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Download bus driver free

Become a Bus Driver in this game, which holds the same name as the job.

Try a freeTrial of the fun game, Bus Driver,Here.In Bus Driver it is your job to transport passengersSafely from A to B ieA busy city, where you mustRemember toTake care of theBus and comply with the traffic rules.

Why download the game Bus Driver at all?

If you are looking for a new and cozy car game that you can download to your computer, Bus Driver may be just right for you. But why just download the Bus Driver?

There is a wealth of different car games on the market. Bus Driver, however, is different from many other car games on the market, making the game unique. The game focuses on keeping track of a schedule without destroying your bus, while in many other car games it is true that you must drive wild and be the first to reach the finish line.

Fast and easy installation process

Depending on the type of game you download, it may vary the length of time the installation process lasts. If you are generally interested in games that are easy to download, Bus Driver is a great deal. You simply follow the installation wizard, so it will not take more than a few minutes before the game is ready for use.


In addition, it is a good idea to update your drivers on your computer before installing a new game or generally other software. This will help improve performance so you get a better gaming experience.

Trial version or full version?

You can try a free trial of the Bus Driver on this page. This trial version is valid for a certain number of hours. Then you need to buy the full version if you want to keep playing Bus Driver. When you open the game, you will see a reminder showing the amount of time left in your trial so you can get an overview. Through the reminder, you can also purchase the full version of the Bus Driver if you find that you will continue to play Bus Driver.

How to play

It does not take long to know the rules of the game, which many users appreciate. Before you start playing, you can choose between different kinds of buses. If you buy the full version, you will have the option to choose between several buses. Depending on which bus you choose, there will be different tasks and environments for driving.

In Bus Driver, you must run for a scheduled schedule on a scheduled route. You must both pick up passengers and drop them at different bus stops you meet on the route.

You will be given various tasks in the game that you must solve as best as possible. During the game you get points. Therefore, it is important that you comply with the traffic rules, otherwise you will lose some of your points. Additionally, do not harm your passengers, and take care of your bus so you do not spoil it. In short, it is important that you keep focus on adhering to your schedule, but you do notdriving too wild. To control the bus, use the arrow keys on your computer.


Are you interested in downloading a user-friendly game? Then Bus Driver is a good bid.

The layout of the interface allows you to easily and easily navigate the game itself. Mic modeler vst downloadtreegood.

Bus Driver is therefore a game for the whole family that can be played by both young and adult.

When you are playing, you may be in a situation where you need some help. If this happens, simply press F1.

Can I Download Bus Driver?

It is of course a prerequisite that a game is compatible with the operating system you are using. Bus Driver is both compatible with Windows and Mac. On this page you can download the game if you own a computer with a Windows operating system, including: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7. If you own a Mac, tap here to try the game.

Alternative games

There are many different car games available on the market, so it's a good idea to check which options exist before you decide what you want to download.

If you're excited about excitement, speed and fast cars, Midnight Racing may be games that fall into your taste. Here you can wake goodbye to traffic rules, speed limits and just give it gas.

Dirt Track Racing 2 is another option we will introduce to you. Here you are supposed to drive a hood against others. There are different lanes that you can play in. The graphics in Dirt Track Racing 2 are formidable, which makes your gaming experience even better. In the game you can also choose from a variety of cars.

If you want to read about more games before making a decision, you will find in our sports category a number of reviews of, for example, car games, and you will definitely find a game or two that fall into your taste.

SCS Software is the manufacturer responsible for the development of Bus Driver and a number of other different games of the same genre, which you can read more about on the official website.

Bus Driver Free Game


Bus Driver Game Download Free

Bus Driver is a game for you who love car games, but does not necessarily want to drive wildly. The game is therefore different from many other car games on the market. The better you drive the bus, the more points you will achieve. The game is ideal for those who want to solve different tasks. If you are unsure if Bus Driver is for you, try the trial - quite free. Then you can decide if you want to spend money on the full version.

If you're missing a fun car game for your computer, we can warmly recommend you to try the Bus Driver.

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Download Bus Driver Free

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