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Ninja Download Manager is a handy application that offers you an easier and faster way of downloading files of various types. One of its main qualities is the fact that it considerably improves the speed of the file transfers. Ninja Download Manager. استمتع بالتحميل من النت بالسرعة القصوى من خلال تحميل برنامج Ninja Download Manager او كما يرمز له بالاختصار NDM وهو برنامج مجاني يساعد المستخدم على ادارة التنزيلات التى يقوم بتنزيلها من الانترنت وهو يدعم تنزيل جميع.

build 33 (June 19 2015)
– Fix crash introduced in build 32

build 32 (June 18 2015)

– Fix broken video downloads from build 31
– Updated YouTube parser
– build 31 (June 6 2015)

– Added Romanian translation
– Added German translation
– Updated YouTube parser

Various bug fixes

build 30 (March 02 2015)

– Added Dutch translation
– Added Chinese (simplified) translation
– Updated YouTube parser

– Various bug fixes

build 28 (September 22 2014)

– Added Hindi translation
– Added Indonesian translation
– Updated Arabic translation
– Updated Vietnamese translation
– Updated French translation
– Updated YouTube parser

Tube Ninja Downloader

– Fixed saving config file when temp folder in different drive

build 27 (September 4 2014)

– Added 64 bit version
– Added FTP support
– Increased download speed
– Duplicate download action (restart, open, etc)
– TAB/Enter on language editor move to next
– Unified error reporting
– Improved welcome page
– Improved Theme change speed
– Added additional flag to addons UserInitiated (Firefox pending review)
– Update Spanish translation
– Update French translation
– Added Download Ninja version to error details
– Added select all when right clicking on text boxes
– Added minimize to main window
– Added ‘Download as Paused’ option to add download
– Added ‘Use server’s last modified time for file’ option
– Add ‘All’ options to media loader (All, vIdeo, audio)

– Corrected occasional error in incremental file name generation (add download)
– Fixed checking of media sites when download started
– Fixed ‘Download With Download Ninja’ not working if downloads disabled.
– Corrected parsing issue in website exclusions

build 26.1 (September 1 2014)

– Updated YouTube parser

– Windows XP Theme issues
– Fixed language change default search text issue introduced in build 25

build 26 (August 31 2014)

– Added some additional colours to theme editor
– Updated Arabic language
– Updated French language
– Updated Hungarian language
– Updated Vietnamese language

– Fixed occasional crash in Restart Download
– Fixed missing colour on summary chart

build 25 (August 30 2014)

– Added Theme Builder
– Added default ‘Light’ theme
– Updated YouTube parser
– Added Turkish language
– Updated Arabic language
– Updated Vietnamese language

build 24 (August 25 2014)

– Updated YouTube parser
– Added Internet Explorer support
– Added integrity checks to config file saving
– Allow drag of add media window when loading
– Add key/toggles to disable download into DN (latest plugins required)
– Add option for double click on list behaviour
– Added additional checksum check types (sha1,sha256,sha384,sha512,ripemd160)
– If checksum fails, perform action (redownload, nothing or ask)
– Add pause to summary window
– Add download completed dialog
– On queue finished (run file, shut down, hibernate, close DN)
– List of file exceptions (don’t intercept extensions)
– Added Save To location to quick add page
– Added recent Save To folders drop down
– Added file browse button to Save To location
– Added Spanish language
– Added Hungarian language
– Updated Brazilian language
– Updated Arabic translation

– Clear Selected was deleting download data for some downloads even though they had completed
– Added correct start date (today) on new queue
– When clicking on the install extension buttons it opens in the appropriate browser
– Some servers return incorrect data size, added correction

build 23 (August 13 2014)

– Added Arabic language
– Added Persian language
– Updated French language
– Updated Russian language

build 22 (August 12 2014)

– Updated YouTube parser

– Added exception handler for language formatter
– Added correct start date (today) on new queue

build 21 (August 10 2014)Clever for windows 10.

