Zapier, letting you create zaps to these and over 1000+ other apps!

Online Proofing

Drag your file to PageProof® to begin gathering feedback from your team – everyone gets a red pen. Comments added to your work in real-time, in a browser. PageProof® gives clear change requests and reduces feedback cycles.

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