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Many ask the question of what are the current Tamil TV serials to watch this 2020? As you all know, India is very busy making movies TV serials, and game shows so much that keeping track of all of them can be a hard task.

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Recent Collection of Sun TV Serials,Colors Tamil Serials,Vijay TV Serials, Polimar Tamil Serials and the most famous Zee Tamil Serials in HD Quality. There is a lot of best old Tamil serials that started that period and still all the old Tamil serial plays as an evergreen in the Tamil serial industry. More new production companies step into the tv segment from the movie industry as they can get more business and reach from tv serials. Here we list out all the best of old Tamil serials of all.

And while the endless advertisements aren’t hard to miss, finding the best of the best is a trickier thing.

So, to help you save endless hours of Google searching, we’ve brought to you a complete list of the best Tamil TV serials to watch in 2020.

1. Breathe

First off, we should disclaim that the TV serials won’t necessarily be from 2020, but ones that are so good you can still watch them.

And conveniently enough, Breathe take the number one spot as the best Tamil TV serial.

The Amazon Prime original is an Indian masterpiece that borders on a drama slash thriller. While this show was released in 2018, it is a refreshing addition to Indian TV.

While most of the serials you see on TV are quite melodramatic, Breathe is a complete polar opposite that also advertises on international markets.

Truthfully speaking, melodramas aren’t accepted on any other market but the Indian, so Breathe had to adapt if it wanted to become the Amazon Prime original it currently is.

2. Made in Heaven

Yet another drama serial, but this one with a heavy touch of romance is the 2019 TV serial Made in Heaven.

Made in Heaven is a Tamil/Telugu show that addresses many issues that plague India’s society. This show is heavily praised by people from all corners of the world since it focuses on some of the core issues that women and men have to deal with in society.

This has been the main focus of the show, with the show ranking in the top 5 of any list you’ll see online. Apowersoft free online video downloader. Conveniently enough, we’ve given it the number 2 spot, hence why you should definitely watch it if you’re interested in romantic dramas.

3. As I Am Suffering from Kadhal

Highly praised for being one of the most entertaining shows to watch in 2020, As I Am Suffering from Kadhal dates back to 2017 where the serial peaked on both local and international markets.

Unlike the previous two, this show is a romantic comedy that lots of people can relate to. The writing and production of the show paired with the acting of both Sunder Ramu and Baby Yuvina make this one of the most enjoyable experiences you could have this 2020.

If romantic comedies are your thing, then As I Am Suffering from Kadhal is bound to make you smile and chuckle a few times each episode.


4. Vella Raja

Onto yet another drama, but this one action packed, Vella Raja is one of those shows that focuses on breathtaking scenes, stunning visuals, and lots of combat drama.

Produced by Dream Warrior Production, Vella Raja is definitely a serial worth watching if you love a good fight.

The show is about ending the narcotics war where the main protagonist, Theresa, vows to clean the city from all the corruption and mafias that citizens have to go through.

Released in 2018, Vella Raja has an impressive 7.4 rating on IMDB and a 77% satisfaction rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

What’s even more impressive is the brilliant music that accompanies the show, giving you a different kind of experience while watching it. Music on TV is very important, and an even more important factor in Tamil society. So, if you want to listen to the amazing music Vella Raja has to offer, or any other TV serial, then make sure to visit masstamilan.

5. Siya Ke Rem

If 2018 seemed far, how about a show from 2015? Siya Ke Rem was voted as the best historical drama in Indian cinematography, and one based on a very famous epic.

While the serial is impressive and stunning, to say the least, many people argue that the traditional view that the show portraits to the audience can be improved.

With all that said, Siya Ke Rem is very entertaining, very thrilling, and can bring lots of emotions to the viewers.

6. Iniya Iru Malargal

Another serial from 2015, but this time a romantic drama that portrays everyday life.

Iniya Iru Malargal is a family-oriented show that sheds light on some of the biggest issues that India faces. Namely, the portraying of arranged marriages is the issue that the show tries to tackle the most.

The producers of the show say that this is a tradition that must be eradicated from India’s society, and the try to do it through this serial.

The romantic element is also the reason what makes this show so popular, but so is the cast. Namely, Abhi, one of the show’s protagonists, is so popular that she even has a cult following in India because of it.

Iniya Iru Malargal is definitely a TV serial you should heavily invest your time in.