– Updated YouTube parser
– French translation
– Russian translation
– Polish translation
– Option to disable update check
– Option to auto-update beta versions
– Changed default text of minimized option
– Enable drag in toolbar area
– Allow multi select on list
– Support delete key to quick remove a download
– Added support for Access-Control-Allow-Headers
– If delete download before complete partial data also removed
– Added dedicate add media window for YouTube downloads
– Added default download categories for new installs
– Separated Add Download window from main window to aid quicker adding
– Added virus scanner support
– Added language selector to welcome screen
– Added default action for new browser downloads (quick add or * straight to verify)
– Added Portuguese (Brazilian) language
– Added Vietnamese language
– Set new download to use flyout if initiated from the toolbar
– General improvements

– Fixed saving error in translation editor
– Added check for servers that report CanResume but actually return all data
– Fixed slow context menu for downloading entries
– Fixed length of download rate in list
– Corrected translation for cancel button on progress dialog
– In Settings, the Monitor tab keeps the same name, even though it is modified through the Language – Editor
– When hovering DN’s tray icon with no active download, “Key: Summary_NoDownloads” can be read instead of “There aren’t any active download”
– Fixed ‘Auto-Remove’ not perm deleting issue
– Rebuilt installer (last build did not update changed DLL)
– Limited multi-processing of YouTube videos
– Crash on start-up if no internet connection
– Improved content disposition detection
– Downloads from Google Docs fixed
– Login details not saved with new downloads
– Fixed error forcing HTTP/HTTPS when adding new login details from add download page
– Text box context menu wrong color
– Added check for too much server data overwriting valid chunk data (chunk reset)
– Fixed cross sub-domain cookie issue
– Refresh link not working properly (opening new window instead of replacing link)
– Win+D to show desktop leaves a blank space when try to see DN window again
– Corrected some language specific layout issues
– No scroll bar on login manager
– General bug fixes

build 20 (Internal)


build 19 (August 02 2014)

– Updated YouTube parser

– Fixed bug where login details were not saved properly with new downloads
– General bug fixes

build 18 (July 25 2014)

– Option to hide non-completed downloads
– Updated YouTube parser

– Fixed occasional crash in clipboard monitor
– Fixed auto-update bug that shows multiple update windows (one every 2 hours)
– General bug fixes

build 17 (July 19 2014)

– Increase max download connections to 32
– Option to auto remove completed downloads
– Double click on download summary to open main window
– Added file extension list for clipboard URL checking
– Added media website list for clipboard URL checking
– Re-enabled download media formats in Chrome/Firefox extensions
– Media selector in add media download screen
– Check for updates button on about page

– Main download queue does not auto start after upgrade (fixed for upgrades, existing users need to manually enable in settings)
– Changed how ‘Hide Main Window at startup’ option works to resolve several related crashes
– Fixed crash when verifying download if main window hidden on startup
– Removed virtualized list entries as they don’t display properly on some systems
– General bug fixes

build 14-16
– Internal testing builds (not general release)


build 13 (July 18 2014)

– Fixed auto-update crash when start minimized is selected

build 12 (July 18 2014)

– Update to compensate for change in YouTube video algorithm
– Corrected version number checker in auto-update

Ninja Download Manager Pro Crack

build 11 (July 18 2014)

– Clear Completed option
– Refresh Link option
– Referer info to downloads started with extension
– Multiple download queues
– Queue Schedules
– Download locations/folders
– Additional error logging
– Option to ‘Add Anyway’ if download verification fails
– Media conversions
– Download Media dedicated screen
– Tabs on settings page
– Max connections/download setting added
– Option to re-run media conversion
– Proxy configuration
– Queue control popup to start/stop queues
– Speed control (limit download speed on download, queue, global)
– General improvements

Ninja Download Manager Full

– Fixed issue with adding new download not having correct order
– Download file attachment from Google fixed
– Download from DropBox fixed
– Increased filtering speed of download list
– General bug fixes