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. Business Card Scan Button: When running WorldCard software, press Business Card Scan Button to open the Scan Wizard. Insert a business card and press Business Card Scan Button again to scan it. Picture Scan Button: Open WorldCard software, press Picture Scan Button, insert a picture to scan and save it in JPG file format.

Much better than any other card scanner i have used before. They will never be perfect but the interface on this is good. Pro’s:good interfaceplays nicely with outlook and directly exports to itlogo copying feature is greatfast – i did 80 cards in about and hour and 15 mins with correctionssmall footprintcons:doesn’t clean up phone numbers with odd characters like ‘/’ or ‘-‘ between numbers. Maybe i’m wrong, but will need to rely on my phone ignoring these when dialling?some slightly larger cards will need to be cut down but this is fairly rare. Doesn’t recognise twitter of skype symbols on business cards and will only pick these up if labelled ‘twitter’ or ‘skype’. Again maybe i’m wrong and there is a feature in the user defined fields section to add symbols?. Anyone?all in all, fairly minor niggles and thius will get a lot of use on my desk and allow me to turf out boxes of business cards.

Has some issues with different textures of cards.

If you are in a job where you meet lots of people, you will have a pile of business cards sitting in a corner collecting dust. Therefore, i decided to do something about it and got this card scanner. So far its doing what its suppose to do very well (hardware is well made, but note it is a single-sided scanner which is not a problem for me and the software can prompt for the other side. And the application software is ok for my needs)i had a quick test to see if the scanner can be used with adobe acrobat and it can be used.

It works ok – it isn’t well designed – cards jam, the fold-out design is awkward. The software for mac is awful.

  1. WorldCard is managing your contacts to manage your business. WorldCard scans and captures a business card in seconds. It recognizes and categorizes the contact information printed on the card.
  2. Notes, Palm, Windows Mobile, ACT! By Sage, Goldmine, Salesforce, PIM software, and WorldCard series, such as WorldCard Mac, or WorldCard Mobile versions (WorldCard Mobile and WorldCard Contacs). Unicode Unicode makes it possible to display various languages of business cards at the same time.

Great machine, really quick and scans cards with great clarity.

Brilliant piece of kit, works well and does double sided easily.

Scanner e Penpower WorldCard Pro Business Card Reader

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  • WorldCard Pro Business Card Scanner, unico ribaltamento delle cassette postali design
  • Rapidamente scansioni e organizza contacts
  • Facilmente cercare e recuperare il contatto information
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Très impressionnant, il faut être vigilant car les cartes reste prises à la sortieen général, on gagne du temps quand même.

Multi-business card scanner e organizzatore. Acquisire, organizzare e biglietti da visita di accesso rapidamente, questo scanner carta biglietti da visita letture e indici in secondi, dettagli del potente software Contatta l’organizzazione. Adatto per sistemi Windows e Mac.

Worldcard pro software download

Easy to use and exports data very easily to excel.

Il prodotto soddisfa pienamente le aspettative. Scansione corretta dei biglietti da visita e caricamento automatico nei contatti del mio mac.

Worldcard Pro Software Download

We already had one and required an additional one – from that i guess you could say that we are very satisfied.

Quelques soucis avec certaines cartes pour les insérer mais 95% des cas elles passent bien. Lecture presque bonnes, mais des corrections à apporter sur des numéros de tel ou email car mal interprétés. Sinon le programme est très facile d’utilisation et la synchronisation avec outlook marche impeccable.

Having worked with ocr software before wasn’t expecting perfection but have been pleasantly surprised. Picks up uncluttered cards extremely well but it is surprising how many cards are “busy”. Software easy to install and exports to outlook easily. Has definitely saved us some time.

Replaced a poor performing cardscan scanner which didn’t work with windows 8. Once i’d worked out how to use it, it works very well. Much better and more accurate than the my previous cardscan. Editing software is very good. Would have had 5 stars if it picked up every little nuance on difficult cards so maybe i’m being picky as i doubt any software can capture all of these. It got top billing from most reviews and having had previous card scanners that didn’t perform well this one is miles better.

