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Losing someone as close as your mom is never an easy thing, loss is never good and no matter how much they say it is necessary, it is never understandable or comforting. But as they say, even though they may be gone, their spirits remain in us and what matters most is that we got to spend the time we did with them.

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Sending birthday wishes to someone who is in heaven is not a bad or weird thing, it only means you miss them and you celebrate them even though they are gone. Choose one of happy birthday messages below to send to your mom in heaven:

Happy Birthday Wishes for Deceased Mom in Heaven

  • It is your birthday today in heaven, have a lovely time celebrating with the angels while we on earth commemorate the legacy of a beautiful and caring mom.
  • I cannot forget but remember it’s my mom’s birthday even after your passing; you’re missed for your gentle and angelic nature. Keep praying and watching over us.
  • Happy Birthday mom, I just hate it that you are not here to receive my gift and celebrate it with us, but I trust you to honor it in your way in heaven.
  • I could have bought you a gift on your birth mom, but you are far in the heavens, so I can only wish you a happy postmortem birthday.
  • Your life was an example to every living woman that they are not weaker vessels but strong and independent; your birthday reminds us of your virtues, so we miss an exemplary mom.
  • We are going to do a unique thing today; we will be celebrating your birthday in heaven and on earth, we hate that you had to leave us because you were a caring mom.
  • Happy Birthday to my mom, death is only an obstruction, you are alive in my heart, and I feel you daily. No one can ever take your place in my heart.
  • Birthdays of people who are genuinely unique to us are essential either living or dead because it serves as an avenue to appreciate their efforts and concerns. You were a great mom.
  • You have been deeply missed after your passing away; your birthday serves as a medium to acknowledge your most excellent motherly qualities. No one can boast of a better mother.
  • I beg the angels in heaven to sing melodious Happy Birthday tunes and songs to my beautiful mother and friend. I pray my wish comes true.
  • I have always witnessed your birthdays since I was a kid, so I used to celebrate it, your death only changes the dimension of my celebration. I’ll start by saying Happy Birthday mom.
  • If Birthdays were celebrated in heavens, I implore the sky to organize the best and biggest birthday party for my mother because she deserves all the attention of the day.
  • I have various memories of your birthdays, and they are all colorful, I always feel so lucky to have had you as a mother. You mean so much to me.
  • The sky is beautiful today; I know it’s my mom smiling at me from the heavens on her birthday, I feel connected to you despite your death. You are greatly missed.
  • It feels just like yesterday when you passed away, and I’m grateful for the infinite wisdom you passed down to me, it shows you were a significant influence on me. Happy Birthday, Mummy.
  • Even your death couldn’t separate us; as each day goes by, my love for you grows even stronger. It is your birthday today, and I will celebrate you in my little way.
  • I wasn’t good losing you to death; I sometimes feel like I’m in a dream. Your birthday would have been better if you are here but I know you are watching from the heaven.
  • It’s destined for all people to die, your death made me have more value and appreciation to the people in my life because they won’t live forever. Happy Birthday to my precious mother.
  • You don’t know how much I miss you mum, and remembering that you were here with us on your last birthday makes my eyes swell. I hope you are in a better place, and singing with joy.
  • Nothing has been easier since you left us mum, I still think of you and wish you were close so I could give you a birthday hug. Have a great one up in heaven mom!
  • You left us unexpectedly, and although time has flown away I still think of you and miss you terribly, I wish you could still blow off the candle on your birthday cake. A superb birthday!
  • I would have really used your guidance and advice right now, but I know you are in heaven and putting in a good word for me. Enjoy your birthday, in my heart, an angel you will always remain.
  • You were and still are the best mom in the world, I miss you and I’m always thankful for the time we spent together. I will always celebrate your birthday for you still live on in me.
  • I’m confused and lost without you, losing you was a stab to the heart and something I can never quite recover from. Have an amazing birthday in heaven, you are my lucky star. I love you.
  • Each day grows harder and harder for me since you went to heaven, I miss you and I wish you were here to hug me for your birthday. I hope you are in peace.
  • You lived your life fighting mom, you won most battles but I’m sad you left. I wish you a happy stay in heaven and I know you watch over me. I love you mom, Have a cool one!
  • I may not have known you for a long time, but I know a part of me is not here and I know that part is you mom. I hope you are enjoying your stay in heaven, I will always celebrate your birthday.
  • It’s been so long but it seems like it was just last year we were blowing out your birthday candles. May you forever rest in peace!
  • I can’t begin to describe how much you meant to me and that I would do anything to share another one of your birthdays with you. I hope you are happy mom, I miss you so much.
  • You always knew how to handle all and any situation, you were my rock and now I find a part of me died right along with you. I will always celebrate you, have a great birthday in heaven.
  • As the angels sing a birthday song for you, so will I mom, I miss you and I know my life changed when you went to be with the Lord. I just hope you are happy and at peace. I love you so much!

If you’re an orphan, you can also check out our heartfelt list of birthday messages for dad in heaven.

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Send Your Best Angel Lyrics

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Send your best angel for mama download free

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