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Link letters to form words and feed Lex the Bookworm's voracious appetite in this free online word game. Game Info Challenges. Play Bookworm HD in Classic Mode for a more relaxing experience, or raise the stakes and play Action Mode, where Burning Tiles appear more often. Get rid of them fast – they don. Bookworm is exactly the same game as the Bespelled you know and love, but with the great original graphics, and an all-around better game experience. (If you're a Bespelled fan who might have had a problem getting the game to work on certain computers, but you were able to play other titles on MSN Games, you should definitely try Bookworm!).



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If you find a game that is both entertaining and educational, Bookworm is a great choice. Tong Bookworm, Lex is a bookworm and adventure that takes place in the book so the main battle weapon is the letters. Lex must battle with the legendary Greek monsters with 16 letters. The player’s task is to match the letters into words and use them to attack the enemy. The longer the English word is, the harder it is to damage

Sound in the game is very lively and fun, the word pronounced Lex by the special interest for young children

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The point of every word game is forming a word out of the letters on the playing field. The word games are aimed at training writing skills as well as improving the knowledge of spelling or studying a foreign language or learning alphabet for kids. The classic example for a word game is Bookworm Deluxe or Text Twist.


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