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Wizardry 8 is an epic fantasy RPG that picks up where Wizardry 7: Crusaders of the Dark Savant left off. The universe is on the brink of change. Vast forces are preparing for the final confrontation. Download (1.10 GB) Wizardry 8 is solid, deep, immersive, and one of the most enjoyable RPGs created in a long while (circa 2002). It pays homage to the old ways of RPG construction and that's what stops it from being a perfect game, but not a classic in its own right. The events follow those of Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant.

Official NameWizardry 8
VersionFull Game
File UploadTorrent
Developer (s)Sir-Tech Canada
Publisher (s)Sir-Tech
Designer (s)Brenda Brathwaite
Composer (s)Kevin Manthei
EngineSurRender 3D
Platform (s)PC, Windows
Release date (s)November 15, 2001
Genre (s)Role-playing
Mode (s)Single player



Wizardry 8 Full PC Game Overview

Wizardry 8 download free. full Game is the eighth and final title in the Wizardry series of role-playing video games by Sir-Tech Canada. It is the third in the Dark Savant trilogy, which includesWizardry VI: Bane of the Cosmic Forge and Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant. It was published in 2001 by Sir-Tech, and re-released by Night Dive Studioson GOG.com and Steam in 2013.

Wizardry 8 Download Full Gameeverfoundry


Wizardry 8 was published nine years after the previous title,Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant in 1992, and five years after the completion of Wizardry VII's Windows 95 version, titled Wizardry Gold in 1996. David W. Bradley had been the chief designer of Wizardry VI and Wizardy VII, but he was not involved in the design of this game. Linda Currie is credited as producer of Wizardry 8. Brenda Brathwaite was the game's lead designer. Wizardry 8 Free Download.

In spite of a 'final save' after the final battle, Sir-Tech announced that they had no plans to make a sequel. The company later went out of business.


The ultimate aim of the game is to collect three artifacts and to place each on its pedestal in the final zone. This allows ascension to the Cosmic Circle, where the player becomes a god. There are four main paths to proceed through the game: Allying with either the T'Rang or Umpani, allying with both, or else being enemies with both. In addition, players can also choose to gain friendship with the Rattkin or the Trynnie, and players can choose whether or not to ally with the Rapax, Rattkin Razuka or Mook (though none of these choices affect the ending of the game).


As with the first two installments of the Dark Savant trilogy, Wizardry 8 has multiple beginnings that continue from the previous games' multiple endings. There are five beginnings in all. Characters imported from Wizardry VII start in the Umpani stronghold or in the T'Rang stronghold, depending on the player's alliance. If the imported characters failed their mission in Wizardry VII, resulting in their banishment into space, they are given a message that they are «still floating in endless darkness» and are not allowed to start their adventure in Wizardry 8. New characters or unallied characters imported from the previous game start in the Higardi monastery.

In the final area of Wizardry VII, the Isle of Crypts, the party has a choice to tell their enigmatic partner, Vi Domina, whether or not they have a way to leave the planet Guardia. They have the option of telling the truth and informing her that they found a spaceship, or lying and saying that they have no way to leave. If the party follows the path of truth, the Girl and Globe endings are open to them. If they lie, the Umpani, T'Rang and Globe endings are open to them. Wizardry 8 Free Download PC Game.

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Main Story

Whatever the circumstances of the party's entrance into the world of Dominus, the goal of finding the three artifacts needed to ascend to godhood remains unchanged. They must find the Astral Dominae, the key to life and which is held by the Dark Savant, the Destinae Dominus, the key to knowledge and which was stolen by the thief Marten, and the Chaos Moliri, the key to change and which is held by the Mook.

The party ends up procuring each of these artifacts through different means: they acquire the Astral Dominae when the Rattkin, who came to Dominus on the heels of the Umpani and the T'Rang on a stolen T'Rang ship, rob the device from the Savant and sell it to the party. The Chaos Moliri arrives in their hands once they've allied with the Umpani and/or the T'Rang, who provide the party with a letter that allows them access to the Mook compound, and then steal the device from the Mook (alternatively, they may murder either the Umpani or T'Rang leader, steal the alliance letter from their corpse, and then enter into an alliance with the Mook under false pretenses). Finally, they follow the footsteps of the thief Marten to the Sea Caves, and his ghost entrusts them with the safety of the Destinae Dominus.

Once all three artifacts are in their possession, the party goes to Ascension Peak to begin the path to godhood, only to find the path blocked off by the Rapax, a warlike race of demonic beings. After travelling to their castle and becoming Rapax Templars, which involves sleeping with (and impregnating) their demon goddess, the way to the Peak is finally open. The party climbs to the very top of Ascension Peak, places the three objects in their receptacles, and enters the Cosmic Circle on the heels of the Savant. It is not required for the party to join with the Rapax, as they may set a portal on Ascension Peak before the Rapax block the path, and can teleport in later as they wish. 1blocker 1.0 download freelasopafs jdk. Wizardry 8 for PC.

In the Cosmic Circle, the Dark Savant has already arrived and is speaking with Aletheides, the cyborg that the party either joins or follows to planet Guardia in Wizardry VII, depending on their choices in Wizardry VI. He demands to know where the Cosmic Lords are, but Aletheides simply says that they are gone. The Dark Savant kills him in anger, and the party approaches. When they do, they find that the Cosmic Forge back in the Circle where it should be (its theft is detailed in Wizardry VI).

The Dark Savant reveals that he is, in fact, Phoonzang, the enigmatic god figure from both Wizardry VII and 8, and a former Cosmic Lord. The other Cosmic Lords cast him down for trying to share the knowledge of the universe with mortals (e.g., humans, T'Rang, elves), and he was forced to become part machine to continue to live past a normal man's lifespan. He then offers the party the chance to join him, and become Cosmic Lords along with him. Wizardry 8 Download Torrent.

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Description of Wizardry 8 Windows

Wizardry 8 (aka 巫術8, 巫术8, Wushu 8) is a video game published in 2001 on Windows by Sirtech Canada Ltd. It's a role-playing (rpg) game, set in a fantasy, sci-fi / futuristic and turn-based themes.

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Comments and reviews

Swansong2019-09-060 point

I first played this game as a kid. I recall it being bundled with some other games, which my parents got from somewhere or another (not unusual, as they owned a computer shop at the time). I knew nothing about the Wizardry games (and still don't, honestly), but I adored this..even if I wasn't very good at it. Still, I made some pretty decent progress!
Years later, I later ended up getting it on Steam, and it's still got a solid place in my heart and recommendations as one of my favorite games. The amount of choice you have--in character design, abilities, where to go next, storyline, and more--is one of my favorite parts, and even now--after endless (but pleasant) lost meandering as a kid, and somewhat more competent exploration as an adult--I don't feel like I've fully explored the world the game offers at all.
One particularly fun facet I enjoy is the mix of technology with the otherwise somewhat typical swords-and-sorcery setting. Spaceships abound next to an array of medieval weaponry (which, by the way, thanks Wizardry 8 for giving 10-year-old me a vast, varied knowledge of the basics of that; how many kids know what a flamberge, fauchard, main gauche, or halberd is?), but somehow it never feels anachronistic. You are a bit limited on how you can utilize it, since only a few species/classes can use advanced weaponry and the like, but it's still an interesting twist on the otherwise forgettable sea of medieval fantasy.
Overall, if you're looking for a good RPG, Wizardry 8 is a solid choice.

scorpio2019-07-270 point

This is an absolutely fantastic RPG, with multitude of classes, spells, items big world and some paths to victory. Stellar character creation and combat. A must play! It's hard, sometimes very much so, but for a true RPG fan nothing is impossible.

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