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I have been seeing a lot of people having trouble with their PBS files and stuff like that. Usually stuff relating to the shapes being missing, which seems to be a common problem with the v16.2 Gen 6-7 PBS files going around. So I finally sat down and decided I'd make a folder with all of the stuff.
Credit to Zerokid for compiling all of this in his free resource game, Pokémon Zero.
In v17.2, Gen 6 stuff is in the code by default, but you need to define all the moves and abilities, which are done here.
In v18, Gen 7 stuff is in v18 code by default, but you need to define all the moves and abilities, which are done here.
The move function code in the moves PBS file work with Pokémon Zero's code. If you aren't using this, change the function codes (4th section of the move line) in the PBS to match yours.
Please note they aren't 100% up to date with Gen 8, but you can find most of what's missing in the Gen 8 moves and abilities thread on PokéCommunity for v17.2 (Nothing exists for v18 yet that I'm aware of, give it some time).
The PBS files include items, Pokémon, forms, abilities and TMs (which contains all move compatibility for every base form Pokémon). Currently as of the 6th of September the file isn't completely compatible with v18, but is pretty close due to how similarly stuff is defined. Bear that in mind when adding these into a v18.

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Zerokid for all his work putting all of this together.
All contributors to the Smogon XY Sprite Project
All contributors to the Smogon Sun/Moon Sprite Project
All contributors to the Smogon Sword/Shield Sprite Project
Other Gen VII sprites:
kaji atsu
The cynical poet
Mashirosakura (Magearna recolours)
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Gen 7 pokemon sprites smogon
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Gen 7 Pokemon Sprites Smogon

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Gen 7 Pokemon Sprites Download

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