This product was perfect for our receptionist. Simple software, and the device works flawlessly. We scan/import to the software, then csv export and import to our public folders for certain staff (sales director, vp). Easy and fast – 1,500+ cards scanned, entered, and imported in 4 hours.

There is only the license for 1 user included. You must pay additional license fees if you want to share it with other office staff.

I have bought it for office use after reading the good reviews. This scanner is indeed very compact and easy to use. Had some trouble installing and calibrating the scanner before using. Make sure you put the calibration card the right side up so the scanner defines the correct brightness and scans the cards properly later. With regards to quality of scanning and software provided – quality is really good color scanning and most of the times software put the right text into right boxes. If you need editing of cards it’s also easy and quick to do it.

It’s ok the big pb is that mac updates its software so often that the business card output can’t be synchronised with mac outlook contacts (2016-2017 version).

I have hundreds of cards each week and this is the ace way of staying on top of them. Nifty software that came with it.

Ottimo molto professionale e facile da usare. In breve tempo si impara a usare. Sono molto soddisfatto anche molto pratico.


For plain black & white cards, no graphics, character recognition is laser focused. But any graphic, pictures that overlay characters, software is no good. For whatever reason, recognition of city is not reliable. For improvement#1 design parameter so software eliminates 98% of countries that are not used. Saves me looking for the dozen of so that are used. #2 feeder track inside machine can be higher quality. Sometimes cards slip & smudge and have to re do.

Free quickverse for windows 10. Very satisfied with the product. I actually bought one for my partner. Only gripe is the software installed on the system is locked to the system. Impractical for people who want to use it for work and homethicker cards need a helping hand and when it gets stuck one has to reset the deviceelse aces.

Dreaded the idea of going to an exhibition and having deal with the business card aftermath. Searched for several options and the penpower card pro had best ratings. Fast and easy to install, even easier to use. Ocr is far from perfect, so be ready for some adjusting of details, this is extremely intuitive and easy – it will still save you lads of time. Odd fonts and fancy layouts will require checking the details. You need to type in thick or large cards. Great feature to be able to upload all details to salesforce.

Of the 160+ cards i have scanned so far, i would say 90% need a small amend – but that is almost always down to the card only have a logo rather than a company name. Scans are clear and easy to read, and the software is easy to use. Exports to various formats, including excel, allowing it to be uploaded to our in house online software with ease. Only reason it didn’t get a 5 star is because it isn’t perfect – but it’s close.

Brought this for a user to copy a lot and i mean a lot of business cards – worked perfectly user was very pleased withit.

Software install is a little rough as it takes a long time but once in it works fine. I needed this to start getting rid of stack of business cards and getting better use of the info in them.

Very nice product and software as well. Must buy for you or your secretary.

I bought this based on comparative ratings from others – nothing to compare it with myself. So far, i’ve scanned about 400 cards. The scanner is sort of ok but there are a couple of problems (are they generic or specific to this scanner – don’t know):1. There’s very little leeway for anything different to a normal business card size and shape – i had to cut a few larger cards and was unable to scan cards that folded over. Not a big issue because most cards are standard size and shape (but maybe 5% of cards in the travel industry are not standard)2. The ocr capability is good but can get caught out quite easily. You need to be very diligent when correcting errors. I’m only caring about person name, company name, email address and telephone number (so not correcting fax numbers or postal addresses) – i reckon that a decent typist would have the job done and dusted typing from the cards in half the time that it takes to scan and correct the errors. Having said that, there’s something nice about having an image of the card stored along with the data so i’ll probably persevere.

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This product is worth it so far. My father has the organizational skills of a fly so i bought this for him. Took me a month of off and on work but i’ve gotten over 700 business cards into the computer and cleared off a good portion of his desk. It’s mind numbing work though, scanning each card in and checking to make sure the data is correct, correcting it if it isn’t. Dark cards are the worst, they just look completely black and so don’t copy anything to the info section. However, on the basic cards with basic font it copies everything 100%. I was honestly expecting it to die after all the cards i’ve had it scan but it’s still going strong. My only complaint is that it automatically sorts by person’s name. With over 700 business contacts, needless to say i got a big compliant of ‘how the f. Am i supposed to know what the guys name is, i just know he works for ____’.