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Hid-compliant touch screen software download. The latest version of Skype is faster to load, more reliable than ever, and helps you get more done together with the people that matter most to you. Updating to the latest version of Skype. Skype support for Windows XP and Vista users has ended. You will need to update your OS to Windows 7 or higher to continue using Skype on the.

In this video, I will show you how to restore skype chat history, Sent Files, Contacts, and Password. Watch this video till the end, I hope this video will b. In Classic view or previous versions of SharePoint Server, select the arrow next to the version of the document that you want to restore, and then click Restore. Use Version history in File Explorer. If you have the OneDrive sync app installed on your PC, right-click the file that you want to restore to an earlier version in File Explorer. The Import-CsUserData cmdlet is used to import previously-saved user data and/or conference directory data to Skype for Business Server. Note that this data must have been exported by using the Export-CsUserData cmdlet. To make sure changes happen after this cmdlet, FE services need to be stopped in all FE servers in the pool firstly then be restarted at the same time after executing Import. There are also other programs that can help easily uninstall the Skype program like the Revo Uninstaller Pro. These apps are more advanced, fast and can uninstall any remnants of a program that a regular uninstaller leaves behind. To reinstall Skype: Download and install the latest version of Skype. Restore saved personal information.

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Older versions of Skype

Restore Previous Version Of SkypeIt's not uncommon for the latest version of an app to cause problems when installed on older smartphones. Sometimes newer versions of apps may not work with your device due to system incompatibilities. Until the app developer has fixed the problem, try using an older version of the app. If you need a rollback of Skype, check out the app's version history on Uptodown. It includes all the file versions available to download off Uptodown for that app. Download rollbacks of Skype for Windows. Any version of Skype distributed on Uptodown is completely virus-free and free to download at no cost. Dec 28th, 2020 Dec 9th, 2020

Restore Previous Version Of Skype Password Nov 3rd, 2020 Oct 1st, 2020 Sep 8th, 2020 Jul 9th, 2020 May 19th, 2020 Apr 1st, 2020 Mar 3rd, 2020 Oct 8th, 2019
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How To Restore Previous Version Of Skype

