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VIRTUAL TAPE LIBRARY VENDORS AND PRODUCTS. There are a number of smaller companies as well as well-known storage system vendors that offer virtual tape library systems for the largest enterprises down to small- to midsized businesses (SMBs).The following are just a few of the many VTL options available.

FalconStor® Virtual Tape Library with Deduplication is a disk-based solution that emulates physical tape drives and libraries.

  1. Virtual Tape Library: A virtual tape library (VTL) is a technology for data backup and recovery that uses tape libraries or tape drives along with their existing software for backup. The virtual tape library system emulates the former magnetic tape devices and data formats, but performs much faster data backups and recovery.
  2. LTO technology allows to store large amounts of data on magnetic tapes with a very low cost per GB. The LTO tapes are now widely used especially in big data environments, where databases and virtualization require high capacity storage media, reliability and performances.
  3. VIRTUAL TAPE LIBRARY VENDORS AND PRODUCTS. There are a number of smaller companies as well as well-known storage system vendors that offer virtual tape library systems for the largest.

VTL is a vital tool in your data mastery arsenal and gives you instant hero status by modernizing your archive environment and optimizing backup storage requirements so you can save your department money and improve restore performance to enable rapid remote disaster recovery.

Whether you’re refining an existing backup system or implementing a new one, FalconStor VTL with Deduplication can make the process faster and smoother, reducing backup windows and improving storage efficiency by up to 95%.

You’ll get 100% peace of mind with leading ease-of-use and 3X-6X better price/performance. Protect data and make it highly available and accessible from multiple sites while integrating with existing backup applications with minimal effort.

Meet the backup window. Achieve single node aggregate backup speeds of up to 40TB/hour to meet your single biggest issue in backup. FalconStor VTL with Deduplication archives data with no impact to application servers or business continuity.

Scale to meet data growth needs. Deploy the only solution that can independently scale high availability backup nodes from cluster deduplication nodes to handle large data sets and extremely demanding backup windows. Emulate more tape libraries and drives than any other vendor so you can recover data from any point in time: 128 virtual tape libraries, 1024 virtual drives, and 1M virtual tapes.

Reduce capacity requirements. Eliminate redundant data and reduce capacity requirements by as much as 95% while selecting the deduplication policy that best aligns performance to business requirements.

Leverage private and public cloud for long-term data retention and recovery. Achieve low-cost tape archive that is encrypted for protection and managed by the local VTL software. Migrate virtual tapes to Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 object storage and Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) for archive purposes in the cloud, and set up policies on virtual tape libraries to automatically migrate tape data when a tape is ejected to the virtual vault after backup.

Achieve flexibility no other solution can give you. Unlike competing solutions that require dedupe, FalconStor VTL supports multiple policies, so you can choose inline or not – you won’t suffer hydration penalties, ever.



FalconStor VTL works by removing redundant data blocks are removed and replaced with pointers to the unique data copy. In effect, only changes from the last time the data was stored are kept. All unnecessary meta-data is removed, leaving only the raw data stored on disk. All of these processes are secure, automated, and error-free.

Reduce remote office storage requirements by up to 40% and protect data while eliminating failures related to tapes non-IT staffing issues with no lock-in.

Align deduplication processes to business goals. Meet regulatory and compliance requirements for protecting and storing data offsite while ensuring it’s highly available and accessible from multiple sites and define your deduplication use case (remote office, inline, post/ concurrent, or none) based on SLAs and business needs.

Tape library software

Use existing investments. FalconStor VTL with Deduplication is a reliable and fast backup solution that is vendor-agnostic, which means you can use existing hardware or choose your own hardware to save costs and ensure no compromise on performance.

Marlo water softener maintenance. Modernize your IBM i backup environment. With 80% of IBM i customers using tape as a primary backup strategy, look to FalconStor to help you orchestrate your backup and archive for IBM i environments. By using FalconStor VTL as a backup target for IBM i infrastructure, you can reduce operational and media costs while increasing performance levels to meet stringent application recovery SLAs and maximize ROI.


Designed with your organization’s size and unique needs in mind, FalconStor VTL is available in several form factors:

Tape Library Software

  • Software Only: Provides the flexibility to choose the hardware and configuration appropriate for the level of protection and recovery required.
  • Virtual Appliance: For VMWare infrastructures scaling from 1TB – 10TB
  • Storage Appliance for ROBO and Midmarket: For remote/branch office (ROBO) and midmarket environments, scaling from 12TB – 192TB.
  • Cluster Deduplication Gateway for Midmarket and Enterprise: HA cluster deduplication gateways that integrate with certified existing SAN storage, scaling to 2PB of usable storage for midmarket organizations, enterprises, and large enterprises.

Please see the Certification Matrix for all server hardware supported. Hardware support includes, but is not limited to, FalconStor VTL GA870 and Hitachi G200/350.


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Virtual Tape Library Solutions

— FAQ— IBM i Environments— Backup Performance
— Backup and Archive Orchestration
    • A disk-based backup system, a virtual tape library (VTL) emulates physical tapes.

    • Virtual tape libraries (VTLs) ingest data over a Fibre Channel interface, which enables seamless integration with many existing backup infrastructures and processes. However, most backup software supports direct backup to disk over standard file protocols such as Network File System (NFS) and Common Internet File System (CIFS), eliminating the requirement to emulate tapes.

    • Cloud Storage – Data Storage

      Dell EMC ECS is an object storage platform that empowers organizations to use Cloud storage for unstructured data.

    • Traditional VTLs can only provide a front-end, fast cache to a tape library infrastructure, temporarily alleviating backup window problems. These systems can't cost-efficiently retain backup data for any length of time, and backup data is too large to be replicated or 'vaulted' over a wide area network (WAN). They don't offer an evolution from tape and its associated challenges so that, ironically, tape remains the primary method of retention, recoverability, and disaster protection.

      However, EMC Data Domain VTL software eliminates tape-related failures by enabling all EMC Data Domain systems to emulate multiple tape devices over a Fibre Channel interface. Data Domain VTL software emulates up to 64 virtual tape libraries with up to 540 linear tape-open (LTO)-1, LTO-2, or LTO-3 virtual tape drives. Our VTL software provides up to 64,000 virtual slots and an unlimited number of virtual tape cartridges, with the ability to dynamically change the number of virtual slots and cartridge access ports.

    • The ability to easily integrate with an existing Fibre Channel or tape-based infrastructure is the main benefit of a VTL. Data Domain VTL software is qualified with leading open systems and IBM enterprise backup applications, easily integrating into existing Fibre Channel storage area network (SAN) backup environments.

      Data Domain systems simultaneously support data access methods through VTL over Fibre Channel, remote Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) access over Ethernet for network-attached storage (NAS), Network File System (NFS) and Common Internet File System (CIFS) protocols over Ethernet, and EMC Data Domain Boost. This deployment flexibility along with simple administration means that users can rapidly adjust to changing enterprise requirements.

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