Witcher 3 Wolf Armor Locationncpro

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Witcher 3 Wolf Armor Locationncpro
  1. Witcher 3 Best Armor
  2. Superior Wolf Gear Witcher 3

The Wolf School Gear is the Fifth gear set Geralt can find, the quest was added in the DLC 10. You can buy maps from Lindenvale merchant, Hattori, Kaer Trolde armorer, Kaeir Muire smith, armorer in Novigrad main square or just find places of treasure hunts in Kaer Morhen. Hello, I am fairly new to Witcher 3 and just started my first playthrough. I'm trying to get the wolf armor but the chest to begin the quest at the ruined armor seems to.

Armor type

Witcher 3 Best Armor

Note: you have to learn and use the skill to apply the appropriate effect.

Armor typeDescriptionRelated skillSkill description
LightIncreases Armor and Stamina generationCat school techniquesEach piece of light armor increases critical hit damage by 25% and fast attack damage by 5%
MediumIncreases ArmorGriffin school techniquesEach piece of medium armor increases Sign intensity by 5% and Stamina regeneration by 5%.
HeavyIncreases Armor and decreases Stamina generationBear school techniquesEach piece of heavy armor increases maximum Vitality by 5% and strong attack damage by 5%.

Superior Wolf Gear Witcher 3

Set bonuses

Note: set bonuses apply only to Grandmaster level items.

FelineBonus for 3 pieces
Strong Attacks increase Fast Attack damage for 5 seconds by 10% for each piece of the set.
Bonus for 6 pieces
Rear attacks deal 50% more damage, also stun opponents at the cost of 1 Adrenaline Point(s).
GriffinBonus for 3 pieces
After using Stamina to cast a Sign in its standard mode, the next Sign cast within 3 seconds will be cast in standard mode without using Stamina.
Bonus for 6 pieces
The size of Yrden traps is increased by 40%. While you are within an Yrden trap, Stamina regeneration is increased by 5/s and Sign Intensity by 100%, and damage is reduced by 20%.
WolvenBonus for 3 pieces
Up to three different oils can be applied to a sword at a time.
Bonus for 6 pieces
Bombs are thrown without any delay.
UrsineBonus for 3 pieces
When a Quen shield shatters, there is a chance a new one will be cast at no Stamina cost. The bonus increases by 5% for each piece of the set.
Bonus for 6 pieces
Damage dealt by Abilities involving the Quen Sign is increased by 200%.
ManticoreBonus for 3 pieces
Critical hit chance and critical hit damage also apply to bombs.
Bonus for 6 pieces
The maximum number of charges for each alchemy item is increased by 1.