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  1. Ahora, les traigo a unos grandes! Soundgarden, otra genial banda del grunge, tan importante como lo fue Nirvana, Pearl Jam o Alice in Chains. Songs From The Superunknown (EP) A&M Rec., 2: Download - Blow Up The Outside World (CDS) A&M Rec.
  2. Music video by Soundgarden performing Superunknown. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 150,964 (C) 1994 UMG Recordings, Inc.#Soundgarden #Superunknown #Vevo.
  3. Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun Telegenics Number 136A.

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View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 2014 Vinyl release of Superunknown on Discogs. Galera, essa foi demais.pra quem gosta de Beatles. Eu baixei via torrent a Discografia completa deles, tudo em Mp3 com as capas e tudo mais.sensacional!! 2003 - The Gladiators - Once Upon A Time In Jamaica. 01 - Jah Garden. 02 - Good Good Loving. 03 - War Is Over.

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Soundgarden – Badmotorfinger (1991) {2016, Super Deluxe Edition, WEB}
Digital Download FLAC Tracks Front Cover
Total Size: 1.70 GB 3% RAR Recovery
Label: A&M Genre: Alternative Rock, Grunge

Badmotorfinger is the third studio album by American rock band Soundgarden, released on October 8, 1991 through A&M Records. After touring in support of its previous album, Louder Than Love (1989), Soundgarden began the recording sessions for its next album with new bassist Ben Shepherd. The music on the album maintained the band’s heavy metal sound while featuring an increased focus on songwriting as compared with the band’s previous releases.

Soundgarden Superunknown Songs

Additional Info:
• Original Released Date: October 8, 1991
• Released Date: 2016
• Source: 7digital 1996 oldsmobile 88 repair manual.

Soundgarden Superunknown Super Deluxe

Disc 1
01. Rusty Cage (Album Version) – 04:26
02. Outshined (Album Version) – 05:11
03. Slaves & Bulldozers (Album Version) – 06:56
04. Jesus Christ Pose – 05:51
05. Face Pollution (Album Version) – 02:24
06. Somewhere (Album Version) – 04:21
07. Searching With My Good Eye Closed (Album Version) – 06:32
08. Room A Thousand Years Wide (Album Version) – 04:06
09. Mind Riot (Album Version) – 04:50
10. Drawing Flies (Album Version) – 02:27
11. Holy Water (Album Version) – 05:08
12. New Damage (Album Version) – 05:40
Disc 2
13. Rusty Cage (Studio Outtake) – 04:31
14. Outshined (Studio Outtake) – 05:13
15. Slaves & Bulldozers (Studio Outtake) – 07:06
16. Jesus Christ Pose (Studio Outtake) – 05:43
17. Face Pollution (Studio Outtake) – 02:26
18. Somewhere (Studio Outtake) – 04:23
19. Searching With My Good Eye Closed (Studio Outtake) – 07:02
20. Room A Thousand Years Wide (Studio Outtake) – 04:08
21. Drawing Flies (Studio Outtake) – 02:36
22. Holy Water (Studio Outtake) – 05:32
23. Cold Bitch (Studio Outtake) – 05:24
24. She’s A Politician (Studio Outtake) – 01:54
25. Black Rain (Black Days) (Studio Outtake) – 04:59
26. Birth Ritual (Studio Outtake) – 05:30
27. Blind Dogs (Studio Outtake) – 07:21
28. New Damage – 05:20
Disc 3
29. Searching With My Good Eye Closed (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 04:28
30. Hands All Over (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 06:06
31. Drawing Flies (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 02:30
32. Room A Thousand Years Wide (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 03:47
33. Gun (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 06:04
34. Flower (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 03:37
35. Little Joe (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 04:56
36. Big Dumb Sex (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 05:32
37. Face Pollution (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 02:41
38. Incessant Mace (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 08:52
39. Rusty Cage (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 06:03
Disc 4
40. Outshined (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 05:45
41. Mind Riot (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 03:56
42. Beyond The Wheel (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 07:14
43. Into The Void (Sealth) (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 07:31
44. Jesus Christ Pose (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 06:27
45. Hunted Down (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 03:09
46. Somewhere (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 04:24
47. Slaves & Bulldozers (Live At The Paramount Theatre, Seattle / 1992) – 15:52

Soundgarden Superunknown Full Album

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