How To Download place ads all over the web offering free downloads of media, (music, movies, books etc), a lot of which they don't actually have available! They offer an alleged 14 Day Free Trial which means you have to give them either your Card details or PayPal account. is fast – thanks to five independent server farms with up to 16 simultaneous connections, the download from the Usenet is faster than the actual DSL connection would provide is extensive – with access to more than 10.000 terabyte of data there is a suitable file for almost every need.

Before enjoying thousands Terabytes of movies, music and games, register and download the free client:

To download the software in 3 minutes, take a look at the pictures below:

1. Click on this Registration Link and fill in the fields, then click the orange button “Confirm”

2. Check that your trial period lasts 14 days and you do not have to pay anything!

3. Enter your billing information. Your banking information will be used only if you do not cancel your account during the trial period (see prices below).

Or choose PayPal

Then confirm your email address. You will receive your username and password to access the software. Then click “Order”.

4. The registration is now complete. You will receive two emails with information from

5. Click the link in the email to download the software. Start the installation program.

Select Destination Folder and confirm the next steps:

6. After installing the program, enter your login and password (received by email).

7. Done! Now you can start searching and downloading!

Discover in the 4 steps how to download movies for free and anonymously:

Step 1: We will search the Usenet, where over 2.500 Terabytes of binary data is stored (divx, mov, mp3, etc.).

Step 2: The software connects you with the nearest server and will download at speeds up to 100 Mbps.

Step 3: When you connect to the server you can search for files and download them for free.

Step 4: None of your personal data or search queries are logged and the connection guarantees anonymity.

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Is it really free?

Trial period lasts 14 days. For one day before the end of the trial you must cancel your account. After this time, credit card or PayPal account will be charged. Read General Terms and Conditions: How To Download

Art. 6.1 Without a cancellation, the contract will extend automatically by a selected term, if it has not been cancelled by later than one (1) days prior to expiry of the contractual term.

Always read General Terms and Conditions before concluding a contract!

How do I cancel?

You can cancel your account within 30 seconds!
There are 3 ways to do this:

1. Use Support Form. Write that you are a customer of Write your Username and Email address and mention that you want to cancel your account.

2. Visit and Log in. There is Termination option in the customer panel. How To Download Google Chrome

3. Click on Member Login in program and log in to the customer panel. Select the options Termination.

How To Download From

That’s it. After each of these activities we receive a confirmation email stating that our account has been cancelled.

How To Download From Usenet

If I want to continue after 14 days (or, if you forget to cancel), what are the prices?

There are two rates:
- € 8.33 / month. The fee is for the year in advance, and this is set by default.
- € 11.99 / month with a payment every month. The payment can be cancelled at any time.

How To Download From For Free

If you have questions or want additional information please visit website.