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Download it for free here. Interested in free compression VST plugins? Here’s a post about the 12 best ones. Synth1 by Ichiro Toda (Windows, Mac) Despite its old age, Synth1 is still extremely relevant today, and this is why I included it in this list, plus it works on both Windows and Mac OS on 32bit and 64bit systems. Also see: Free Arpeggiator VST Plugins. Free Step Sequencers. The step sequencers are listed in alphabetic order. Follow the links for screenshots and official download locations for each plugin: Agr by Max Brezhestovski (Windows) Apollo by Meesha (Windows) BallSequencer by UplandToys (Windows) Blip2000 by WOK (Windows) hypercyclic by mucoder.

Are you music enthusiast? Ever wondered how well it would be if the music you here is supplied with all the additional information as titles, artists, albums and genres? Following is the list of software which offers this basic functionality with sequencing your huge music library and some of the rich and unique features. You can expect some free sequencer software while some are paid sequencer software. The list has some of the best-picked software of this category.


Mp3 Tag Pro

Mp3TagPro is free music sequencer software available for free download and use. This software is a powerful tool for all music formats. The software creates new subfolders and organizes the music files into them according to your pattern. The software will create folders with artists, genres and many other such categories at your one click.

MIDI Sequencer Software

MIDI sequencer software called Sekaiju is free, open source software for creating and editing MIDI data. MIDI stands for Multi Documented format. The software features unlimited redo and undo, 16 MIDI input ports and 16 MIDI ports all of them can be used simultaneously and much more.

Audio Sequencer Software

Free vst drum sequencer

This software from Jazz MIDI sequencer is open source software under GNU GPL license. The Jazz++ is an excellent application for recording and mixing MIDI sequences. This software is actively supported for the Windows and Mac platforms.

Sequencer for Mac

Sequencer for Mac is the music sequencer software for Mac platform users. The software has a range of features to offer audio and MIDI recording, audio workstation, step sequencing, audio multitrack editor and much more. The software is available free of cost for download and use.

Sequencer for Windows

Sequencer software for Windows is free music sequencer software for Windows platform users. The free version features variable track lengths supporting 16 to 128 steps, three FX chains, 30 to 180 BPM tempo, adjustable pitch, pan, volume, and synth note length per step.

Caustic 3 for Android

Caustic 3 is the music sequencer software for Android platform users. You can create your rack by adding up to 14 machines from the various synthesizers this software has to offer. The software comes in demo free version to give you a taste of the software.

Anvil Studio – Most Popular Software


Anvil studio is the most popular software in the category of music sequencer software. The long list of features of this software includes recording music with MIDI and audio equipment, sequence music with MIDI equipment and much more. The software has a free of cost version for download and use. You can also see Audio mixer software

How to Install Music Sequencer Software?

Sequencer Vst free download. software

Most of the above-listed music sequencer software offer installation file, which you can download and run the installation procedure to get the software installed. Music sequencer software is the software for sequencing your long list of music files, according to the artists, genres, and much more such categories. You can also see Guitar Recording Software

Almost all the above-listed software offers the basic functionality of sequencing your music files according to various categories. You can opt for the paid ones if you want fast and other advanced options, for edit and modify the music file you want.

Midi Sequencer Vst Free

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Version 2 of HY-SEQ16x3
16 step analog style sequencer

VST2 and AUv3 32/64 bit for Windows and Mac

free / $40 (free update for version1 user)

Midi Step Sequencer Vst

System Requirements:
Win : Windows7 or higher
Mac : OSX 10.11 or higher
*doesn’t work with GarageBand and Propellerhead Reason

Main Features:

  • 3 Sequencer units
  • 2 Modulation units with 5 modulation engines
  • Clock curve editor
  • Pattern Snapshot
  • Color edit
  • Resizable window
  • Preset manager

Signal Flow
Each sequencer unit can be controlled independently (speed, start, size, direction…)
Modulation units and SEQ2, 3 can be used for internal/external parameter modulation.
Curve is used for controlling clock behaviour.

Free Sequencer Plugin

Play free bookworm deluxe online game. D-LFO

Drawable LFO
You can draw waveform with multi-slider


Probability controlled LFO

Step LFO

You can trigger different waveform with different rate per step

Sample & Hold

These curve shapes can be used for controlling sequencer clock behaviour.
You can use different curve shape per sequencer unit.

Free version

Best Free Vst Sequencer

  • 1 Sequencer unit
  • No modulation unit and curve feature