7. Rekka Katti Parakkudhu Manasu

Rekka Katti Parakkudhu Manasu is one of the highest-rated Tamil TV serials to this day. The show is yet another family-oriented drama that follows Siddharth as he tries to gain the love of Sameera Shrief.

Many viewers praise the comedic elements that show up every once in awhile, but the acting of both protagonists seems to be the selling factor as to why this show is so highly rated.

The show is, however, quite traditional and it’s yet another reason why the market loves it so much. While some viewers advocate against the heavy involvement of tradition, some say it is precisely the point that the producers try to portrait.

Regardless of the traditional element, Rekka Katti Parakkudhu Manasu is a show you should definitely have on your bucket list if you’re a fan of television dramas.

The show first aired in 2017, is very highly rated on both IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes and aired it’s 500th episode back in 2019.

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Sun TV Serial List: (Daily Update)

  • Abiyum Nanum - New
  • Alaigal - New
  • Anbe Vaa - New
  • Devi Adhi Parashakthi - New
  • Kannana Kanne - New
  • Naga Mohini - New
  • News - Sun TV
  • Poove Unakkaga - New
  • Thirumagal - New
  • Vallamai Tharayo [Vikatan TV]
  • Vanathai Pola - New

Colors Tamil: (Daily Update)

  • Chandrakantha - New
  • Sillunu Oru Kaadhal - New
  • Uyire - New

Vijay TV Serial List: ( Daily Update)

  • Paavam Ganesan - New
  • Senthoora Poove - New
  • Velaikkaran - New

Polimer TV Serial List: ( Daily Update)

  • India Got Talent - New
  • Idhu Namma Veedu - New
  • Sri Rama Bhaktha Hanuman - New
  • Sundaram Kudumbathinar - New
  • Vidhi - New

Zee TV Serial List: ( Daily Update)

  • Chinna Poove Mella Pesu - New
  • Niram Maratha Pookal
  • Puratchiyalar Dr Amedkar - New
  • Suryavamsam - New
  • Thirumathi Hitler - New

Jaya TV Serial List: ( Daily Update)

  • Gopurangal Saivathillai - New
  • Subramaniyapuram - New

Raj TV Serial List: ( Daily Update)

  • Hello Shyamala - New
  • Kadal Kadandhu Udhyogam - New
  • Kannama - New
  • Naagamma - New

Vendhar TV Serial List - New

  • Thaiveedu - New

Other Serial List: - New

Sun Tv Tamil Serials List

  • Sathee - New Tamil Web Series

Ended Tamil TV Serial List:

  • 10 Manik Kadhaigal [Sun TV]
  • 7ahm Uyir [Vendhar TV]
  • Aadhira [Sun TV]
  • Anandam [Sun TV]
  • Aandal Azhagar [Vijay TV]
  • Annakodiyum Ainthupengalum [Zee TV]
  • Anni [Jaya TV]
  • Abirami [Kalaignar TV]
  • Adhe Kangal [Jaya TV]
  • Agni Paravai [Puthu Yugam TV]
  • Ah Ahaa [Vijay TV]
  • Akka [Jaya TV]
  • All In All Alamelu [KTV]
  • Amma [Vijay TV]
  • Amutha Oru Achariya Kuri [Kalaignar TV]
  • Arangetram [Puthu Yugam TV]
  • Athipookal HD [Sun TV]
  • Aval [Vijay TV]
  • Aval Oru Thodarkathai [Polimer TV]
  • Azhagi [Sun TV]
  • Azhagiya Laila [Raj TV]
  • Bahubali Maghimathi Ragasiyam [Colors Tamil]
  • Bairavi [Sun TV]
  • Bala Ganapathy [Vijay TV]
  • Barathi Kanamma [Vendhar TV]
  • Bommalaatam [Sun TV]
  • Chakravarthy Ashokar [Colors Tamil]
  • Chandra Nandini [Vijay TV]
  • Chellakili [Sun TV]
  • Chinna Marumagal [Zee TV]
  • Chinna Papa Pariya Papa [Sun TV]
  • Chinnathirai Cinema [Kalaiganr TV]
  • Chithiram Pesudhadi [Jaya TV]
  • Deivam Thadha Veedu [Vijay TV]
  • Deivamagal [Sun TV]
  • Devayani [Sun TV]
  • Devathai [Sun TV]
  • Dwarakai Krishnan [Polimer TV]
  • Eduvum Nadakkum [Marma Desam]
  • Elavarasi [Sun TV]
  • EMI - Thavanai Murai Vazhkai [Sun TV]
  • En Anbu Thangaikku [Vijay TV]
  • Endrun Anbudan [Vijay TV]
  • Enga Veetu Mapillai [Colors Tamil]
  • En Kanmani [Polimer TV]
  • En Kanavan En Thozahan [Vijay TV]
  • Ennudaya Thottathil [Vijay TV]
  • Enga Veettu Penn [Zee TV]
  • En Iniya Thozhiye [Raj TV]
  • En Thangai [Raj TV]
  • En Valkai En Payanam [Polimer TV]
  • En Vazhkai [Vijay TV]
  • Ganga [Sun TV]
  • Gayathri [Zee TV]
  • Geethanjali [Raj TV]
  • Gowravam [Raj TV]
  • Idhayam [Sun TV]
  • Idhu Kadhala [Vijay TV]
  • Idhu Kadhala Season 2 [Vijay TV]
  • Ilaya Thalapathy [Colors Tamil]
  • Inai Kodugal [Polimer TV]
  • Ini Ellam Vasanthame [Polimer TV]
  • Iru Malargal [Polimer TV]
  • Ival Oru Thodarkathai [Sun TV]
  • Iyanthira Paravai [Raj TV]
  • Iyanthira Paravai [Marma Desam]
  • Jai Shri Krishna [Raj TV]
  • Jai Veera Hanuman [Jaya TV]
  • Jodha Akbar [Zee TV]
  • Kaalabairavan [Jaya TV]
  • Kaatrukkenna Veli [Zee TV]
  • Kadambari [Jaya TV]
  • Kadavul Murugan [Vijay TV]
  • Kairasi Kudumbam [Jaya TV]
  • Kalyanam Conditions Apply [Radio Mirchi Tamil]
  • Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai [Vijay TV]
  • Kaadhalaa Kadhalaa [Vijay TV]
  • Kadhalukku Salam [Zee TV]
  • Kalathu Veedu [Vijay TV]
  • Kana Kanum Kalangal [Vijay TV]
  • Kanne En Kanmanayie [Vendhar TV]
  • Kalyana Kanavugal [Polimer TV]
  • Keladi Kanmani [Sun TV]
  • Karthigai Pengal [Sun TV]
  • Karunai Kadal Sri Ramanujar [Sun TV]
  • Karunamanjari [Raj TV]
  • Karuppu Vettai [Polimer TV]
  • Karuthamma [Raj TV]
  • Kayitham [Puthu Yugam TV]
  • Kelviyin Nayagane [Sun TV]
  • Kiran Maala [Vijay TV]
  • Kiss [Puthu Yugam TV]
  • Kolangal [Sun TV]
  • Kuladheivam [Sun TV]
  • Kurunji Malar [Kalaingnar TV]
  • Lakshmi Kalyaanam [Vijay TV]
  • Lakshmi Vanthachu [Zee TV]
  • Maamiyar Thevai [Zee TV]
  • Maaya [Polimer TV]
  • Madhu Bala [Polimer TV]
  • Mahabharatham [Vijay TV]
  • Mahadev [Vijay TV]
  • Mahamayi [Zee TV]
  • Mahaveer Hanuman [Polimer TV]
  • Malli [Puthu Yugam TV]
  • Mama Mapillai (Comedy)
  • Mahaangalum Adhisayangalum [Vijay TV]
  • Mahan [Vijay TV]
  • Mahabharatham [Sun TV]
  • Mama Mapplea [Sun TV]