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Skype Latest Version


Add info
43.19 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

Skype Popular Version


Nov 19, 2008
21.25 MB
Tested: Free from spyware, adware and viruses

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Software VersionRelease DateSize
Skype 0.90 BetaAdd info2.58 MB
Skype 0.90Add info2.58 MB
Skype 0.92 BetaAdd info2.68 MB
Skype 0.92Add info2.68 MB
Skype Beta 0.95Add info3.24 MB
Skype 0.97 BetaAdd info7.01 MB
Skype 0.97Add info7.01 MB
Skype 1.0Add info10.15 MB
Skype 24, 200410.35 MB
Skype info6.40 MB
Skype 23, 20056.40 MB
Skype 6, 20056.40 MB
Skype 20, 20056.40 MB
Skype info7.05 MB
Skype 13, 20057.05 MB
Skype 18, 20057.05 MB
Skype 22, 20057.17 MB
Skype 29, 20057.30 MB
Skype 6, 20057.21 MB
Skype 8, 20057.30 MB
Skype 4, 20057.19 MB
Skype info7.19 MB
Skype 26, 20057.21 MB
Skype info7.24 MB
Skype 1.3.067Add info7.24 MB
Skype info6.92 MB
Skype 1.4.045 BetaAdd info6.83 MB
Skype 1.4.045Add info6.83 MB
Skype 1.4.047 BetaAdd info6.82 MB
Skype 1.4.047Add info6.82 MB
Skype 1.4.051Add info6.82 MB
Skype 1.4.071Sep 28, 20056.91 MB
Skype 1.4.078Oct 10, 20056.91 MB
Skype 1.4.084Oct 25, 20056.92 MB
Skype 1.10.79Add info5.64 MB
Skype 1.3060Add info7.19 MB
Skype 1.3065Add info7.19 MB
Skype 1.3066Add info7.21 MB
Skype BetaAdd info8.42 MB
Skype info8.42 MB
Skype BetaAdd info9.47 MB
Skype info9.47 MB
Skype 5, 20069.53 MB
Skype 19, 20069.53 MB
Skype 25, 20069.53 MB
Skype 1, 20069.54 MB
Skype 8, 20069.54 MB
Skype 1, 20069.58 MB
Skype 16, 20069.58 MB
Skype 19, 20068.96 MB
Skype 15, 20068.96 MB
Skype 24, 20068.97 MB
Skype 3, 200610.13 MB
Skype 17, 200610.22 MB
Skype BetaAdd info10.24 MB
Skype 24, 200610.24 MB
Skype 14, 200610.15 MB
Skype 28, 20069.84 MB
Skype 12, 20069.84 MB
Skype 26, 20069.83 MB
Skype 16, 20069.85 MB
Skype 23, 20069.85 MB
Skype 27, 200612.25 MB
Skype 18, 200612.25 MB
Skype 29, 200612.25 MB
Skype BetaAdd info14.93 MB
Skype 4, 200614.93 MB
Skype BetaAdd info14.95 MB
Skype 11, 200614.95 MB
Skype 13, 200619.04 MB
Skype 20, 200619.22 MB
Skype 17, 200719.24 MB
Skype 28, 200719.31 MB
Skype 14, 200719.96 MB
Skype 21, 200719.96 MB
Skype 28, 200719.96 MB
Skype 4, 200719.97 MB
Skype 16, 200722.68 MB
Skype 23, 200722.70 MB
Skype 13, 200722.54 MB
Skype 17, 200722.93 MB
Skype 29, 200722.90 MB
Skype 5, 200722.77 MB
Skype 19, 200722.77 MB
Skype 15, 200721.58 MB
Skype 12, 200721.55 MB
Skype 5, 200821.64 MB
Skype 29, 200821.27 MB
Skype 4, 200821.38 MB
Skype 14, 200821.42 MB
Skype 1, 200821.37 MB
Skype 19, 200821.25 MB
Skype 10, 200823.85 MB
Skype 3, 20092.15 MB
Skype 11, 200922.50 MB
Skype 18, 200922.50 MB
Skype 30, 200919.53 MB
Skype 22, 200919.66 MB
Skype 4, 200919.66 MB
Skype 30, 200919.66 MB
Skype 22, 200921.23 MB
Skype 3, 200921.20 MB
Skype 12, 200921.21 MB
Skype 25, 201021.89 MB
Skype 10, 201021.89 MB
Skype 8, 201021.87 MB
Skype 27, 201021.88 MB
Skype 10, 201021.92 MB
Skype 20, 201021.91 MB
Skype 7, 201018.19 MB
Skype 14, 201019.85 MB
Skype 14, 201019.84 MB
Skype 6, 201120.18 MB
Skype 1, 201120.20 MB
Skype 15, 201121.99 MB
Skype 7, 201120.27 MB
Skype 19, 201120.27 MB
Skype 24, 201120.27 MB
Skype 27, 201123.32 MB
Skype 17, 201118.55 MB
Skype 28, 201123.28 MB
Skype 2, 201123.29 MB
Skype 23, 201123.67 MB
Skype 2, 201123.68 MB
Skype 13, 201123.67 MB
Skype 30, 201123.54 MB
Skype 13, 201122.70 MB
Skype (Beta)Sep 29, 201124.46 MB
Skype 13, 201123.62 MB
Skype 6, 201223.67 MB
Skype (Beta)Nov 17, 201122.88 MB
Skype 5.8Feb 2, 201223.10 MB
Skype 2, 201223.10 MB
Skype 21, 201223.12 MB
Skype 6, 201216.96 MB
Skype 12, 201218.34 MB
Skype 7, 201223.68 MB
Skype 7, 201220.14 MB
Skype 14, 201224.47 MB
Skype 5, 201224.47 MB
Skype 17, 201224.47 MB
Skype info1.27 MB
Skype info1.43 MB
Skype info43.19 MB

Restore Previous Version Of Skype 6.0

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Skype Description

Skype is a client that allows you to make phone calls through your computer. Their tag line used to be: 'The whole world can talk for free.'
Caution: Installing a Skype version older then 4.2 can WIPE all your contacts. Please be careful! See this discussion page for more information.
After downloading and installing Skype, you may immediately call other Skype users for free or use their pay Call-to-Phone system to call phones directly over VoIP.
One note that may be of use to visitors is that if you are looking to download Skype to call phones within the US (and you yourself live in the US), Google Voice allows you to do so free of charge.
Skype 2.5 is the earliest version that functions. Versions prior to 2.5 do not install (tested on Windows 7).
If you wish to use the video-calling feature, recommends using version 4.0+ of Skype.

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