University Of Mississippi Dental Hygiene Program

University Of Mississippi Dental Hygiene Program

Dental Hygiene Dental Hygiene is designed for the student to take the first two years of course work at Northwest Mississippi Community College, and transfer to the University of Mississippi Medical Center. The MDCC Dental Hygiene Technology Program provides students with a general education and a comprehensive clinical dental hygiene experience that prepares them for a career in the dental hygiene profession. Maintaining a specialty dental hygiene program and dental schools. Applicants are based in dental school requirements for the admissions. Match classes based in the university mississippi dental care professionals and cannot be required to keep a subsequent application. Used to retake the university of school requirements for their state. The University of Mississippi Medical Center at Jackson offers a Bachelor program in Dental Hygiene. This program of study is accredited by the ADA. Of the 2,147 students, about 71% are postgraduates.

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The Allied Health Studies degree allows you the flexibility to obtain pre-requisites for the vast number of allied health professions programs in the country, while also working toward a four year degree. Allied health professions include nursing, dental hygiene, health informatics and information management, histotechnology, medical lab sciences, and radiological sciences.

This interdisciplinary degree program allows students to cchoose the relevant courses for their professional school of choice. The Liberal Arts core curriculum allows students to be exposed to a broad learning in multiple disciplines that empowers them to deal with complexity, diversity, and change in the world.

Dental Hygienist Programs In Mississippi

Program Advising Sheet
Review the course requirements and degree check sheet for the BA in Allied Health Studies.