  • Mangaiyin Sabadham [Vijay TV]
  • Mannan Magal [Jaya TV]
  • Mappillai [Zee TV]
  • Maapillai [Vijay TV]
  • Madippakam Madhavan [Kalaiganr TV]
  • Marakatha Veenai [Sun TV]
  • Maruthani [Sun TV]
  • Marumanam [Zee TV]
  • Maya [Sun TV]
  • Mella Thiranthathu Kathavu [Zee TV]
  • Merku Mambalathil Oru Kadhal [Zee TV]
  • Mercury Pookal [Vijay TV]
  • Masala Kudumbam [Zee TV]
  • Mayakam Enna [Polimer TV]
  • Mella Thiranthathu Kathavu [Zee TV]
  • Metti Oli [Sun TV]
  • Minmini Pookal [Vijay TV]
  • Mr. Brain - Tamil Comedy Serial
  • Mudivalla Arambam [Vendhar TV]
  • Mundhanai Mudichu [Sun TV]
  • Mutharam [Sun TV]
  • My Name is Mangama [Zee TV]
  • Maya Mohini [Vijay TV]
  • Mouna Ragam [Polimer TV]
  • Nadhaswaram [Sun TV]
  • Naga Rani [Zee TV]
  • Naagini [Sun TV]
  • Nalla Neram [Zee TV]
  • Namkku Edhukku Vambu [Jaya TV]
  • Nandhavanam [Vijay TV]
  • Nathaswaram [Sun TV]
  • Nayanmargal [Puthu Yugam TV]
  • Neeli [Vijay TV]
  • Nee Varuvai Ena [Polimer TV]
  • Nenjam Pesuthe [Polimer TV]
  • Nenjathai Killathey [Zee TV]
  • Ninaika Therintha Maname [Vijay TV]
  • Nizhal [Polimer TV]
  • Office [Vijay TV]
  • Om Namashivaya [Zee TV]
  • Oru Kai Osai [Zee TV]
  • Oru Kathai Paadatuma Sir [Colors Tamil]
  • Paasa Malar [Sun TV]
  • Paava Mannippu [Zee TV]
  • Pillai Nila [Sun TV]
  • Pondatti Thevai [Sun TV]
  • Poomagal [Jaya TV]
  • Ponnoonjal [Sun TV]
  • Premi - K. Balachander
  • Privom Santhipom Season 2 [Vijay TV]
  • Priyasakhi [Zee TV]
  • Priyamana Thozhi [Jaya TV]
  • Pudhu Kavidhai [Vijay TV]
  • Puguntha Veedu [Zee TV]
  • Puthu Puthu Arthangal [Polimer TV]
  • Puriyaamal Printhom [Sun TV]
  • Rajakumari [Sun TV]
  • Ramanujar [Kalaiganr TV]
  • Ramayanam [Jaya TV]
  • Ramayanam [Sun TV]
  • Ramayanam [Zee TV]
  • Rettai Vaal Kuruvi [Vijay TV]
  • Romapuri Pandian [Kalaiganr TV]
  • Rudram [Jaya TV]
  • Saami Potta Mudichu [Polimer TV]
  • Sakthi Pola Yarumilla [Polimer TV]
  • Sani Bhavaan Magimai [Polimer TV]
  • Saravanan Meenatchi [Vijay TV]
  • Savaal [Polimer TV]
  • Seedhayin Raaman [Vijay TV]
  • Shakthi [Sun TV]
  • Shanthi Nilayam [Jaya TV]
  • Sindhu Bhairavi [Raj TV]
  • Siri Siri Crazy - Comedy Serial [Kalaingnar TV]
  • Sivasankari [Sun TV]
  • Sivaragasyam [Zee TV]
  • Sonnathu Neethane [Jaya TV]
  • Sontha Bandham [Sun TV]
  • Sooriya Puththiri [Kalaiganr TV]
  • Sorna Regai [ Marma Desam ]
  • Suhasini [Vijay TV]
  • Sundarakaandam [Vendhar TV]
  • Super Kids [Colors Tamil]
  • Suryavamsam [Vendhar TV]
  • Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa [Jaya TV]
  • Thalayanai Pookal [Zee TV]
  • Thamarai [Sun TV]
  • Thangam [Sun TV]
  • Tenaliraman [Zee TV]
  • Thenpandi Singam [Kalaiganr TV]
  • Thirumangalyam [Zee TV]
  • Thirumathi Selvam [Sun TV]
  • Thiruvillaiyaadal [Sun TV]
  • Thulasi [Zee TV]
  • Ullam Kollai Pogudhada [Polimer TV]
  • Uravee Uyire [Polimer TV]
  • Unarvugal [Puthu Yugam TV]
  • Uravugal Thodarkathai [Vijay TV]
  • Uthiri Pookal [Sun TV]
  • Uyir Mei [Zee TV]
  • Vamsam [Sun TV]
  • Veera Marthandan [Zee TV]
  • Veetukku Veedu [Raj TV]
  • Vetti Pechu League with Baski [Kalaiganr TV]
  • Vidathu Karuppu [ Marma Desam ]
  • Vidhi [Sun TV]
  • Vikramadhithan [Raj TV]
  • Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya [Vijay TV]
  • Yamuna [Sun TV]

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