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'Smoke and Mirrors' is the first of two short story collections written by Neil Gaiman. This title was first published in 1998, while 'Fragile Things' came out in 2006. Having read 'Fragile Things' mere months ago I was doing quite a bit of comparison between the two as I worked my way through 'Smoke and Mirrors'. Smoke & Mirrors is the third book in the Nite Fire series by C. This is a three book series and you will be missing some of the story that is referenced from books one and two. I was not sure what I was thinking with the title of Smoke & Mirrors but I can tell you that it was much more than I thought.

The case for removing pensions tax relief is anything but simple. Mike Morrison of AJ Bell assesses what could be lost and gained.

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A government committed to encouraging long-term saving for retirement is a desirable thing – even more so when this is backed up with supportive policies. But is the thrust of the Treasury’s consultation on reform of pension tax relief – pitched as an attempt to simplify the pension system – the right way to incentivise saving? Or is it a way for the government to justify a raid on pensions to help balance the books?

There are a number of reasons why many people are not saving enough: excessively high housing costs and low wages are two of them. Win vista home premium iso. Reform of pension tax relief won’t help fix either of these problems.

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Smoke Mirrors Sunglasses

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